Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh No Not You Again! How You Can Find The Karma That Binds

Do you have a family member who just drives you around the bend…someone who pushes every button, who manipulates and uses you and your emotions? Yeah, well join the club. Maybe now is the time to try to figure out the deep, karmic reasons for this person being in your life this go around. It may not stop the person from being a pain but understanding where they are coming from goes a long way in keeping your headache away. Knowing where you are destined to travel with this person during this incarnation can also help mitigate any negative karmic influences for the future.

Some of the best tools an astrologer has are the synastry chart and the Davison combined chart. A synastry chart is a grid that matches one chart against the other. If your Venus is squared the other person’s Venus any romantic relationship is going to be bumpy. If your Venus is square their Uranus – well you may have a quick love that ends suddenly. If we see Mars and Saturn together especially in romantic relationships or child/parent combinations we have to warn about potential violence. By examining each planetary aspect we can get a pretty good picture how you and the other person will interact.

We can take this one step further with a Davison Relationship Chart. This combines both charts into a single chart. So we take your chart and Pain in the Neck Relative’s chart and make a new chart that combines the two. Then the real fun begins. By coming up with a new chart just for your relationship, we can read it like a birth chart and look into your past lives together. For instance, I put the chart of a rather heinous member of my family together with mine. The placement of Pluto in Leo in the 8th house shows that in our past lives we were involved in a power game. 8th house is power and Leo is the Lion who wants the center of attention. Our combined Pluto is in conjunction with Ceres – the mini planet that was the ancient symbol of Mother Nature – as well as Mars and Venus. All of these planets are in Virgo. This is a male-female power struggle over who can organize and structure (Virgo) issues surrounding goods and money.

Our current soul desire is to – what we should be getting out of this to evolve – is indicated by Pisces in the 2nd house (the opposite of past Pluto). This means that we should be teaching each other how to connect with self and accept who they are. Well, I know that through the pain of this relationship I took a huge step in learning who I am. I hope my family member has done the same but I am not sure. It was a torturous lesson but they taught it to me that is for sure!

Our South Node in Cancer in the 7th shows that we were linked in a very personal close relationship. Ironically, our combined South Node is conjunct both Uranus – the quick change artist and the rebel and Juno, the consort asteroid which indicates where our loyalty lies. The first image I see flash before me is two people married to each other who fought and separated and played tricks and fought and separated but never left each other. It was a horrible death struggle of constant battle and tricks. Sadly, that was symbolic of our current relationship. Although not married this time – we are linked as immediate family and until I walked away and said you can’t be part of my life if you can’t treat me as a human – this was the exact relationship we had.

With our combined North Node in Capricorn in the 1st we are both destined to learn how to embody ourselves. The first house is the house of personality and Capricorn is all about putting form and structure around something. I know that I have fulfilled this North Node command. Through the Hell this relationship put me through I had to say no more. I had to go inside and learn about myself and define myself and be true to that self. Again, did the other person learn this? Only they can know. I can only hope but from what I hear I doubt it.

Through this analysis I can look back and actually be thankful for this person. It was a horrible lesson but once learned it propelled me much further on my evolutionary track. I not only defined who I am more clearly (a first house issue), I realized I had more self worth than I had thought before (a second house issue.) Even if I lost every other member of my family I had to be true to myself and stop the attacks and secret tricks. I stopped the negative karmic identity we held as the two battling cats in a sack as indicated by our South Node, I learned the lessons and moved on in my life.

If we meet again in future lives I won’t fall back into that old South Node pattern – I stopped that karma. If this person comes to me with negative energy again I will have the subconscious memory of what I did in this lifetime and will be able to walk away. If they too have learned the lessons then hopefully we can come back together in a positive fashion and help either other in a much less painful way. Here is hoping!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rally for Sanity!

OK, you know I had to do this. Last week I talked about the electric religious fervor being wrought by the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. My last line mentioned perhaps something coming along to tamp down the zeal and low and behold here comes Jon Stewart with his Rally for Sanity scheduled in Washington on October 30. (And Colbert's March to Keep the Fear Alive - you gotta love them.) You know I ran to the computer to gin up a chart for this one right away!

Mars will be in retrograde in Sagittarius in the 11th house. The 11th is the house of group humanitarian activities. Sagittarius is the sign of searching for truth. This is a perfect setting for a large gathering of people tired of the yelling and name calling and the stupid signs who want to come together and show that America can indeed spawn normal people looking for a different way to express themselves. With Mars in retrograde the anger will be turned down. This is good.

The 10th house - the house of government - will be inundated with touchy-feely planets and asteroids on that day. We have Venus, the goddess of love, and Vesta, the asteroid that signifies where our burning heart’s desire - where we are dedicated to something - both in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury! All are in Scorpio. This may have started off as something that appeals to the Comedy Central college frat boys who are a big part of Stewart's audience. However, this is going to become something very different - very deep. Scorpio in Venus and Vesta - especially when conjunct - will not only feminize this but will bring a devotion, a dedication that is going to surprise both the organizers and the people who attend. Mercury in the mix will make sure the message gets out no matter how Fox and the Main Stream Media try subduing it. This is all happening in the 10th house, remember - this is going to make an impact. I hope it is held in time to get this people to the polls for the midterm elections.

Capricorn, which vibrates to the 10th house, will be on the ascendant during the time of the rally. It is conjunct Ceres, the Earth Mother mini-planet. This is a day for those who want to restore caring and concern to government.

I understand the Fox Noise Machine is already decrying this rally - and they have reason to be nervous. It will show their noisy minority is just that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces? How cool is that?

Yes kids, Jupiter and Uranus are now spinning around the universe in 29 and 28 degrees of Pisces respectively - hugging quite close to one another. What does it mean to have the broad, expansive seeker of truth (Jupiter) conjunct with Uranus, the quick change artist, in that nebulous sign of Pisces? Keep in mind - and this is something people often forget -- you will only feel the effects of transits if they trigger something in your birth chart. For instance, if you were born with Mars in Pisces, when it comes around to Pisces again you are going to feel it. Someone born with Mars in Aries isn't going to feel a Mars in Pisces transit. Uranus and Jupiter don't come back around to the signs in which we were born in our lifetimes (unless we live well into our 90s) so you will feel the impact of these two if they are in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus (the personal planets.)

For the most part, two outer planets making a strong conjunction throw more of an influence over society as a whole than to individuals.

Ok that over with; let's see what is cooking with Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter in Pisces is a time when mystical tendencies and religious fervor are at a peak. Uranus in Pisces heightens intuition and heightens spiritual awareness. Hmmm....none of that going on in the world right now!

Ok you want another twist? Of course you do. Both planets are in retrograde right now. That means they look as though they are going in reverse in the sky. Astrologically it indicates a time when those energies of that planet have to find a new way of expressing themselves. It is as though the normal channel is clogged and the energy has to make a new pathway.

I can't help but feel that the current Tea Party craziness and Fox media stars attempting to portray themselves as preachers bringing religion to American government are all a part of this sideways Jupiter/Uranus energy. Yeah I know I thought the religious right was gone for good too.

Threats of Koran burning, lies about "Ground Zero Mosques" - these are all expressions of this heightened energy too

Jupiter and Uranus will stay in this conjunction until late April 2011 so hang on kids. Let's just hope cooler heads can keep them hosed down before they do any real damage

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I recently finished reading The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey, by Candice Millard, a fascinating book detailing the ex-President’s harrowing trek through the wilds of South America. I dubbed the book “20 goofballs on a boat.” What would make anyone do something like that is beyond me- then again, I define “roughing it” as staying at a hotel where room service ends at midnight.

As I kid, I was fascinated by TR, as we seem to call him now. He was the first Scorpio President I had come across. (There were actually five Scorpio Presidents – the most of any sign, I might add. Well OK Scorp is tied with Aquarius .) In addition, his birthday on October 27 is one day away from mine on the 26th. I liked TR…then I started to read more about him.

There is much about the President that is admirable. Born a sickly, asthmatic child, he built his strength through sheer stamina and hard work. He also continued with a speech while President with a would-be assassin’s bullet lodged in his chest. His exploration and protection of the wild areas of America led to the National Park System and he wrecked havoc on big corporations that were bleeding workers in the early 20th Century.

However, his sheer love of war, his need to destroy opponents and his inability to compromise make him a hard role model.

At first look his chart stunned me a little. Pisces rising? Pisces rising? (Check my entry on Pisces on the first house to see why I was shocked at that.) Pisces rising is not one to run around charging into battle and yelling “bully” with decisiveness. To make things more interesting, he has the ruler of Pisces, Neptune in the first house – that is double dose of what should be a somewhat dreamy, rather confused – hard to fit into the world persona.

What is going on here?

The asthma, the sickly body – yup, that is Neptunian for sure. The dreams of preserving the wilderness, of charging up San Juan Hill and other great adventures, building the biggest Navy, starting a new political party – yes, that too is Neptunian. However, most Pisces rising can get stuck in their dreams. (I always say Walter Middy was a Pisces just like Scarlett O’Hara was the perfect Aries. Hmm, I see blog posts on fictional characters!)

What fueled his dreams? Look for your answer in the stellium on the top of his chart. A stellium is five or more bodies in conjunction with one another. He has Venus in conjunction with Ceres, Vesta, Juno and the Black Moon, Lilith, all in Sagittarius in his 9th and 10th house – the houses of international affairs and career and government. Hello! Ceres, mother earth, the care giver to the world, Vesta, the burning hearts desire, Juno, the sign of loyalty and devotion to a person or cause and Lilith the rule breaker all in the fire sign of Sagittarius, which itself vibrates to the 9th house. This is fire, this is energy, and this is go out in the world and do.

That stellium literally allowed him to put his dreams into actions.

Now, had he not been born into a wealthy family – had not had a father who told him to go out and heal his body and work to make it strong…could he just as easily have wound up sitting behind a desk dreaming of great exploits his whole life? You bet he could have! There is more the life than an astrological chart! It is the road map – if we have the ability or desire to follow it we do. If not, we go off the highway.

And then there is Mars in Capricorn. Mars, the god of war, is in the sign that rules 10th house – fueled by the Capricorn giving him a structure and way to channel his energy. This energy was particularly fueled by emotional hurts. Roosevelt lost his first wife and mother on the same day. His first reaction was typically water sign (Pisces rising, Scorpio Sun). He went away into the wilderness alone – expressing his grief by conquering the Nature that took away his loved ones. When he returned he would be ready to fire ahead on some great project.

In fact, he took this trip to South America after he lost the Presidency to Woodrow Wilson. This was part of the typical retreat and re-attack pattern. The trip would eventually lead to his early death so there wasn’t much attack left in him upon his return. Returning alive was the miraculous part.

He did live to see the death of a son in World War I. This would be horrible to any parent, of course, but to one who so championed war and adventure it was even worse. Roosevelt carried heavy guilt over that. In addition, several other sons were injured in the War. Take note of Saturn in his 5th house, the house of creativity and children. Where we see Saturn, we see a depression – a restriction in that area. Many Saturn 5th house people can’t have children. Those that do will often have problems with their off spring.

Roosevelt also was the father of fiery Alice Longworth Roosevelt of whom he said, "I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both. Enough said about Saturn in the 5th.

TR was a fascinating mix of introspective water and unbridled fire. That combined with some strong DNA and unlimited opportunities made for one remarkable character who for better or worse will live in the history books of America as long as it does.

If you aren't as organized as Teddy Roosevelt contact Julie Gray at Profound Impact

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