Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Horizons for the New Year

As we start 2012, we will see some big changes in the large, slower moving planets that make large impacts on society. Jupiter is moving into Taurus, a change from loosey goosey Gemini, into the stable Bull. I hope it will bring some stability to the stock market and get people thinking about prosperity again.

Uranus heading in Aries will see an explosion for technology. I know - what have we been seeing? However, Uranus is all about electricity and sparks and the future is Aries is the epitome of masculine charging energy.  This also a time when we question authority figures - the Occupy Movement started just as Uranus reach Aries.

Finally and perhaps more interestingly, in early 2012 Neptune will move into Pisces, the sign it rules. While I highly doubt the world will end in 2012- please! --- this is a time for an intense spiritual awakening.  We haven't seen Neptune in Pisces since 1848 and it is so funny that several books about that year have been published lately. That was a time when the "Communist Manifesto" was published - a false Utopian hope for a new way of governing - very Piscean. It was also the beginning of waves of spiritualism and Utopian communities of the Alcotts and Thoreaus.

Those who are spiritually attuned will have a wonderful time exploring new planes.

However, the shadow of Neptune is total illusion - 1848 was the start of the Gold Rush - where masses thought they would make it big in the West.  With Neptune you also have drug use and escapism of all kinds. I think with that Uranus in Aries there will be wild new ways to disengage and "drop out" of society.

So hang onto your hats kids - 2012 is bringing in a lot of changes. Keep your feet on the ground but your head in the spiritual realm and your hands on the Ipod 1000!

Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Solstice Time

I love winter Solstice  - it is a time of rebirth in the midst of stillness and "death" and is the ultimate of optimistic universal events. This year the Solstice will actually take place around 12:30 AM on the 22nd of December. That is when the Sun moves into 0 degrees Capricorn.  Looking at the Solstice chart I am seeing alot of unsettled energy around Uranus and Pluto (which will be hugging the Sun for at least the first week into the Solstice.)

Now I tend to be a wee more pessimistic than some - that is the Scorpio Sun in me. I had a discussion with another astrologer today who sees this chart as some kind of awakening where people come together and put aside some differences in a Christmas week sing around the Christmas tree like a bunch of Whos.  He actually said politicians may come together and do something good for America! Silly boy.

I see it is something "big" happening between the 26th and 29th - some group or person pushing the limits so much that more than just the "Occupiers" will want to do something. I see the Uranus square Sun/Pluto as a real explosive energy and the Neptune, Vesta, Chiron conjunction in Aquarius being the "birth" of a new cooperative energy but from the ground up not the top down.

So sit tight and see who eats crow just before the new year.

Happy Holidays ALL!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That Funny Lunar Eclipse

Remember when I said that the Lunar Eclipse would cut across linear time? Well it sure did. Saturday I was scheduled to represent First Book (a great charity that gets books into the hands of kids) at a gift giving fare at a local church. I had known for weeks that my shift was 10a- 12 noon. However, when I woke up Saturday morning I was convinced that I had the whole morning to play around because my shift didn't start until noon! I was enjoying the morning, drinking up the eclipse when I suddenly heard my blackberry sound the 15 minute alarm.

I couldn't help but laugh - the eclipse was having fun with me. By making me forget the correct time for my appointment, the universe allowed me to have some eclipse time. Had I remembered the 10:00 AM start I probably would have been spending eclipse time getting ready - and while I had to rush around the house like a chicken with its head cut off - I was able to spend time with the moon AND get to the event in time.

How did you feel the eclipse?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lunar Eclipse This Saturday

If you want to do some cutting across linear time remember that there will be a lunar eclipse this Saturday the 10th of December at 9:32 AM, Eastern time. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the light of Sun from reaching the Moon. As you can see on the cart below, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another and the Earth is in the middle.

Astrologically this is a great time to break the bounds that keep us on the same old path and shake us up. Think of it as the time to make real life resolutions and to start new paths! It is like we are going inward and then coming out of the darkness into new awareness.

So don't let the energy be wasted!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Do You Find Your Joy?

In this season of joy I ask the question, where on your chart do you show the capacity for fun and joy?

Take a peak at the cusp of your fifth house, that will tell you alot.  The fifth house is where we see our creativity, sexuality - fun things! A cusp is what opens each house. Look at the small outer wheel to see what sign is sitting on the line between the 4th and 5th houses. For me Aquarius is there - so I like to do things like read astrology charts for fun - (yeah I know), and read in general and do things that take me far away from where I am physically. I have a friend who has Scorpio sitting there sort of challenging her to find some fun - so she has the perpetual serious-ess!

Of course, the planets in the 5th play a roll in fun too - but take a quick peek at the 5th house cusp of friends and family - before you go Holiday shopping! It will get the right present!

On the chart below - the 5th house cusp sign is Moon Child, so expect this person to like cuddling up with a book and a hot cup of tea and doing other homey activities - as well as visiting historic sites!

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