Monday, February 28, 2011

What Would the Moon Say?

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 I played a little game with my class at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Washington D.C. which I unofficially entitled "What would the Moon say?" I posed the scenario, what if a someone with a very strong Sagittarian influenced walked up each sign of the zodiac as it embodied the Moon and said something totally Sag. like, "Wow that dress makes you look like Orca!" You know how Sag. is about telling the truth - or I should say their truth. How would these Moons - our emotional barometers respond?

Aries wouldn't mince words. An Aries Moon would just deck Sag. with one well placed blow to the side of the mouth. Now if this Aries Moon were in a daintier body then the words would flow and flow and flow until Sag. was duly chopped up and humbled.

Taurus on the other hand would pull herself up to full height; straighten her dress (which is a bit snug over the bull's hips) and say. "I don't think you are right Sag. This dress is made from the finest of silkworms. I flew to China to oversee the spinning myself." She would then huff off comforting herself with a box of the finest of Swiss chocolates.

"This dress? This dress is too tight? Really? How can that be I researched the purchase of this dress for three weeks? I tried on 18 different dresses. I went to 7 stores and then...." As Gemini was still babbling on Sag. runs away in self defense.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Yes, that was Moon Child running off in tears. She will stay in her crab shell for weeks pouting and weeping.

Leo the Lions' reaction is a wee bit different. "HOW DARE YOU! I have more knowledge about dressing in my little paw then you have in your entire quiver Sag. Begone!" Sag darts out dodging mirrors from Leo's vast collection being tossed out at her.

Virgo doesn't respond just immediately becomes anorexic.

"Really? Really? I asked twelve people and weighed their responses very carefully. Then I asked twelve more - it took me twenty weeks to weigh everyone's opinion of what I should do. How could it be wrong? Libra's scales were wobbling back and forth with such a flurry Sag. thought a wind storm was in the offing.

Scorpio whipped off her dark glasses in a furor and starred silently into Sag's soul with such unbridled fierceness that Sag. was terrified for a week.

"Yeah well your hair looks like a home for drug addicted weasels."

"And your perfume smells like 'Ode De Goat.'"

"Your shoes are left-overs from the Von Trapp Family AFTER the clomped over the Alps."

Oh my - Sag. Vs. Sag. is an ugly sight.

Capricorn never looked up from her historical tome. Who cares about such nonsense as fashion? Sag. is so frivolous.

"Wow baby so you don't like my duds. That is cool. Hey we are all brothers and sisters under the skin where it counts. Coverings are like so superficial. It is all good." Insulting Aquarius was such a drag.

Pisces suddenly looked even sadder if that was indeed possible! "Oh I knew it would be terrible. I just can't pick out clothes." Pisces was so pathetic that for a minute Sag. said he would never insult another person again...or until another ugly dress came into view and the truth just had to be told.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's for supper?

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 I thought I would have some fun playing with my two favorite things - food and Astrology. Now keep in mind it is silly to say all Pisces will eat this particular kind of food. Sun Signs, remember are a very minor part of our astrological makeup. We have to look at the rising sign and for something like food - see where a person's Venus resides. Those are better indicators of whether they think food is something they have to bother with in order to survive or if it is almost a religious experience!

If you are expecting a heavily Aries influenced person over tonight reach for the spice rack. Aries like to have their food bite back a bit -nothing boring and bland. Oh and don't waste their time with an hours long meal - they want to keep moving. Taurus on the other hand wants gourmet meals, lavish foods and the best of wines. Don't you dare serve them a frozen dinner or the Bull could charge!

Gemini is easy - serve them a meal that is bite-sized. Remember Cher's character in the movie, "Mermaids"? She only made meals in finger sandwich size. Now that is someone with a lot of Gemini in her! They want to be able to read, eat, and play video games all at the same time. For Moon Child, however, it is all about cozy, family comfort food surrounded by as many generations of family as possible. Think chicken-pot-pie, apple pie and macaroni and cheese when you think of Mood Child.

Leo the lion has to have a table big enough for their adoring courtiers to surround them while they dine. Like Taurus they want the best food and wine but with Leo you have to serve it in the best china you can muster. Virgo has already lived this life of Riley and their digestive systems have paid the price. Go directly to the health food store and get the healthiest organic meal and serve in on biodegradable dishes!

Libra has to be with other so break out the Leo table, take all the gold off and put it out for Libra. For food, think of things that can be shared because Libra is all about the other person - Chinese food - pizza....whatever it is - it has to be shared. Scorpio loves to delve into mystery so think of something deep dish and maybe have a surprise on the bottom!

Make something foreign for Sagittarius - or better yet take them to a part of town that is known for exotic food - like little India or little Thailand - and let them think they are travelling the world! Capricorn the goat is all about meat and potatoes and good solid veggies - all American food please!

Ok for Aquarius take all the leftovers you may have from the other signs and make one big wacky dinner. To make them even happier - serve it on the floor on a big silly blanket. Finally for Pisces keep the booze under lock and key - some of them might have an issue with that. Make sure you have some dreamy music playing and make soothing soups and soft custards.

Time to make dinner! Have fun.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Basics

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Hi, before I start, take a look back at my Jan. 24 entry about Neptune and Pisces and look what is going on in the Middle East. Neptune hasn't even gotten into Pisces yet, that will happen in April, but see how the energy is stimulating those people who have just had enough of living under dictatorships and are willing to risk it all for freedom.

Did you ever wonder where it all began? Who started this Astrology thing? Well, we give credit to the Sumerians who lived about 8,500 years ago. They devised the twelve house system based on archetypal energies. (They devised it or were the first to write it down in a form that has survived.) Twelve is a mystical number - like the numbers three and seven, it has a special energetic field. Each house has contains a specific archetypal energy and vibrate to the energy of a specific sign.

The first house vibrates to the energy of Mars and Aries - male aggressive energy - and it controls how we project our personality. The second house vibrates to Taurus and Venus - it deals with possessions and our survival - what goods we need to survive in this world. Three is Gemini - Mercury and deals with our thoughts and gathering knowledge. The fourth contains the energy of home, our roots, and our mother and vibrates to Moon Child and the Moon. Five is all about Leo, Sun energy and handles matters of creativity. Six takes Virgo - Vesta energy and works with our diet and health. Seventh house is personal contracts with people - marriage and business deals and has the energy of Libra and Venus. Eight is all about death and rebirth and dying to the old self and is vibrating with Scorpio - Pluto energy. The ninth house brings us out in the world and sets us on a search for our truth with the help of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Government and societal structure is the domain of the 10th house and is filled with Capricorn - Saturn energy. In the eleventh we find social contacts and group activities spurred on by Aquarian and Uranus energy. Finally in the twelfth house we connect with the collective unconscious with the help of Pisces and Neptune.

It is all energy but then again, isn't everything?

Friday, February 11, 2011

What to Buy Your Valentine?

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I will be heading over to TBD Newschannel 8 tonight to do a segment on Astrologically correct Valentine's gifts. However, I will give you a heads up! Keep in mind that you have to look at an entire chart to know what makes a person tick but if someone has a strong Venus or Ascendant in a certain sign then these gifts will appeal to them.

Aries - go to an adult website - the one you never tell Mom about -- and something wild and in red. Aries will thank you for that.

Taurus - Head to the gourmet store and get the biggest basket of wines, cheeses, steaks, breads... appeal to the gourmet/glutton aspect of Taurus.

Gemini - What they need and what they want are two different things. They should get some calming aromatherapy sachets but what they want is the latest APP that would allow them to talk to 10 different people at the same time, read a book and catch a movie.

Moon Child- Get out the tea cozy, the family photo album and wrap them up in a cuddly shawl.

Leo - Easy. Get the biggest mirror you can carry and throw in some brushes and watch them primp all day.

Virgo - A packet of seeds will suffice. Seriously, get a gift basket of crunchy, healthy things wrapped in recycled plastic!

Libra - You can take them to a romantic dinner but remember to get a dessert that you can share with the neighbors. Libra is all about the other person.

Scorpio - They are made for Valentine's! Load up on candles and bubble bath and get some deep, emotional music on the I-Pod.

Sagittarius - Fill the picnic basket  and go for a hike in the woods with Sag!

Capricorn - Again what they need and want will differ. They will probably be happy with the latest historical fiction tome but why not get them something silly and inane - something to play with. They may grumble but I bet they will play with it when no one was around.

Aquarius - Zip over and get the latest electronic widget. If it is fast, future and fun it is for Aquarius.

Pisces - A book to hid their dreams is perfect or an Impressionist painting of the ocean!

So whatever your honey's sign is have a great Valentine's Cupid's arrow.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Check out this planet placement!

I had to show you what is going on overhead! Every major planet and asteroid is hanging out in the 3rd quadrant, houses 8, 9 and 10. Ceres and the North Node are on the tail end of the 7th. This is the quadrant which deals with socializing - and spiritual discovery. The 8th house is personal power and the power to transform. On a more mundane level it deals with goods of the dead and insurance issues. The 9th house symbolizes our personal quest for the truth and the 10th is how we socialize our goals and normally represents government and authority figures. Gee, I can't think of anything going on in the world right now which deals in these areas.................

Jupiter and Uranus are still in conjunction at the top of the chart although Jupiter has already moved in Aries. So that masculine, aggressive Mars energy is combining with the expansiveness of Jupiter and being unhinged by the electrical bolts being thrown by Uranus. Mars, ruler of Aries, is conjunct the Sun - adding a double dose of fire to the soup.

Can you see how these planets help a simmering group of angry people to find their power, speak their truth and send shock waves through long established, oppressive governments?  I also wonder how many future little rebels will be born in the next few days who will grow up to lead future social movements?
It is an amazing placement!

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