Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling Goofy???

Finding the Path
Finding the Path,
Are you feeling a little wacky, a little off-balance? Blame it on the Libra stellium now sitting over us. If you are on the East Coast of the U.S it is in the 8th house, if in Western Europe on the 7th and if on the West Coast it hovers somewhere between the two.

Libra is and air sign depicted by the Scales - Libra tries to seek balance but often it swings wildly. Libra is very concerned with the other person - not self and it's biggest shadow is co-dependence. Libra also deploys her planet Venus to help us create things of beauty.

Right now we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Juno, Saturn and the Moon all hanging out together having a good old time in Libra. In a nut shell, this means we are looking for something to attach to, something or someone to join. Of course, if in the 7th house, the house ruled by Libra - this could be a wild time of people looking to resolve issues, please the other people in their life, forge new alliances. However, this is also a harbinger of a time of great creative expression - someone with well aspected Libra in their chart could find themselves finishing that scrapbook, working on that painting again or even finally cleaning up the bedroom and hanging the pictures!

The eighth house is a bit more tricky - this is the house of death and rebirth, it is also the house of insurance and goods of the dead. Feeling the need to literally shed old skin and do some heavy internal work - figure out where we are going - what we are doing with ourselves; these are all in the eighth house arena.  This is a time of intense soul searching to say the least.

If this were all loopy enough those retrogrades that I spoke of last week have now crept up to first house - our house of personal expression. So on one hand we have this need to deal with this huge issues, what do I believe in, who should I commit to and on the other our personal energy and power are being dragged down by the retrogrades. How Libran! One side up - the other side down.

My suggestion - think about this big issue items but don't try to act on them until the retros get moving out of 1 - better yet wait until they go away completely in the early New Year. Think, ponder, delve - then act in January!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Equinox - beginning of Cardinal time.

The Autumnal Equinox will soon be upon us - September 23, 9:04 AM is when fall arrives in the Washington, D.C. area. Yippee... I love fall and winter - sorry for those who are cold-boned but I can't wait for fireplaces, sweaters and stews.

This is a time when the Sun reaches a "balance" and the day and night will be equally long. It is also the time when the Sun will be at zero degrees Libra, moving into the Constellation of Libra. All of the equinoxes and solstices happen when the Sun is moving into a Cardinal astrological sign.

Cardinal signs are the movers, the shakers the doers. If you are born with a well aspected cardinal sign on your ascendant you are apt to be someone who takes lead, takes charge of things. The Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

When people take on spring cleaning in March (Aries) and fall cleaning in September (Libra) they are doing Cardinal activities. Cancer time is summer the time for planting and Capricorn happens around the winter Solstice activities when the houses are full of people and activity.

Fixed signs are those that exhibit stubborn resolve to forge ahead no matter what. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixed. Taurus follows Aries so you need to cultivate and watch your garden to make sure it grows. Leo is in rule in summer when, for me anyway, you have to get the resolve to face another hot day. Scorpio is the time of Halloween and moves us into the other fixed tradition of Thanksgiving when much attention must be paid to working hard on the harvest and Aquarius is in the dead of winter when it takes a lot to get through the cold.

When the Sun goes into mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, Pisces we are less concerned with tromping ahead and slugging it out. Gemini is late spring, early summer when we can relax and exchange in mental exchange of ideas, Virgo early harvest when we can see what foods we need to gather to care for our bodies. After Scorpios hard work, Sagittarius can lay back and shoot his arrows into the sky looking for the truth and then Pisces, ah other-worldly Pisces – March brings buds of spring and the time to think of rebirth and new worlds.

So enjoy this Cardinal time. Celebrate the Equinox and get to harvesting your thoughts for the winter to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A friend whined to me a few weeks ago, "When is Mercury going to get out of retrograde?" It was about to leave I assured her. (However, it will zip back in November 23 - December 13.) Retrogrades are a time for whining. Everything seems to go backwards, cars don't start, computers go on the fritz, and things just don't get done. However, instead of whining we should remember that retrogrades are a time for going within and working on the internal stuff before pushing forward.

Right now we have an inordinate amount of number going retrograde. No wonder people feel like they are under water and so dejected.

Pluto is still in retrograde - until Sept 16 - but we talked about Pluto recently in another blog entry.

Right now most of the "girls" - the big asteroid are in retrograde. Juno, Vesta and Ceres are all retrograded. Juno is where our loyalty lies - so there might be relationship issues coming up. Vesta, where we feel we must dedicate to something, when in retrograde will make us feel like I can't get excited about anything. Ceres is our mothering, nurturing nature - need I say more?

An asteroid that vibrates to male energy, Chiron, our sacred wound issue - a pain so deep we don't want to deal with it is also retrograded. We are feeling pain but can't get to the source, can't confront it.

Had enough? Too bad. Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter are also all retrograded! Really people - I wish the pundits who rap about how the American people are feeling can take a look at this! Neptune, our connection to the spiritual, Uranus, our energetic change energy and Jupiter our expansion and hope guide are all going in reverse. Makes you sleepy just reading it.

Never fear - these guys never stand still for long. Jupiter is being quite dramatic and going straight again on December 25, Uranus December 10, Chiron November 10, Neptune November 9 and Ceres December 6. Vesta will only be retrograded a few more days and Juno will follow Chiron.

So see - it won't last. Remember that retrograde is a time to go within and learn why we are feeling the way we are. Whining never gets us anywhere!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Perry - a bit more

OK several people have asked me, "Does Rick Perry, like Bachmann, believe what he is saying or is it a political act?" My answer. It doesn't matter to him. Deeply ensconced in his Libra South Node he will do what gets approval. Libra is all about the other person - about getting others to approve and accept you. When Texas was a Democratic state - no really it once was - really ------ he worked for Al Gore. That got him the approval of the political powerful.  Now he embraces the radical right because they have overtaken Texas and the entire Republican Party. The more they approve of the nonsense he spews, the more he will do it.

The trick is that I don't think he is capable of realizing that this stuff doesn't play with thinking independent people. He is getting reinforcement from those closest to him - the circle of radicals. It is hard for him to pivot away from that and realize that he needs to appeal to a broader audience. He is hooked on the acceptance of those in his immediate area.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rick Perry- yes I found the chart information... hang on kids.

Compliments of

OK by popular demand, I give you Rick Perry's chart. Now, I don't know if this birth time is accurate. It is running around the astrology boards and it is alleged to have been checked out with the county board but again let's hope it is correct.

This time would place his South Node in Libra in the 5th house. The South Node is where we are coming from karmicly, the identity that we carry over from previous lives. Libra is the sign of "the other" - they are karmicly addicted to being in motion, and of relating to others and the social reality of others. Basically what a Libra South Node person is saying "who am I unless you tell me who I am?" They must reflect in other people's eyes. They tend to co-dependence. Being an air sign it is hard for Libra to know boundaries.
The fifth house is the house of creativity and personal expression. A Libra 5th house person screams accept me for how unique I am - see how interesting I am - see me - please - see me! Remember the 5th house is the house which vibrates to the sign of Leo - the king of the jungle, the astrological narcissist.

Perry's South Node is conjunct a retrograded Neptune, Mars, Juno and Saturn. His Moon is also there - it is the only thing NOT retrograded in the fifth house. His past lives were characterized by an illusionary attachment to some aggressive or even militaristic group. Since Saturn, Moon and Juno are still in Virgo - this was some fierce dedication - service to something in a big way. Retrogrades are a pause for karma -an additional lesson learned. A retrograded Neptune is a call to rework spiritual values and awareness - how is that going, Rick old boy? Retrograded Juno is asking us to look at the relationships - the things we are loyal too and Mars in retrograde asks us to rework our thoughts on aggressive, drive and assertion.

Perry started out a Democrat but was convinced by Rove, et al to switch. He saw the tide changing in the South and in order to stay attached, to get the positive feedback and acceptance via votes (all very Libra qualities ) he embraced the views and became the center of (5th house Leo) radical right wing.

His North Node -where he should be moving in this lifetime is Aries in the 11th house - the house of group activities. He needs to be working on becoming a group leader of some group, humanitarian activities. The humanitarian comes in from the Aquarius influence of the 11th house. Now if you read this blog with any regularity you may surmise that I am a proud latte liberal. I am sorry I can't see anything humanitarian about a man who has executed more people than any other governor in Texas. To hold that record in Texas you have to really work at it.

So while he seems ensconced in his South Node still the question everyone asks me about Tea Party politicians is, do they believe this stuff or are they doing it for votes? With him I don’t' think it matters because he now believes he believes it. It is like the person who tells the same story so many times it becomes a reality for them. His Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius in the 10th house - the house of government and society. Mercury is all about thoughts and communications and Jupiter is expansion and growth. Being grouped together and in the quirky, changeable sign of Aquarius we can see how this guy is capable of saying anything even carrying it to extremes. In fact, he likes to say things that are offbeat and shocking - and fortunately for the country he will probably going around shocking any sane thinking sentient being between now and election day.

So who is Rick Perry? Someone who is still clinging to the need to stand out and shine in a group -someone still stuck in his religious warrior past who will say or do anything as long as it keeps him in the spotlight.

Another one?

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