Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Neptune and Chiron- What a Pair

Have you been having odd dreams that you cannot quite understand or are you waking up with a disconcerted feeling but you don't remember dreaming? Are you thinking about things from the past -- I don't mean Christmas I mean long ago and far away before you were born? Is there a period in history that you can't stop thinking about - way back in your mind - yes, right there where you normally never go? If so, blame it on the current conjunction of Neptune and Chiron in 26 degrees Aquarius.

Neptune, the planet of illusion, the one best suited for dealing with matters spiritual and karmic instead of physical is sitting right on top of the asteroid Chiron right now - and both are 26 degrees inside the constellation Aquarius. Chiron indicates where we hold a deep physic wound, so deep and painful that we don't want to go near it but we must if we are ever to heal the wound.

These two giants now in the constellation Aquarius that is full of highly charged energy can cause quick insights into the wound patterns that we have long forgotten but are deep within our subconscious. We can suddenly remember days that we may have lived 1000 years ago or feel drawn to the history of that time. We can have odd dreams or wake up in the middle of the night frightened by something although we don't have a clue what it is. We can suddenly have fears arise from situations that we never thought twice about before.

All of these reactions are possible in people whose birth charts have a great deal of interaction with one or both of these planets. If you have many aspects to either you will be feeling these effects. While this can be a bit nerve wracking, however, just remember it is helping clear old karmic patterns to make way for new life!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Native American Flute Festival 2010

My good friend Karen Rugg is organizing the Native American Flute Festival this year (March 26 -28.)  One of her mantra's "Music Will Save the World." While I have not been given the music gene this go around I do appreciate those who do. Check out her blog and information on the festival.

You don't have to be musical to meditate with the sounds of fantastic music and Festival will provide a great deal of that!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ah Venus ---

You didn't think I was going to let Valentine's Day pass without a little talk about Venus now did you?

On February 11, Venus moved into Pisces, that wonderful sign that really symbolizes our connection to the cosmic unconscious - the universe - whatever you call the great goo of spiritual origins. I love when Venus is in Pisces - because it is a time of spiritual love. There is nothing superficial about Pisces - it is a deeply mystical water sign that demands that we search our soul for meaning.

With the horrible weather we have been having and the current economic conditions, it is more likely that people will want to forgo a materially oriented Valentine's Day and make more soulful, more meaningful gestures toward their loved ones. If they don't, both partners will feel empty and dissatisfied at the end of the day.

Venus in Pisces is a time to go beyond the mask and make true connections. It is a time of seeking the spiritual connections we have with one is also a great time for joint past life regressions and an examination of joint astrological charts to find our karmic connections.

One of my favorite Venus Pisces people by birth is Mikhail Baryshnikov, a man who in his sixties, still dances with grace, beauty and magic that seems otherworldly. Every time I see him leap from the stage, I think he is trying to reach the Piscean heavens but it is his soulfulness and depth of performances that truly epitomizes the meaning of Pisces.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mars Venus Opposition.

Feeling cranky, out of sorts? Energy low? Having even more trouble with money as usual? Blame it on Venus - or Mars or both. Right now Mars and Venus are in opposition to one another in the sky. (They will remain at odds until March 11.) Venus is in Aquarius - the sign of freedom and independence and unconventionality - and Mars is in solid and self-focused Leo. Can you see the fireworks?

To make matters more fun, for the rest of this week, the Sun and Venus are in conjunction with one another. So we have the solar power and energy of the Sun fueling the Aquarian desire to break the bonds we feel around us.

How this energy plays out with each of us, of course, depends on our personal charts. If you have Mars and Venus in a disharmonious placement natally, you are going to be really feeling the desire for independence, the demand to put yourself first. This could make for some unpleasant times with loved ones. Happy Valentine's Day All!

Because Venus deals with resources, there is a desire to break lose - spend a little more than you should - be a little more carefree - spend on yourself. Aquarius freedom and Leo self centeredness can convince us this is the perfect time to buy the latest really expensive gadget even though we know it will be cheaper six months down the road.

Even if you aren't feeling the negative effects of this placement, this is an excellent time to work on balancing your male and female energy - meditate on the two planets the feminine Venus and masculine Mars and how to align those forces. Check out the SoulSign website - for Adam's Mars/Venus attunement meditations.

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