Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gemini South Node Shadow - Gemini South Node Shadow

Yes, I repeated that twice. Why? Simple - Gemini is all about duality - it is symbolized by the twins. Gemini is also about speed - ruled by Mercury that speedy little planet that zips around the sun at quite a good clip. At home in the third house - the house of communications and the processing of information - I often think of Gemini as the computer of the Zodiac - quickly moving information from one point to the other -- IF it is working! When Gemini goes awry - when we are stuck in the shadow of a Gemini South Node, we exhibit nervousness, gossipyness (information gone a muck is gossip, isn't it?), multitasking to the detriment of concentration on any one thing and learning problems.
Those of us who are Gemini South Node (yup I am one - Gemini 9th House South Node - more on what karmic identity that brings later) need to focus and allow ourselves to get into life instead of skating across the surface. In a phrase we need to "stop and smell the roses" instead of just stomping on them or racing past them thinking, "Did I just see a rose? oh well i will look at it later."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Me and My Shadow - Taurus

You got me JF! I was showing the shadow of my Gemini South Node -- jumping around too much. Your comment was correct - I SHOULD go to the opposite of the Scorpio North Node now - not jump to another nodal axis. Ah ha - I tossed in another word - Nodal Access. You know one thing I hate about astrology is when people try to make it totally confusing and inaccessible. The zodiac is a circle - go look at a chart - it is round - right? So, if you have a North Node on one side of the circle - the South Node has to be on the opposite site - that whole north and south thing. Therefore, that is a Nodal Axis. See? Easy.

So the opposite of Scorpio is Taurus. The last post dealt with a Scorpio South now we will like at Taurus. Taurus is the Bull, to me the ultimate Earth sign - content to laze in the pasture - feeling the wonderful Earth beneath it. They can stay in the pasture all day and look at the pretty colors of the fields. How wonderful. Well, to an extent.

If you have a Taurus South Node, some of the traits you may become too reliant on are stubbornness, materiality and just be stuck in stuff. Come on, you know someone like this - they hoard materials either actually like having a hoarding illness, or they are people stuck on collecting possessions. "See my toys - I have all of these possessions so I must be good - see what I just bought. You must think me valuable now because I have all of these valuables."

Taureans also have a hard time turning away from the table. People who eat and eat despite having to reinforce the bed, the car and the house frame - are stuck in a gluttonous past. As are people who can't change their situations no matter how miserable they feel.

Think of the bull, eating in the pasture all day, enjoying all that surrounds him -never moving - taken to extreme that is a person stuck in a Taurus past.

Remember, our South Node is comfortable to us - no matter how detrimental it is to our soul development in this lifetime. We have lived in that existence for so long that we subconsciously crave to go back there. However, the longer we reside there the more shadow aspects develop as the soul development stalls.

So all you Taurus South Node people - get out of your pasture - and into the drama of the world... embrace your Scorpio North Node passion!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Me and My Shadow - Scorpio

I have a friend into whom I have tried to pound the basics of astrology for months. Being born with a Scorpio South Node, she constantly gets lost in the minutia of each astrological concept despite my urgings to see the big picture. Scorpios are the detectives of the Zodiac - they love to root out the secrets - all of the details. (The South Node, remember, is where our soul has come from in previous lives and from which we need to evolve.)

So this Scorpio South Node, Moon Child rising friend is regaling me in the many projects in which she is immersed right now - providing food for friends, shelter for people coming in from out of town for a political campaign and battling bureaucrats over the building of a new church. Does it surprise you that Moon Child are the mothers of the zodiac? At the end of the list she said with exasperation, "I wish I weren't addicted to the rush of doing all this stuff."

"That's it! That is Scorpio South Node - addicted to the thrill, addicted to the drama and the passion - that is what I have been trying to explain to you!" I think she got it.

All signs have their flowing and shadow aspects -- Scorpios have a tremendous talent for connecting with nether worlds – they are physic antennae beaming out to all of those frequencies and worlds others can’t even imagine. They are also passionate warriors for justice especially for the underdog. However, the shadow of Scorpio is a lust for, often inappropriate, passion and an unnatural pull to the unusual and dramatic -- the passionate fight.

This particular friend is addicted to fighting for her church and being the uber mother (remember, she is Moon Child rising) on all political campaigns. I have another Scorpio South Node friend who married twice –both times to difficult men with whom she battled for years. One husband was foreign – feeding her attraction to the unusual. Recently, she has met another man whom she describes as unusual and bizarre and the warning signal went off in my head again.

We tend to live in the shadow of our South Node because that type of existence worked for us in the past and in this lifetime we want to go back to it. However, like old shoes, our South Node identity no longer fits us in this lifetime. We need to evolve.

Scorpio South Node people have Taurus as a North Node. So instead of seeking other worlds and passionate fights, they need to ground themselves on this planet and find their creative heart.

Next time – a South node that I know so well – my own….Gemini.

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