Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Weekend Venus Enters Aries

We have been hearing so much about “cardinal” signs in April I thought I would just pass along another cardinal happening. Cardinal signs are the signs of action and they initiate activity. On May 2, Venus, the planet that best exudes the energy of the feminine dharma moves into the mother (or father) of all cardinal signs, Aries.

Aries, of course, is primal male energy and ruled by Mars, so when we have Venus meeting Mars – look out! From May 2- May 28 Venus will be in Aries so if you need to put that spark back into your romance there is no better time.

Don’t neglect the creative energy of Venus or the moneymaking aspects of Venus – remember women rule the purse! If you have stagnant creative juices this is the time to restart them. It is spring – it is May, what does that old song say, “The lusty month of May.” Be lusty, be creative, be invigorating, – be cardinal!!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Good and Bad of Taurus Presidents

This week saw the birthday of a President most historians repeatedly rank on the bottom of the list of most effective leaders. James Buchanan (April 23, 1791), 15th President of the United States and the man who preceded Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, was a rather doddering old man who might have been a serviceable leader in peaceful times when he could play entertainer in chief. He was incapable of holding a splitting country together and his relief was over the top when he was able to hand over the reins to Lincoln.

Buchanan was born under a Taurus Sun and his refusal to embrace change and try to fix what was a rapidly disintegrating country are some examples of shadow Taurus traits. Taurus, depicted by the Bull, is solid, sturdy, and unmovable. Buchanan wanted to enjoy the beauty of the White House and play the diplomat. He did not want to face the grim reality facing his country.

However, two other Taurus Presidents were steadfast warriors who, when committed to a goal, saw it through to the end despite the odds.  A hero of the soon to explode Civil War, Ulysses S Grant (April 27, 1822),  came to the White House thanks to his war exploits. He knew that he had to take the idea of “total war” to the enemy and executed his plans with ruthless but remarkable Taurus stubbornness. He kept one goal in mind – victory – and no one could dissuade him from it.

Another Taurus President who followed his Taurus instincts for stubbornly pursuing a goal and never looking back was Harry S Truman (May 8, 1884). (What is it with these Taurus’ and the use of S as a middle name?) He had some horrific decisions to make when from the moment he became President, made them, and never looked back. That is Taurus in action!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross - Yes, Again!

Let me offer a little review of the concept of a grand cross since we are at the height of one right now. When four planets are 90 degrees apart in the sky, we have a Grand Cross. Basically, it is two oppositions and four squares. We are calling this a cardinal Grand Cross because the planets in question are in cardinal signs – they are the movers – the doers – the action signs. The planets in place now deal with very intimate changes – Aries – who we are; Libra – how we related to others; Cancer – our home and roots: and, Capricorn – work and duty

Right now - until April 24 the planets will be at their tightest – the Cross will be at it most distinct. A solar eclipse follows on April 29 in Taurus – the sign of stability and grounding.

I have railed before against astrologers who predicted the end of the world, our economy, and pretty much everything else during the Cross. No doubt, this is a challenging situation and but it does not have to be “doom.”  Change is always painful. I personally had a very painful emotional issue – come up just as the Cross activated – a family matter than came to a head. As painful as it was – it was also cathartic and finalized so many things for me that has allowed me to move upwards and onward.

We have seen the negative of the Cross – I firmly believe Malaysia 370 was the result of latent anger turned negative and destructive – someone with a hidden anger against some faction – and this is how they lashed out. There may be a big political shift in the ruling party in Malaysia coming out of this horror and I believe that is what the perpetrators wanted. Anger turned inward – the only change we can make is to lash out.

Since these planets are in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, anyone with “personal planets’ natal planets in those signs, will be more likely to feel the pull of this grand cross more. For me, I have Libra rising.

Again, I urge everyone not to stick on the concept of the “bad possibilities.” Remember instead the kind of change that can boost us further to make major internal changes that reflect outward --- positive changes. What old patterns do you need to stop and what helpful patterns do you need to reinforce in your life? Use it - don’t complain about it and don’t fear it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Gettysburg Address - Another Lincoln Mystic Cord

“The Address” a Ken Burns special on the Gettysburg Address will air tonight, April 15 on PBS. Why they are presenting this in April when the Lincoln delivered the address in mid-November is an answer only the television gods can answer. Regardless, it made me think about that wonderful piece of American literature the astrological happenings at the time of delivery.

How wild that Pluto was sitting right on President Lincoln’s South Node when he wrote and delivered the address! He had his South Node, or past life indicator in Taurus in the fifth house. I wrote a blog entry on Lincoln and his magnificent ability to write despite his lack of education. This came from past lives spent in Taurus, ruled by Venus, the creative goddess of love and beauty, in his house of creativity and self-expression.

On the day of the Gettysburg Address, Pluto which was in Taurus then, was sitting on his Node. It was screaming at him to leave some transformational, beautiful work to history. We have not had a more mystical President than Lincoln and he was heading his instincts to create this masterpiece.
It like he belongs to the ages. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Moon Saturn April 16

By now you know to look for the lunar eclipse on the night of April 14 - into the 15th, however, the "Moon Show" continues for the rest of the week.  On the night of April 16, the waning gibbous moon will be in conjunction with Saturn. Astrologically all I can say is Oye - hang onto your emotions. Saturn has a depressing effect on us and, of course, the Moon is the controller of the emotions. 

Toward the end of the week, Jupiter and Mars will be making a square  - yes, start signing that '60's song they aren't aligned but we need a sign a bit during this!  Oh but I failed to mention that Mars will be in retrograde until  May 20. So we have inverted aggression aligning with the planet of expansion a week before the Grand Cross comes to full power. In my case, someone who inflicted past hurts on me in the pass reared their ugly head and brought it all up again. Anger, aggression turned inward - and expanding forward. As I said Oye.

The chart below shows how that Grand Cross - Pluto, Jupiter Mars and Uranus are almost at a complete square to one another. 

Just being aware of these sky movements and looking at how these planets are instigating your chart will help get through the next few weeks. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Blood Moon - April 15!!

The pink or “blood” full Moon* will take place during the lunar eclipse (you have to have a full moon to have an eclipse) on April 15. There is no doubt this is a very active astrological time (see my blog entry on the Grand Cross.) If you are one inclined to be spooked, the fact that this full Moon will occur when it is entering the constellation of Scorpio, coupled with the Grand Cross can make you a wee bit nervous.  A blood Moon in Scorpio during the Grand Cross – lions and tigers and bears…

Fear not my stargazers. Think of the energy of an eclipse – bringing new energy. Combine that with the energy of Scorpio – the sign of personal change and transformation and you have all of that cardinal energy of the Grand Cross. Don’t bury your head in the sand in fear – use this time to make huge changes in your life. Come on!

In addition, if you are one who can contact the “other side” with some ease you will find that talent enhanced at this time.  Scorpio is all about contact with those who have gone on before us. Even if you do not think you have this talent – sit quietly and concentrate on those who are no longer here. You might be seeing signs or hearing their voices.

*A blood Moon often happens during a lunar eclipse because the eclipse action scatters a lot of colors but not the red.  That is a really shorthanded explanation but you get my drift. 

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