Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Astrology of "the hat"

Princess Beatrice and her hat for the royal weddingOK what made her do it? Why did Princess Beatrice don the hideous hat at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?  Her South Node made her do it, of course! Well sort of.  Beatrice was born with her South Node in Virgo in the 7th House. Our South Node is the indicator of our karmic past - our karmic addiction - because we have the memory of living with that signature. In her case, she is coming from many lifetimes as a Virgo who worked on 7th house issues - the house of close personal relationships.

People with a Virgo South Node, regardless of the house, bear the burden of control. They have to control, organize, fix and make perfect even though that is an impossible task. When they "fail" they must affix blame which is why Virgo is known as the most critical of signs.

Beatrice's S. Node in the 7th calls her to control others - those very close to her. This manifests as someone who dominates other or who plays the victim to keep people under her thumb. See what you did to me? See how you make ME suffer?  So when someone close to her - her mother - was not invited to the royal wedding - she made them know how they were making her suffer. It was even OK that she walked around looking like a deranged Martian she caused a scene at the wedding of the people who hurt her and she made them suffer through her victimization.

Let's hope with age she will progress into her North Node - Pisces in the first house and realize that she can embody something greater - that she doesn't need to look to and blame everyone else. Going from Virgo to Pisces is going from tunnel vision to embodying the view of the universe. Hopefully, from up there she will be able to spot a better hat.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice....

The Summer Solstice is here but what does that mean? Simply, it is when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, or Moon Child, if you are more PC. What does that mean exactly? Well let me illustrate this with a few charts. The symbol for the Sun is the circle with the little dot in the middle. OK, on the first chart, cast for 1150 AM Eastern time today shows the Sun 29 degrees into the sign of Gemini. (Each sign is 30 degrees.)

The second chart is cast for 2:00 PM Eastern today. Look! The Sun is now at 0 degrees Cancer. The Solstice will take place around 1: 15 PM - when the Sun moves into Cancer. Anyone born this morning will actually be a Gemini Sun person - this afternoon will see the birth of Cancer Sun people. This only happens on the Solstices and Equinoxes.

So, you ask, if there are twelve signs why do we get so involved in just the 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes? Well, because that is when the Sun moves into Cardinal Signs. Astrological signs are divided into Cardinal, the movers and shakers, Mutable, the more complaint -some say vacillating signs, and Fixed, the stubborn more stable signs. Cardinal signs, Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer, because they are the more active ones - because they are leadership signs, if you will, contain a great deal of energy and thus give a boost to the whole chart.

So when you start to enjoy the summer remember that it all starts with the Cardinal energy of Cancer.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Part of Fortune

With all of the bad news in the world, riots, earthquakes, the GOP Presidential Debate, I decided to talk about good news - or the Part of Fortune. Besides, I promised last week this would be an easy one.

The Part of Fortune is an astrological marking shown on your chart as a circle with an X in the middle - and indicates where we get karmic reward. Can't beat that! If you happen to have a Part of Fortune in Aquarius in the seventh house then you will have karmic rewards that come from close relationships. If it appears in your first house, however, then your "luck" would come from expressing your own self assertive, independent energy. However, in the eighth house look for it to come from insurance, other people's money.

A fifth house Part of Fortune brings reward through creative energy and the 6th when you dedicate to self improvement and hard work. The second house you can be lucky with money or sudden "fortune" but the third will come through your intellect. When in the fourth house the Part shows the way when you get in touch with your emotional center - your roots.

The ninth house Part of Fortune triggers when you head out on your search for truth, but the 10th house only when you involve yourself in some endeavor that benefits society. Groups will bring the Part's effects to you if it is the 11th but the 12th house is all about meditation and solitude.

So take a look at where your Part of Fortune is located and then see if you are working to help it work its magic for you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nodes on the Loose

 I had lunch with a friend today who has been feeling a little out of sorts. You know the feeling;  pulled one way and then another -  wanting to do something as opposed to having to do something - knowing you should be working on your business when you want to be hibernating. So being the dutiful astrologer I checked her chart before I met up with her. Sure enough her nodes were transiting one another, sort of.

Follow me here - right now the North Node is at 23 degrees Sagittarius and the South Node is 23 degrees Gemini. My friend was born with just the opposite - S Node Sag and North in Gemini - and they happen to be passing each other now. So transiting South Node is sitting on her natal North and vice versa. (Sit with it - trust me it works.)  If the South Node is our karmic identity - what we are programmed from the past - and the North is where we are going to - or should be going to, we can see the root cause of her agitation.

As the opposite Node activates her natal nodes she feels the urge to try new things (North Node) but she is hanging onto the things from the past and the fear of what would happen or could happen if she lets go of her old identity (South Node.) She feels like a push-me-pull-you llama in some ways.
It is a clash of stepping out of the old and into the new fearlessly. No small fete.
So if there are feelings of being stuck and confused it doesn't have to be but it could be a nodal transition happening.

And I promise - next week will be easier...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Uranus has moved into Aries.

We have recently seen yet another slower, outer planet shift into another sign. I have already talked about Neptune moving into Pisces and Pluto heading into Capricorn, now we have Uranus moving in Aries. Uranus takes about seven years to move through one sign. Contrast that to Mercury which makes it through all twelve in eighty-eight days!

courtesy of arlenew.com
Uranus is the sign of quick change - it is the rebel. I liken Uranus to the teenager of the Zodiac because it hates status quo and likes to shake things up as it explores new opportunities. Like a teenager who can turn a house on end in a minute by tossing clothes about as soon as they enter the door, leaving the refrigerator door opened and blaring loud music, Uranus brings upheaval whether you are ready or not.

Like youth, Uranus also has a humanitarian side. It isn't jaded yet like Saturn and Pluto and sees the beauty in every person. Uranus really cares about humanity and wants to help all humans.

So now we have the teenager meeting the baby - Uranus meeting the infant of the zodiac - the raw aggressive energy of Aries. If there was ever a time to change - to finish a project or start one or to analyze a relationship. Be spontaneous- take a trip on the spur of the moment, learn Russian.

Like all teenagers, Uranus is a techno-geek - so expect another explosion of gadgets and widgets in the next seven years.

However, remember that teens are prone to explosions and irrational anger. So watch for impulsive, erratic energy.

It is important to look at your chart and see what Uranus/Aquarius Aries/Mars activate - control the energy and you will make great headway in these areas.  (Countries can also have these planets in strategic areas of their charts so watch for eruptions around the world.)

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