Monday, January 25, 2010

State of the Union

This Wednesday, the 27 of January will see President Obama's first State of the Union address. (Last year really wasn't a State of the Union because he was only President a few weeks.) Besides, the State of the Union was in such a shambles that no one would want to have to talk about it - especially the guy who didn't mess things up.

If you listen to the Talking Heads on television -- something I would not advise anyone do because it just isn't good for the body, mind or soul --- this is already a failed President. Obama is a man fighting for his political career. While this is the usual hogwash on cable, the President himself has said they walked into a "buzz saw" last week with the astounding election of tea bagger Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

So what do the stars have in hold for the President when he makes this important speech? To find out, I ran a tri-wheel with his natal chart in the middle - August 4, 1961 1-6pm in Honolulu, HA - and yes, that is in the United States! In the center is his progressed chart - how those natal planets have moved since his birth. Progressed charts are unique for each person. On the outside are the current transits. --- where the planets will be over Washington D.C. Wednesday night.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that transiting Uranus is right over (in conjunction with) his progressed Juno in the 5th House - the House of creativity. Uranus is the quick change artist. It creates inspiration but is like a thunderbolt - it is fast and scattered. Juno is the consort - where we make unions. This is a highly charged placement because you have Uranus energy interjecting itself into all of your joint activities. It creates change and excitement - but also detachment. Uranus is all about personal freedom.

So he is going to have a hard time connecting with the common man. Lots of energy - no place to go.

Venus and the Sun will be in conjunction in his 3rd House - the House of communication. That will help make his words, which are naturally melodious due to his natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction there. However, both are in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) so again he is going to have to bring them down - bring them down. Get his thoughts out of the clouds and start feeling some pain a la Bill Clinton.

Vesta, the asteroid indicating the burning heart’s desire, is in his 10th House - the House of career status and government is in Virgo and conjuncting all of the planets he has natally in the 10th (Pluto, Uranus, North Node). So he wants to buckle down and work on the nitty gritty of government.

Let's hope he works hard to lasso Uranus and bring down his lofty wishes on Wednesday night to knock it out of the park. If not, he has a strong chance of saying a lot of pretty words that don't resonate.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Politicans did you hear me when I said Pluto was in Capricorn?

OK folks - listen to me - I know we don't have court astrologers anymore but we should!
Months ago, I blogged about the changes coming when Pluto moved in Capricorn. Slow moving Pluto, takes 7 - 20 years to make its way through just one constellation and it always causes deep, fundamental changes in the world in the area influenced by that constellation. Unfortunately, no politican listened to me - apparently.

The baby-boomers, the "Me" generation were born when Pluto was in Leo - a time when people wanted to be the center of attention. Pluto in Virgo brought on the women's movement and when it moved to Scorpio we had the sexual revolution. Fundamentalism and spirituality rose when we saw Pluto enter Sagittarius. Late last year it moved in Capricorn which rules government and the general structure of society.

Pluto came in Capricorn with a bang with the election of our first African American President. However, Pluto isn't going anywhere for a long time -- it is going to stay in Capricorn until has just begun to foment change. The lunatic teabag movement, the general unrest of so many who feel government is working for everyone but them -- these are all manifestations of this transit. Common sense will have little influence on these changes - Pluto always works from the subconscious.

Politicians who ignore this intense desire will do so at their own risk. Democrats who bicker among themselves instead of passing landmark legislation and Republicans who think they can control the teabaggers and other lunatic fringe elements will both be disappointed. The people want to be heard - they want someone to connect. President Obama, with his incredible oratory skills, has the ability to let people know that he "feels their pain". He needs to start doing that and fast.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's The Deal With Pat Robertson?

So called Christian, Pat Robertson, did it again this week with the absurd comment that Haiti deserves what it got and has gotten over the years because it made a "pact with the Devil."
How anyone can look at humans trapped, starving and in sheer agony and say oh well you are bad and you deserve it, is beyond me.

Unfortunately, we don't know his birth time. His birth was March 22, 1930 in Lexington, Virginia but without a known birth time we can't calculate his rising sign or accurately place the planets in the correct houses.

We do know, of course, that he is an Aries, the Ram - barely. I once read that people born in the early segments of each sign exhibit the strongest attributes of that sign. While I have never done my own analysis on this, it certainly works in this case. Aries starts on March 21. The adjectives most used to describe Aries are trailblazer and leader - and he certainly has done in the broadcasting field. The Shadow of Aries is rampant selfishness. They are the babies of the zodiac and like children, must be heard and must have things their own way - no matter what. A baby will scream at three in the morning if hungry and a selfish Aries will say hurtful and hateful things to enrich his coffers and get publicity.

When he was born, Uranus, the planetary odd ball, and Venus, the planet of the heart, were in conjunction. This could easily explain his bizarre emotions and even his absurd notions of love and marriage. (This man who criticizes gays for "destroying marriage"- changed his own marriage certificate to hide the fact his first son was born 10 weeks after he was married.) Basically, his heart doesn't work like others -- it is a little off kilter.

There are no excuses here. We can't say oh poor thing he is a victim of his chart. There are lots of early Aries, with Uranus conjunct Venus wandering around out there and they don't become peddlers of hate. Our charts are fixed at birth but no so our free will and ability to grow and learn. Robertson will be 80 years old this year, he isn't about to change. His North Node, where he should be going to, is in Taurus which is ironically ruled by Venus. He had the chance to open his heart, become more grounded and learn to appreciate the resources around him.

However, he has chosen to close his heart to humanity, and use the resources of the gullible to his best interest - (remember the 1994 scandal with the Zaire diamond mind?)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Void of Course Moon

Sounds pretty spooky huh? Well it isn't - not really. However, the reason I am writing about this today is because I got a number of comments from people feeling lost and confused on New Year's Day. There can be a hundred different reasons why a person feels out of sorts - and most have to do with what is happening in their charts at that time. When the Moon is Void of Course - it can play havoc with all of our emotions regardless of what else is happening in your chart.

So what does that phrase mean? Very simply it is when the Moon is stepping from one constellation to another and makes no aspects to any other heavenly body. ANY heavenly body that is not aspecting another is running amuck - it has no aspect to hold it in check. So when the Moon is Void of Course, our emotions (because they are controlled by the Moon) are all over the place. It is a bad time to make important decisions, sign contracts or pick that fight with your spouse. It is a time to pull back, meditate and breathe!

Void of course happens often. The Moon goes around the Earth every 28 days... so it visits each astrological constellation once every month. When it is moving from one sign to the other it is Void of Course - and that is when the fun begins. On January 1, 2010 the Moon was moving from Cancer to Leo - it was Void of Course so many people felt out of whack. If your Moon is natally in Cancer or Leo or making an aspect to them, the effect will be amplified. So every few days when you feel like tossing your computer out of the window and the dog after it - breathe... the Moon just might be on its way into another sign. It will get there soon and all will be "normal" again!

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