Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pluto and Juno Together With the Sun Right Now

This holiday week we have a funky conjunction in the sky. Pluto, the Sun and Juno are all in conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. I said funky, I should have said a confusing conjunction. Pluto and the Sun together brings and energy to changing ourselves; to "focus like a laser beam" on making ourselves into the person we always wanted to be. Capricorn is a sign that is all about doing things by the book. Develop a plan and follow it to the letter is what Capricorn is good at. So you can see this is a pretty good placement to have at the end of the year when we are working on resolutions and promising to be better in the New Year.

Juno thrown into the picture is a bit odd. Juno and the Sun together is intense loyalty toward a relationship. Juno was the consort goddess in mythology. In the best of worlds this is a good time to work on your relationship with another person together - what can WE do to change to make this relationship work together. Of course, this could disintegrate into well I am doing this what are YOU doing? However, let's be positive about this and see it as a time to work together to make things work better for both.

Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"End of the World" Chart

Oh come on you knew I was going to have to do it. Apparently the Mayans predicted the end of the world at 4:12 AM MST December 21, 2012. Please don't ask me how they knew about time zones...but I guess if you can predict the end of the world, time zones are a snap.

We don't have much time to quibble about such details now do we. Anyway, this is a pretty drab chart.  I mean you would think the end of the world would be loaded with 8th house planets - that house being the house of death, change and transformation and all. But the only thing there is Ceres the Earth Mother, nurturer. Not exactly the Grim Reaper is she.

Saturn is transiting the 12th house - the house where we connect to "god" - and Saturn is all about doing things by the book so perhaps the Mayans were trying to tell us it is a good time to be more serious about our spirituality. That isn't a bad idea in light of the madness of recent weeks.

Scorpio will be rising and that is the sign that vibrates to the 8th house so this is a good time to set some good spiritual practices in place. However, nothing else here tells me that we should all be spending our last dollar and dancing our last jig -- or procrastinating with Christmas shopping any longer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There Is Still Time to Give "The Most Personalized Gift Under the Sun"

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Astrological Basket

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Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hanukkah Chart

Hanukkah always falls on the same date in the Jewish calendar. It is when we mesh that calendar with the Western calendar that the days move around. This year it begins the way, next year it starts on November 27!

The Jewish calendar is lunar so let's take a look at the Moon tonight. The chart above is calculated for sundown, which is 4:28 PM EST today, December 8. Fittingly, the Moon is in Libra, in the 5th house. Since this is a holiday of gifts, fun and celebration, Libra - the sign of friendship and sharing with the other person is a good sign for the Moon to be in. The 5th house is the house where we express our creativity - where we have fun and are kids so be a kid tonight on Hanukkah!

Just beware of gossipy family members! The ascendant is in Gemini - the sign of communications - and it's ruler, Mercury is in Scorpio - the sign that loves to ferret out secrets. Because Mercury is in the 6th house - the house of work and health - be careful not to tell that snoopy old aunt you hate your job or your feet hurt if you don't want it spread around the family like wild fire. Jupiter and Vesta in retrograde on the ascendant will make people want to share a bit too much.

With Juno, the asteroid of loyalty in the 7th house, the house of intimate relationships - be sure to have lots of people who REALLY mean something to you over this year. Show and tell them how much you really love them.

And Happy Holidays all!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's going on with Giza and the planets tomorrow?

Earthly Color - Arlene Weinstock
courtesy of
The past few years we have had some interesting planetary shifts - Neptune into Pisces, Pluto into Capricorn, etc. Tomorrow night is another unique planetary alignment - one that allegedly happens only once every 2700 years. On the evening of December 3  - tomorrow night - local time, over the pyramids of Giza, Venus, Saturn and Mars will align directly over each pyramid of Giza. 

Frankly, I have a hard time believing like some folks that the pyramids were built just for this once every two thousand year occurrence. I have no doubt these ancient structures like many in other parts of the world were built to track the planets but I don't place any special emphasis on this. 

It is interesting however to know that this is happening. Closer to home, however, These three planets are all in Scorpio and on the East Coast are in the 5th and 6th houses - the houses of creativity and health. This would be a perfect time to use the expressiveness of Mercury, the artistic talent of Venus and the tenacity of Saturn to go inwards (a Scorpio thing) and find how you can work on these areas. I mean pyramids are cool but I like working on things I can relate to a bit more!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lunar Eclipse Coming - Rebels Unite :)

At 9;44 AM Eastern time on November 28th there will be a full lunar eclipse. The Moon will be in Gemini, the Sun, of course, moved into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving. That is a lot of mutable energy. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Signs are either cardinal which is leadership energy, fixed which is stable and unmovable energy and mutable which is an adjustable -get along - kind of energy.

Sadly, lunar eclipses have traditionally been associated with "dark energy" - gee could it be because the Moon is a feminine energy? Solar eclipses are "male" - creating action and change. Today we look at lunar eclipses as a time for inner change - a time to go inside and explore instead of exerting outward energy.

Don't expect big revelations with this eclipse because of the mutability, however, it s a perfect time to do some evaluating of issues on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, such as how you use your words, how you educate yourself and more importantly how you find and speak your truth.

The Moon will be in conjunction to the asteroid Lilith, the black moon, which is the ultimate rebellious woman and Jupiter, the expansive, truth seeking planet. Although Jupiter is still in retrograde* use this time to find your inner rebel and ways to express her.

Remember the saying goes, well behaved women rarely make history ---- or come into their own!

*Jupiter is the last of the big, slower, outer planets that will be shifting signs and will do so in 2013. Look forward to some interesting Jupiter energy which I will discussing in the future.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Chart

So many people say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday yet we squish it more and more between the two more commercial events - Halloween and Christmas. Make your Thanksgiving special by really enjoying it and not using it as a just a jumping off point for the fat man in the red suit.

This year the Sun will move into Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day - so we will be moving from the inward energy of Scorpio to the expansive energy of Sagittarius - a good thing for a day of family and friend celebration.

Now here is the little secret that is so exciting. Neptune has just moved into the sign that it rules, Pisces. This is the start of a very spiritual time and the more attuned you are to the spirit side of life the more you will feel it. Pisces vibrates to the 12th house - the house that is literally our connection to the universe. This I think more than anything else caused the outpouring of people to the voting booths during this past election. It was a matter of we are tired of the remaining evangelical shadow from when Pluto was in Sagittarius - we are now more open to the idea of we are all the children of God.

Of course there is a shadow to everything and Pisces in Neptune can lead to more escapism  - more of the birth of "other realities. However, think of the beautiful part of Pisces and Neptune and be grateful on Thanksgiving for any connection you may have to the universe.

OH and Mercury will be in retrograde so be prepared to stuff a roll in the mouth of that annoying relative who won't shut up -- and keep thinking of Neptune!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OK Pluto Keep Your Shirt ON!


Hey guys I know that Pluto in Capricorn exposes the secrets of authority figures and topples the old structure of doing things but this is getting a bit much no?

This whole scandal has got a huge ewww factor and frankly I wish Pluto had kept this under wraps. I never did care much to learn the sex habits of leaders whether it was Clinton or Patraeus.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Is Barack the Reincarnation of Lincoln

I saw this picture on Facebook the other day and it really struck me and reminded me of my long held theory that President Obama is the reincarnation of President Lincoln.

I wrote this in 2008 - and then updated when we got Pres. Obama's exact birth time. In honor of the re-election and that picture I am reprinting it.

What do you think?

Is Barack the Reincarnation of Lincoln

Unfinished Business

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is in danger of facing her political Armageddon in Texas and Ohio on March 4. If Buckeye and Lone Star voters send her on a long journey back to New York empty handed instead of back to the White House, she can take heart that she did not lose to just a self-styled “skinny kid with a funny name.” If she loses, her defeat will come at the hands of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. Well, sort of.

Soulsign Astrology* has at its core the knowledge that the soul is eternal and that we incarnate in this schoolhouse of Earth to learn lessons that, if conquered, will propel us on an upward karmic path toward, to use the Buddhist terminology, Enlightenment. We come back to fulfill the soul’s desire to grow and to increase experiences in the physical realm. Therefore, while the person dies, the body dies, the soul reincarnates into another human existence. Each individual life happens just once and each incarnation is different. Therefore, while it is not Abraham Lincoln running for President in 2008, Senator Barack Obama (D. IL) is very likely the reincarnation of our 16th President. A different man, a different life but the same soul. (Note: When I wrote this in Feb of 2008, he was Senator Obama; from now on I will refer to him with his current title, President Barack Obama.)

When President Obama launched his presidential bid on a freezing February morning at the Old State Capitol Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln delivered the famous “house divided against itself speech” was he just employing brilliant political stagecraft or was he subconsciously harking back to his own “mystic cords of memory?” It was a bit of both.

On the surface, it would make more sense for a man who reached the pinnacle of American politics to incarnate into a different set of circumstances. If the soul is to learn and progress it would seem that it would say, in essence, been there done that, now what is next? However, there are reasons why one could come back to the same country and in the same profession as before.

Some souls can get stuck. Human emotion, anger, revenge, karmic retaliation toward others weighs on them so that the soul does not move on. Free will once in the physical realm can keep a person on a gerbil wheel of repeating the same life scenarios with the same people. Human weakness often trumps the soul’s desire for growth.

Others have unfinished business on Earth due to circumstances beyond their control. For instance, if an assassin’s bullet destroys a man at the moment his beloved country is on the precipice of peace and unity after years of bloody darkness and his death kills the possibility of a peaceful Reconstruction and leads to a century of Jim Crowe, lynching’s and poll taxes. Instead of being stuck, this person might reincarnate again with the same oratorical passion and political brilliance, not to mention fierce ambition, he had when he was here before to finish the job. How better to be a vehicle for unity, then as a multiracial, multi-cultural man? What better time to come back to power then when the country is involved in another hateful war and is in desperate need of solidarity and hope after years at the hands of hate and fear mongers? What better karmic reward for the man who saved the Union then to come back to restore it to pass luster? What better karmic justice for the President credited for freeing American slaves, then to be the first African American President?

It is of interest that both Lincoln and Barack Obama came to national awareness from a political base in Illinois. (Although Obama achieved something Lincoln never could, that is, win a seat in the United States Senate. Lincoln tried for the Senate and was defeated twice. He came to the White House after serving just one term in the U.S. House of Representatives to a chorus of his opponents foretelling the dire consequences of having a novice at the helm at such a dangerous time.) The fact that one transformational speech propelled each to prominence, Obama at the 2004 Democratic Convention, Lincoln at the 1860 Young Men’s Republican Union at Cooper Union Hall is also informative. However, Soulsign Astrology relies on more than just “coincidences” between two figures. Without strong correlations between their charts, without a soul connection, we have nothing more than a list of interesting factoids. #. The proof must be in the stars and their birth charts.

Abraham Lincoln was born on a stormy Sunday morning, February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. While some charts show a birth time at 7:00 AM, which would place his chart in somewhat of an alignment with Barrack’s, others record the birth at 2:00 AM, a much more direct alignment. We have to remember that recording the time of birth of the child of a poor farmer delivered in log cabin on a bed of cornhusks on the American frontier was not a high priority. Often late night-early morning births were recorded only when a midwife or preacher could arrive the next day. It is doubtful Lincoln knew the correct time of his birth. His beloved mother died when he was a boy and his relationship with his father so distant that he failed to attend the elder Lincoln’s funeral.

The 7:00 AM time comes from one source, a woman named Peggy Walters described as an old midwife, a distant aunt, a 20-year-old neighbor or the daughter of the actual midwife Mary Brooks Enlow. At some point in her life, presumably when Mr. Lincoln came to prominence, she said that he was born “sometime around sun-up.” It is a fair assumption that she probably was 20 years old when he was born, was asked the question some 51 years later when Lincoln became President and was relying on an old woman’s memory for the answer. Whether she was at the actual birth has never been proved and for all we know her mother, the real midwife, returned to her house hours after the child’s birth and that is what she remembered a half century later. This is hardly a reliable source.

The 2:00 AM birth time also makes for a chart that mirrors Lincoln’s personality. It places Neptune the ruler of Pisces in the 1st house, the rising house. The rising house, the ascendant, signifies our outward personality. The Sun sign, so important to armchair astrologers today, is an illustrator of a person’s life force, their internal energy. However, the ancient Sumerians, the inventors of Astrology, did not give it special emphasis. The Sun’s light actually interfered with their ability to see the other stars and planets and they really did not pay much attention to it. A person’s rising sign was of more interest. Pisces is the sign of the martyr, the greatest payer of karmic debt. Pisces also deals with dreams and the spiritual world, cosmic awareness – the etheric. Abraham Lincoln, the first martyred President, was famous for his prescient dreams, even the one that foretold his own death.

This chart also places his Saturn in the 12th house (the house of karma and the cosmic consciousness, ruled by Pisces) on the cusp of his rising house, a common location for someone prone to depression or “melancholia” as it was termed at the time. A Saturn 12th house person would also carry a “mystical presence” about him and seemingly be able to tap into cosmic realms unavailable to mere mortals.

In addition, the 2: 00 AM birth time activates his third house, the house of thought and communication by placing his Sun and Mercury there, two markers of someone with the gift of speech. How else could a man educated in a one-room frontier, “blab school” write words that bring goose pimples to the soul as does the “Gettysburg Address” or his second Inaugural address to name just a few?

The 7:00 AM birth time leaves his third house empty – a very unlikely scenario of a man who built and saved his political career on his oratorical abilities and whose speeches will ring through history as long as there is an America. It also places his Saturn in the 9th house, which would have him more drawn to the position of Secretary of State or foreign ambassador than a man who never traveled beyond the confines of North America.

Sadly, the 2;00 AM chart places Lincoln’s Mars (warrior energy) in the 8th house – the house of death and rebirth – in a conjunction with Uranus, a strong designator for a fast, unexpected and violent death. His Mars in Libra – the sign most associated with other people, foretells a violent death at the hands of another.

Today, April 27, 2011, thanks to the lunatic birthers we now know the President's birth time! See, I knew they had to have SOME value somehow! President Obama was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 PM. And yes Hawaii was and is a STATE.

When I found out his correct time - not the time many astrologers had presumed, I wondered if my theory still held. Is Barack Obama the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln? And the answer - yup, I am still pretty darned sure he is.

The fastest way to examine a past life is to look at the Nodes. A Node is where a planetary body intersects with the ecliptic, the plane in space formed by the orbits around the Sun. In Soulsign, we reference the Nodes of the Moon as it travels on the ecliptic around Earth. The South Node shows us what type of life from which a person comes. Pluto reveals the soul’s desired incarnation, the South Node tells us how and if the person manifested the desire when in the physical form. The North Node indicates where a person should be going in order to fulfill the current soul’s desire.

President Obama’s South Node would need to correlate to Lincoln’s life force with either his Sun or rising sign energy. It does not disappoint. His South Node is in Aquarius in the first house. Abraham Lincoln born on Feb 12 had his Sun in Aquarius. Therefore, his South Node – Barack’s immediate past life force was in Aquarius – correlating exactly to Lincoln’s Sun energy. He was in his immediate past life a person who was born under the Sun sign of Aquarius. That is two direct connections to Abraham Lincoln. Adding an extra connection is it’s placement in the first house. The first house is what has the most influence on our personality- it shows how we project in the world. Someone with a strong first house is someone with a very unique personality. Well he has been dead for over 150 years and everyone still knows who Lincoln was. I would say that is pretty unique!

Can we reverse the process and look at Lincoln’s North Node to find another correlation with President Obama? We can and it too works. Lincoln’s North Node is in Scorpio, and on President Obama's chart Scorpio "opens" the 10th house - the house of government and authority figures. Lincoln’s soul was progressing toward a Scorpio experience. Lincoln’s North Node was in the 11th house – the house dealing with cultivating unique and revolutionary group activities in the social and political arenas. It is safe to say that his soul using the Obama existence is getting to know what is like to move people in a revolutionary group force to change government. He held the Union together now he wants to continue by bringing much needed change to the way it operates. (When I wrote this in 2008 we still had more hope. Now in 2011, we realize the lunatic fringe just won't go away and the battle will be hard, hard fought.)

Just as President Lincoln had a very strong 3rd house – the house of mental ability and communication, President Obama has a powerful conjunction of Vesta, Ceres and the Moon there. This is a placement that signifies the ability to dedicate the self to nurturing people through his ability to emotionally express himself.

These factors when added to the similarities and coincidences joining each man’s life, including the early loss of a Mother and distance from a father, spell out a soul connection. President Obama has Saturn in the 12th house as did Lincoln but its more serious aspects are mitigated by being in conjunction with expansive optimistic Jupiter. He also shares Mars in the 8th with Lincoln, which doesn’t make me happy. However, it is in a less volatile sign of Virgo and there is no negative interception with Uranus.

It is amusing to see that this time around Obama got a Harvard education. It was one of Abraham Lincoln’s great shames that he had a backwoods education so much, so that he forced his eldest son Robert, to go to Harvard and Harvard Law School, although he did not finish the latter. One of the many battles Robert had with his parents was over there constant pressure to get the education not available to them. Barack made it to Harvard Law School and became the first African American President of the “Harvard Law Review.”

Their North and South nodes correlate perfectly. Barack Obama has the karmic benefit of the education Lincoln craved and an even stronger communication house in an incarnation at the time of mass and instant media. He also thankfully has Venus, the archetype of the ancient goddess of love and beauty in the5th house in Moon Child a much less ominous placement than Lincoln’s warrior god of Mars. It is no wonder Barack Obama dreamed of being President when he was in kindergarten. He was cannot wait to get back to work.

#Yes, yes I know John Kennedy is supposed to be the reincarnation of Lincoln according to pop astrology and people who like making lists of “coincidences” between the two. Sadly for those enamored with this theory there is just no real karmic astrological links in the charts of the two men. Also, for all of those people circulating the lists of coincidences on the internet please note that Lincoln never had a secretary named Kennedy and was not shot in a theater named Kennedy. Lincoln served one complete term and part of his second, Kennedy never made it through his first term. Southerners did not shoot both men, although Booth was a Southern sympathizer, he was born in Maryland – a Northern state. In addition, the assassins were not born exactly 100 years apart – that is another continually perpetrated myth in these threads.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am still amazed at this election.

Now that I am somewhat caught up on my sleep I am even more amazed how much we owe Pluto. You can see in my last pre-election post how nervous I was about Mercury going retrograde on Election Day. I knew we wouldn't have an exact repeat of 2000 but I knew suppression of voters would screw up the election.

Now look at Florida - again!  Had Pluto in Capricorn not brought out the women, the African Americans, the Latinos furious at these creepy old white men trying to stop the vote and turn back the clock we would all be sitting here AGAIN waiting for Florida not because of "hanging chads" but because they loaded up the ballot with so much crap and cut the number of voting booths.

It gives me the chills... and again I say - thanks Pluto!

A Final Word on Retrograded Mercury on Election Day

OK yes, Mercury is going to go retrograde (it will appear to go backwards in the sky) around 6 P Eastern on election night. AND the last time Mercury went retrograde - in fact the only time it went retrograde on a US election day was in 2000. (The one other time it was already in retrograde was in 1960.)

We all have nightmares of a repeat of 2000 but really circumstances don't repeat exactly.In addition, this year  Mercury will be in "mutual reception" with Jupiter. That means that Jupiter is in Mercury's ruler Gemini and Mercury is Sagittarius, Jupiter's ruler.

What all this means to me is that we are going to have to watch things very carefully when the votes are being counted. Mercury retrograde is very good a screwing up computers and telephones and all things that carry information electronically. With the Jupiter influence things will be in inflated and bigger.

Jupiter is also the sign of religious zealotry so I would watch for the hard religious right to be up to some tricks

Note to all Democratic poll workers - if something looks odd trust your gut and investigate!

I personally feel the only way Romney can "win" is to steal this but hey, it isn't like it hasn't happened before. He has a lot of zealots on his side.

The good news is that his Mercury is more debilitated than the President's. Also, I am counting on Pluto which is in Capricorn and has been doing it's work shaking up authority figures who are hiding secrets (Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong etc.) I am counting on Pluto to bring any organized vote stealing to public view.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ah Pluto, I Love Ya

I am copying my last pre-election blog below. We were all on our toes yesterday and despite many attempts to suppress the vote - including keeping people on line for 8 hours in some places, machines that were flipping the votes, last minute law suits that to be filed to keep the polls open and intimidators sent to the polls, we didn't let them use Mercury retro to take the victory away from the President. And yes, Mitt's Mercury was more debilitated then his.

However,as I said there was not going to be any repeat of 2000 - things don't work the same way every time.

My  biggest thanks is to my favorite planet Pluto - Pluto in Capricorn is doing its work - shaking up the authority structures of old. I was counting on you Pluto and you came through!

Now it is time to sleep! :) More later.

A Final Word on Retrograded Mercury on Election Day

OK yes, Mercury is going to go retrograde (it will appear to go backwards in the sky) around 6 P Eastern on election night. AND the last time Mercury went retrograde - in fact the only time it went retrograde on a US election day was in 2000. (The one other time it was already in retrograde was in 1960.)

We all have nightmares of a repeat of 2000 but really circumstances don't repeat exactly.In addition, this year  Mercury will be in "mutual reception" with Jupiter. That means that Jupiter is in Mercury's ruler Gemini and Mercury is Sagittarius, Jupiter's ruler.

What all this means to me is that we are going to have to watch things very carefully when the votes are being counted. Mercury retrograde is very good a screwing up computers and telephones and all things that carry information electronically. With the Jupiter influence things will be in inflated and bigger.

Jupiter is also the sign of religious zealotry so I would watch for the hard religious right to be up to some tricks

Note to all Democratic poll workers - if something looks odd trust your gut and investigate!

I personally feel the only way Romney can "win" is to steal this but hey, it isn't like it hasn't happened before. He has a lot of zealots on his side.

The good news is that his Mercury is more debilitated than the President's. Also, I am counting on Pluto which is in Capricorn and has been doing it's work shaking up authority figures who are hiding secrets (Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong etc.) I am counting on Pluto to bring any organized vote stealing to public view.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Final Word on Retrograded Mercury on Election Day

OK yes, Mercury is going to go retrograde (it will appear to go backwards in the sky) around 6 P Eastern on election night. AND the last time Mercury went retrograde - in fact the only time it went retrograde on a US election day was in 2000. (The one other time it was already in retrograde was in 1960.)

We all have nightmares of a repeat of 2000 but really circumstances don't repeat exactly.In addition, this year  Mercury will be in "mutual reception" with Jupiter. That means that Jupiter is in Mercury's ruler Gemini and Mercury is Sagittarius, Jupiter's ruler.

What all this means to me is that we are going to have to watch things very carefully when the votes are being counted. Mercury retrograde is very good a screwing up computers and telephones and all things that carry information electronically. With the Jupiter influence things will be in inflated and bigger.

Jupiter is also the sign of religious zealotry so I would watch for the hard religious right to be up to some tricks

Note to all Democratic poll workers - if something looks odd trust your gut and investigate!

I personally feel the only way Romney can "win" is to steal this but hey, it isn't like it hasn't happened before. He has a lot of zealots on his side.

The good news is that his Mercury is more debilitated than the President's. Also, I am counting on Pluto which is in Capricorn and has been doing it's work shaking up authority figures who are hiding secrets (Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong etc.) I am counting on Pluto to bring any organized vote stealing to public view.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is NOT the Election Day Mercury Retrograde

OK I have been getting questions this weekend about Sandy being the result of Mercury going retrograde on Election Day. In a word, nope. First, Mercury isn't "stormy". Storms from the sea are a Neptune thing - remember his name was Poseidon under the Greeks? Right now Neptune has just slide into Pisces, the sign it rules, and is retrograded, so there is a lot of funky negative power churning there. 

Also, Mercury is so small and fast moving that, unlike the bigger guys, his energy is not felt early so it is not the rumblings of him soon to turn retrograde. Whatever happens on Election Day because of Mercury retrograde will be felt only then. I think the retrograde will show with voter suppression tactics and people "playing" with polling booths. My hope is that Pluto in Capricorn will reveal these tactics as it has been with the nonsense going on in Florida and the courts overturning the attempts to keep people from the polls in Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

FYI, Neptune is transiting President Obama's 1st house so it will affect his ability to express himself (although he can overcome that with a kick ass emergency work.) From Romney it is in his 10th house the house of government and of course I hope it will put a damper (sorry for the pun, sort of) on his career desires.

To that, please take a look at Mitt's belief on the role of Federal emergency response!

After all, Mercury IS the communicator!

Stay safe all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mars and Juno and Deodorant

Acacia Blossom
Courtesy of
The ONE thing that tripped me up in this series of Presidential debates was my thought that the warrior god Mars conjunction to the loyalty goddess Juno would make Mitt Romney come out like big pappa protector at the last debate on foreign affairs. I didn't know then that internal polling was showing that macho act of his was turning off women and they made him tone in way down. (I think all that Mars energy was the cause of this "flop sweat" - it had to come out somehow.)  Instead what happened is that Romney became loyal to something else - well actually someone else - and that was President Obama. All night long he told us how he agreed with everything the President has done.

We don't always have to listen to our stars. I often tell people this is a good time to do something and they say later, I should have listened to you. That is called free will.

Just be sure of one thing if you fail to follow the energy of the universe -- invest in a good antiperspirant.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt - Big Daddy - 3rd Debate

Which Mitt will show up tonight? I believe it will be I am father protector -provider Mitt. Don't worry little women, this President may have pulled us out of two wars and killed Bin Laden but I Super Mitt will protect you!  He has that Mars/Juno conjunction that is going around in his 7th house, the house of personal relationships. He is going to do his darnedest to use that and his transiting Saturn/Sun conjunction in Scorpio in his 6th to be big Daddy protector.

With the Saturn/Sun deal in Scorpio and his Uranus still retrograded in 10 the lies and sneakiness will come fast and furious. You think he had Romnesia before? The President is going to have to be on his toes and he alert every second to keep catching him in the malarkey or his plan will work.

He has a lot of things hidden - he is going to try a surprise tactic on the President.

The other thing I would also tell the President is to jab him - get under his skin and irritate that transiting Moon in Aquarius. Mitt can go too far tonight - be too mean, too snarky, too full of it. Push push him - let him take the extra step - let him slip and let wacky Aquarius make him say what he didn't want to. That is my biggest hope for the night.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Final Debate - Thank Goddess....

courtesy of

Here it is --- the final debate... between oh you know who, Oct 22, 2012, 9p in Boca Raton.

OK let me get this out front, the President has an odd conjunction on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses, the house of personal power and transformation and international affairs. He has transiting Saturn and transiting Sun straddling that cusp in Scorpio. These two together gives him a self-discipline BUT it can also limit self-expression. He has got to practice, practice, practice. Perhaps by blowing off debate practice for the first one will make him more dedicated this time but he can NOT wing it. He has to be as well prepared or more so than he was for debate two or Romney will get away with fabrications again. 

The good news is that the transiting Sun and progressed Pluto are also conjunct in the 8th giving him incredible drive and energy. This is like an either or situation - gangbusters or tongue-tied there will be no in between.

With Mars and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio in the 9th house his charisma will be at its peak. He is also going to be looking to dig up the information (Scorpio) that will lead to another "gotcha" moment. He knows more about foreign affairs than Romney and he is going to find ways to prove it. This isn't going to be a war of raw emotions and as a war of information, knowledge and statesman ship, "I know this, I can do it, you are an amateur so get out of the way." 

I love the Mars, Mercury, Venus conjunction on the 7th - 8th house cusp - this is a signature for strong, communications in a way that people can understand. Being, in Virgo, the "worker-bee" again shows we are not looking for prose but for nitty gritty details.  He wants to kill with knowledge. 

Permit me to get a bit "Oookey spooky" here. I preface this by saying my theory is based on nothing but my gut instinct - you aren't going to read this theory in any text book and I have no idea if this is at all valid but what the heck..  In his first house the President has the Part of Fortune (karmic reward) conjuncting his Midheaven (career indicator) and his natal South Node, where he is coming from previous life-wise. If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I believe the President is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Will we see something that makes us say that was Lincolnesque or what he just said comes from a different place? When he is talking about war and sacrifice and honoring the war dead will we see some indication that he feels this on a deeper level - like the level or a man who saw bloodshed in his country at an unprecedented level?  I don't know - again this is just a "Joan theory" but I am going to be watching to find out.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mitt Debate 2

Remember I mentioned that President Obama has that Mars Juno conjunct in the 10th house? Well for Mitt Romney it is in the 7th house and conjuncting his progressed Neptune. He is going to do a better job at connecting with individuals then expected at this debate. His Moon is also conjuncting Mercury so he is going to be "feeling your pain" all over the place.

I only hope that people will see the "Malarky" behind it - (Neptune.) Mars and Neptune together can help someone spin a rather mystical yarn but it can also make a person so full of cow pies that they are called out on it. The time is ripe for him to make a really dumb comment...oh please do it - please. Darn that Saturn Sun conjunction - that just might be enough to keep him from going too far.

This is the key to the debate, however - how quickly will Romney be called on his lies and lie he will continue to do. That transiting retrograded Neptune is in his 10th house - the house of career and government is what has been fueling his propensity to lie. We need to hear a lot of "Now wait that is not what you said last month" - from President Obama to call him on his crap.  Romney also has Jupiter conjunct his ascendant in his first house. This is the typical sign of "illusions of grandeur." 

The President needs to counter every lie with a fact one right after another for him to totally prevail in this debate. 

President - Second Debate - Fire This Time

Take heart depressed Democrats President Obama has Mars and Juno conjunct in his 10th house and they are in a fire sign. What? That doesn't excite you? How about Sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th? OK OK. The good news about the President's chart is that with Mars and Juno in the 10th, he is going to be focused on his career and his need to protect it! Unlike last time when he looked like he was on Nyquil, the President is going to be blazing. The Sun and Pluto in the house of transformation and personal power gives him a fighting edge as well.

He will continue to have to deal with that retrograded Neptune in the 1st house - but I am counting and praying on his fierce competitiveness and desire not to lose to a boob like Romney to overcome that disconnectedness that Neptune can cause.

He also has a Moon, Mars, Mercury conjunction in the 9th that will keep his flame ignited.

Don't expect a Joe Biden-esque performance, first that isn't the President's style and also the GOP can't wait to call him the "angry black man" to fire up their base. However, you will see some smiles and then a "But wait a minute", or "You say that now but...."

Monday, October 8, 2012

VP Debate - Joe Biden

You've got to be some kind of ogre not to love Joe Biden. I mean he has to be the most lovable Vice President we have ever had. He is also now considered quite the sex symbol among women of a certain age. 

Part of Joe's appeal is because he is well - Joe, just goofy, sweet Joe. Of course, the downside is that he sometimes falls over his tongue when he is being "cute" and comes out with some hum-dingers. That might happen at the Vice Presidential debate as he does have the retrograded Neptune sitting in his third house, the house of communication. 

However, that is about the only tricky item he has in his chart on debate night. He will be very loyal to President and play the role of healer after the President's less than stellar performance last week. The Vice President has transiting Juno and Mars in conjunction in his first house and they are conjuncting his progressed Neptune. You are going to see much of the same passion you saw in his Convention speech. Juno and Neptune are slow movers so they have been there awhile. Mars adds some fight to his words. Mars is pretty dominant in both men's charts that day so I do expect a fair amount of fireworks.

I expect Biden to take on the persona of the passionate diplomat. He has transiting Venus and Moon in the 9th house, the house of international affairs. They are both in Virgo so he should have his facts in order and be able to respond to anything Ryan may try to toss out. Also his progressed Moon is in the 8th house, the house of power. As long as he keeps that passion tamed so he doesn't blurt out anything goofy we should be OK.

I was teasing about his sex symbol status but he will appeal to women a lot during this debate. He has Jupiter, Ceres, Vesta and the Black Moon Lilith all in the 7th house, the house of personal interactions. He should use their energy to remind people about his and the tickets strong support of women's freedom and safety. Word to the Obama Team - let Joe address the women. Let him contrast the GOP's war on women with the Democrat's support of women... PLEASE. The time is perfect for him to do that.

That Mercury Saturn conjunction in the 11th house is also a good thing. He can try to emulate Bill Clinton's speech at the Convention where he will lay out point by point why his team is better. With the Virgo influence in the 9th and this it should - I say should - hold him in check so that he can make his detailed points. 

This is going to be a verbal battle - nothing polite about this evening!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

VP Debate - Paul Ryan

My liberal heart hates to say this but Paul Ryan does not have a bad chart for the upcoming Vice Presidential debate IF he doesn't get too snarky and hateful. He has Moon and Venus in Virgo in the 10th house - the house of career and social status so be prepared for wonkiness. With Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house he is going to have a lot of energy behind his words and he will be trying to ferret out secrets and information from Joe Biden. 

His intuition is going to be high and he will make some good gut decisions. He is going to try as hard as he can to appear smart, unique and inspiriting.

He has both transiting and progressed Mars in fire signs, one in the first and one in the 6th house, the houses of personality projection and work respectively, so there will be fire works. He will be powerful, aggressive and go into details, details, details. 

The risk he runs is of being too angry, too aggressive - too off putting. Although his transiting Ascendant is in Taurus in the 7th a very good place for connecting with people. But if Biden can get under his skin (without making a gaffe) he just might show Ryan to be too smug, too much the kid you want to smack around.

That he will recreate a new persona - with retro Uranus in the 4th and be a bit of a -- shall we say obfuscator of the truth.... will be evident because of his Saturn and Sun tucked away in the 12th. Like Romney at the first debate the real Ryan won't show up.

Be careful Democrats, unless he gets too pushy, too snotty Ryan will be a force to be dealt with.

First Presidential Debate Recap

My blogs written in the past two weeks said the stars were ripe for Obama to fall into two bad patterns, one being too professorial and the other looking like he didn’t want to be there. Why or why don’t they listen to me? J Also I said Romney might appear in a different way and would lie through his teeth. ( I will let you judge that last one.)  Those stars – those stars.

 I am looking ahead to the VP debates which are going to be a lot more energetic – in fact these guys should go at it. VP Biden does have a retrograded planet in his house of communication … ah one thing Joe doesn’t need is a debilitated planet in the house of speech!!! ACK.


Monday, October 1, 2012

The Presidential Debate - President Obama - Zing

Before I look at the President's chart for the debate, I heard today that Romney is going to use "zingers" against the President. All I can say from the bottom of my liberal heart is please do...oh please do. Does he really think he should stand there and zing the President of United States? Has he forgotten how well it went over when Senator McCain called then Senator Obama, "that one" in a debate? Zingers will make the hard right fringe, those people who think President Obama is a flame throwing, Muslim, Kenyan, socialist, but the saner 80 percent of the country will find it insulting. So zing away Mitty!

Now onto the chart. The President will Venus on the cusp of the 10th house, the house of career and social status during the debate. Venus in Scorpio is going to give a depth and beauty to his words BUT he needs to be careful he isn't too in-depth. The President has an issue with being too professorial in debates and this could happen again. With Saturn and Mercury in his 9th house, the house that rules higher education  - the tendency for Professor Obama to show up is great.

Uranus is still in retrograde and is transiting the Presidents first house so he might be a bit jumpy, a bit ready to get this over with and he needs to watch another "you are good enough Hilary" moment. He is anxious to get moving but he has to watch this doesn't trip this up.

If he takes a breath and keeps his answers quick and sharp he will be OK.

PS I still don't like his Sun conjuncting Uranus in the 8th house. This could be a dangerous time for him and I pray daily it goes away fast!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The First Presidential Debate - Mitt

The first presidential debate will soon be upon us. It will be held October 3, 2012 in Denver Colorado at 7:00 PM local time.

Mitt Romney is still facing a few chart hurdles that have been around for a while. His Neptune is still retrograded in the 10th house, the house of career and government. Neptune will go direct right after Election Day, November 10. Retro, Neptune causes all kinds of confusion and illusion, even more than it normally does. There are no boundaries, no limits - no sense of reality. When it is in your 10th house, you actually believe you can do the things you say you can at work. Mitt is believing the stuff he is saying....really! It is too bad for him few others do. So expect a few more whoopers coming from him debate night.

I think the chance of him downright lying during debate night is increased because Jupiter has just crossed into his 3rd house, the house of communication. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. In the third house it can make for a golden tongue or a big liar. I am going against the golden tongue option here because Mitt also has natal Saturn in his 3rd. Saturn is all about restriction - the exact opposite of expansive Jupiter. He will never be a silver tongued orator. With progressed ascendant conjuncting Saturn now in his chart, I can't imagine him becoming sparkling and bubbly in speech.

By the way, poor Mitt can't help switching his ideas and words at every turn. Look at his natal first house. He has Uranus in the 1st in Gemini. Uranus is the quick change artist, the quirky, changeable planet. He could try to come  with a new improved Mitt. Gemini is the communicator - how can he keep his stories straight? But with his Sun conjunction Saturn in his 5th - the house of creativity and play - he is still going to be old Mitt in a new jacket.

Next time - President Obama on debate night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For Mitt - It is Those Dang Retrogrades

Poor Mitt - he can't seem to keep his foot from staying permanently adhered to his tongue and lips. Blame it on Saturn. Well, actually it is Saturn in the 3rd House retrograde to be exact. A retrograde in your natal chart is a pause for karma. Someone born with a Saturn retrograde has had authority issues in the past. With Saturn in the 3rd we have a pretty good idea that his speech patterns were gloomy, negative and harsh and he was tough on friends and siblings. 

He is coming from a Sagittarius South Node which carries the karmic imprint of "I know" - I know all there is to know about most things - I just know. Combine that with Saturn being bossy and negative - you can see there was a bit of unpleasantness about his mannerisms. Let's just say some karmic lessons take longer to learn and Mitt is a bit behind the learning curve on this one. He knows what he knows and he says it consequences be damned. 

Conjuncting his retro. Saturn is his retrograde Pluto. Pluto is all about power. With retro. Pluto in the 4th house - Mitt was all about exerting his power in the house and his neighborhood. Can you see the picture emerging? I know what is right for all of you in my sphere - I know how you should live and I am going to make sure you know in spades. In this life he somehow convinced his sickly wife to go through another Presidential campaign. I know what is right for us!

The problem isn't the campaign it is Mitt sure as ever that he knows how to run his little family of campaigners! Until November 11, Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, is retrograded. For Mitt this retrograde is in his 10th house - the house of government. No one is going to be able tell him he is screwing up.....

And thank goodness for it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bill's Speech

I am laughing because, like with the Republican Convention, I should have looked at other people on the speaker schedule. For the GOP it should have been Clint Eastwood and for the Dems., Bill Clinton.

We, of course, know about his incredible charisma -- look at all of those planets in his natal first house, including Venus and Mars! However, what was "cooking" the night of his incredible speech before the Convention? Look at his progressed chart (the middle chart). A progressed chart is simply showing how the planets have progressed from the natal position in a person's life.

In his third house, the house of communications, he currently has his ascendant, Mars, Neptune, Venus transiting and Jupiter and Juno are closely connected to those planets. His ascendant, how he projects, his energy, Mars, his ability to dream, Neptune and his Venus, the beauty and elegance planet are all there in his house of communication! With Jupiter there - the ability to be expansive - and reach people and Juno his loyalty asteroid there how could he not have been effective in reaching people with his words.

Fortunately, he also has Saturn progressed in his first and transiting his first giving him the ability to concentrate and focus - something he well not always has!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

POTUS Speech - Fire....

The President is going to have to make a dynamite speech to keep up with his wife and the stars are in his favor. His third house, the house of communication, is now inhabited by his progressed Pallas and Juno. Pallas was the warrior goddess, the fighter for those who can't fight for themselves, and Juno was the goddess of fierce loyalty. Also in his third house is his transiting ascendant. His speech is going to be one were he will show just how well he connects with and believes in people who need to be -but have a hard time - being heard. It will take one qualities of a preacher more than a politician. Because these are in the sign of Taurus, which is all about stability, expect him to stress ideas of the social safety net.

Expect some fire because transiting Mars is conjunct his progressed Mars in the 9th. The 9th house, remember, is the house of spiritual searching. As I said, expect a fiery preacher-like speech. One that will set the convention hall, and hopefully those  beyond, on fire. Mars is in Scorpio, a very spiritual sign. 

Frankly this is a good time for alot of people to be making speeches, because the Sun is currently conjunct Mercury. That is a traditional placement for charisma and the ability to sway people with your words. For the President, this conjunction is in the 7th house, the house of intimate relations with others. His words will seem personal.

Speaking of the 7th, as I mentioned in a previous election day post, the President will have a lot of feminine energy there with his progressed Venus moving through. When he makes his Convention speech, there will be an extra dab of benefit because his Part of Fortune, that little karmic smile, will be right on his progressed Venus. As I said before, his appeal to women will be key, key, key to his success.

The one thing I hate to see and I even hate to put it out there in some way. However, in his 2nd house, the house of stability, safety and security, he has both retrograded Uranus,the quick change artist and retrograded Pallas transiting through. As I said before, Pallas is the warrior who takes up causes. This is a very dangerous time for the President I am so afraid to say. I have been saying to my friends that I believe he is going to win - and win bigger than the talking heads claim, but that this will trigger the lunatic fringe. 

We all need to be putting positive energy his way to thwart any hateful acts...until these two get out of his 2nd which will be well after election day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mitt's Speech: Not Too Bad

I kind of hate to say it but the stars don't look too bad for Mitt Romney for his speech before the RNC Convention.

He does have transiting Venus conjunct his progressed Ascendant in the 3rd house, the house of communication. The biggest problem he has is that he was born with retrograded Saturn in the 3rd house. That is just a karmic speech problem if you will and why he appears so tortured in public.  So he will do as well as he possibly can.

His big problem is transiting retrograde Chiron and Neptune conjuncting his Moon in the 10th house - the house of our social status and our careers. All of this brings an air of unreality, an inability to connect emotions. He will deliver a nice, automated speech devoid of belief and feeling oh yes and facts. Neptune Moon adds a huge air of deception to what he will be saying.

With Uranus and Mercury being close he might actually slip and say something he believes. I doubt it - it is all too scripted. Well we can only hope.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Akin and Armstron- More Victims of Pluto in Capricorn?

I have written before about Pluto and how it causes change and transforming by bringing out what is hidden into the light. As Pluto grinds slowly through the Zodiac moving from sign to sign it effects change on society in the areas dominated by that sign.  In 2008, when Pluto moved into Capricorn, the sign associated with authoritarian structures of society, we saw the positive and shadow effects of this change. The banking system collapsed but we also elected our first African American president.  Recently we have seen the secrets of the Penn State sports authorities whose horrible secrets finally came to light. The Wikileaks scandal is another example of Pluto and Capricorn in action.

This week when his ludicrous statements about rape went viral, I thought again about Pluto. Congressman Todd Atkins’ comments were not accidental slips of the tongue; he was honestly voicing the beliefs held by the far right which now has the GOP in a death grip.  These concepts of “legitimate” or “forcible” rape have been kicking around the GOP for years. Indeed, the current GOP Vice Presidential nominee cosponsored a piece of legislation using the words “forcible rape.” Their secret anti-woman agenda was now out in the open and ripe for public scrutiny.

A few days later we learned that once beloved Lance Armstrong finally gave up his anti-doping crusade and was stripped of his titles. Another icon falls due to secrets now exposed.

Pluto is going to hang around in Capricorn until 2023 so there will be a lot more icons and pillars of society that will see their secrets come out. How far this will go is anyone’s guess. The last time Pluto hit this sign we saw the French and American revolutions. The uprisings in the Middle East are current signs of this societal angst against oppressive regimes.

Revolution will not ferment throughout every society but these secrets will keep coming out and toppling the once venerated who are rotting from within.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mercury Retrograde on Election Day - I think I've Got It!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mercury will go retrograde on election day and the only other time it had done that was in the year 2000. Well, we all remembered what happened then! A lot of astrologers are saying we will have another close election with "hanging chads". Sorry folks that is too easy. I know history repeats itself but it doesn't duplicate itself for goodness sake.

I think the communication problems that always come about with a retrograde Mercury will surround itself around current Republican voter suppression tactics in swing States. Currently, the GOP leadership in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are doing their best to keep Hispanics, African Americans and the elderly off of the voting polls.

Even in current lawsuits are successful in stopping this outrage, there are going to be many people confused about what they need to bring and this is going to cause a ton of provisional ballots being cast. Provisional ballots are paper - they are sometimes hard to fill out. Also, how much you want to bet there won't be enough to go around.

This is where Mercury will take its toll. Hopefully not enough to let these despicable tactics make a difference in the outcome but this is going to be the "paper chase of 2012."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ayn Rand The Social Security Accepting Atheist AKA the Darling of the Far Right

Yes, you know I will get around to doing a chart on Paul Ryan; I just have to get over my shock and amusement that Romney would pick a choice for VP worse than John McCain's. However, because we know that Ryan is just in love with the author (whom he calls philosopher) Ayn Rand, I thought I would take a moment to take a look at beloved Ayn's chart. After all she must have some kind of power if she could make the lunatic fringe love her so even though her life defied what they claim to hold so dear.

 I have read "Atlas Shrugged" and "Fountainhead" and thought they were both pretty good novels. They are well written pieces of literature that kept my attention but I never thought to make them words to live by. I was even more shocked when people who somehow actually believe the Bible is a literal translation of the words of God would supersede that holy book with ones written by an avowed atheist.

That brings me to the first thing this chart tells me. That is, contrary to popular belief she really wasn't an atheist. Her South Node is in Pisces in the 9th house. Pisces is the sign most connected to the "god source" and 9th house is the sign of spiritual searching. With the South Node conjuncting Juno, the goddess of loyalty, she spent many a life time dedicated to a spiritual pursuit.

I would argue that with her rising sign in Leo, the narcissist of the Zodiac, and her Sun in Aquarius the rebel in the 7th house - the house of intimate relationships, that SHE wanted a religion built up around herself. She was the god. It is just hysterical to me that these hyper-religious fanatics are trying to make this megalomaniac’s dream come true.

We can also see where her so called work ethic - that being I do it all for myself and screw you - comes into play. Look at her 6th house, the house of physicality and day to day work. First, it is opened by Capricorn, the archetypal paternal, authoritarian figure. She has five planets in this house, three of them in Capricorn. So her up from the boot-straps, do it yourself, buck up and too bad if you are sick, old are ill can be easily drawn from this placement.

Why then would she spend the last years of your life drawing on Social Security and Medicare? Didn't I say she had Leo rising - the Narcissist, the ego-driven sign. She could write all she wanted about this we don't need anyone clap-trap until Leo was faced with cancer, doctor's bills and her own problems.

 I have long held that the lunatic fringe wants a permanent underclass of people who remain poor, undereducated and hyper religious and who will believe anything thrown at them from "on high."  I doubt most of the Ryan devotees have ever read Rand or know anything about her life because that would require using the mind. What I do know is that somewhere Ayn Rand, is laughing herself silly over finally getting what her Leo always wanted - her own religion!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello Mars!

Mars is in the news today and for good reason! Curiosity made a picture perfect landing early this morning - congrats to NASA and Yankee technology.

So what is old Mars doing today? Well it is hanging out in the sky in the constellation of Libra conjuncting Saturn. You know I am sometimes a critic of Saturn - wrongly so I admit - but I am very glad he was visiting Mars during this critical landing. Saturn governs time, space, form and structure. It is the master of precision and doing things by the book - which is what NASA had to do to nail this landing.  Saturn had a lot to do with making everything work according to rules and like clock work.

It is also funny that both planets are in the sign of Libra - the sign of cooperation and sharing with others. All of that hard work had to be well coordinated between divisions. A great deal of sharing of knowledge had to be perfected. Libra is a big on sharing!

So congratulations NASA and thanks Libra for helping them keep the flow of information going and a special thanks to Saturn for keeping that somewhat rambunctious Mars from potentially kicking off the lander as it had done before. :)

Hello Mars.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Mitt-ster on Election Day

I hate to say it but Mitt Romney doesn't have a hideous looking chart on Election Day.  He has Mercury (the communicator) conjuncting his South Node in the 7th house - the house of intimate relationships with people so he could be doing some good reaching out that day. Not a bad thing for a politician on election day.

He does have an interception in the 6th and 12th houses. An interception is when there are two signs on one house cusp and means that there is some karmic balancing that is in need of going on. The signs involved here are Libra and Aries - and now this is the part that cracks me up. Basically what this means is the person  failed to learn the lessons of brotherhood and true sharing in past lives. They failed to be of service, failed to recognize the needs of others. I kid you not! I don't mess with the stars.

So it seems like the thing that will get Mitt is his snooty- corporations are people and I don't need to give you tax returns - attitude.

This election kind of reminds me of 2000 when both Bush and Gore had pretty decent charts on election day but Bush had better karma. Now looks like karma is on the side of the donkey.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Aurora: I am not looking for answers in the Stars, I am looking at the Left. Yes, that is correct - the Left

Saying Goodbye
courtesy of
I am in no mood to look at the planet alignment over Aurora, Colorado to try to find the malefics in place that would explain yet another shooting. Oh, I am sure they are there and I am also sure that if we found out the birth date of the shooter and the victims we would find some links..... Frankly, I am tired of looking for connections for shootings. I am sick and tired of it all.

I am also tired of my fellow progressives who  might be inclined to light some candles, sing some songs and move on. There is nothing wrong with either candles or songs. I am a huge fan of both. What I am not enamored with is a weak Progressive movement that refuses to stand up to the gun lobby.

Yes, I know it is easier for corporations and the NRA to control members of the political right because if you tend to go right you ascribe to the more paternalistic, authoritarian structure and find it easier to follow rules set down from "on high." Yes, I also know that those on the right are more prone to follow a dogmatic religion and tend to believe things no matter how far-fetched if they appear authoritarian. They will follow rules, stick together, not question and buy information without demanding a lot of evidence. I do have a degree in Political Science - I get that.

Now it is time for the Left to say we don't care that the NRA and gun lobby can shout "Communism", "Socialism" - words many of their undereducated followers haven't a clue about their true definition. I don't care that they can make placards saying, "Protect the Second Amendment" and know that thousands will rally around them even without a bit of historical knowledge about how it and why it was written.

Now it is time for the Left to come together, put down their candles and their lattes and say, dammit we want it to be illegal for a person to get 6000 rounds of ammunition off of the Internet. It is time for the Left to demand the reinstatement for the assault weapons ban. It is time for the Left to say if you call yourself a patriot then you should care that police officers are not sitting ducks out there.

We must cover the backs of our politicians by saying if you don't support gun laws you won't have our vote the same way the right says the opposite. We must call offices and write letters and make this an issue in this an every other election.

Lighting candles after another tragedy doesn't do it anymore. We need to be proactive, demanding and mad as hell - and stay that way after the faces of the victims fade from the television screen.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Presidential Election - President Obama - part 2

Last week I spoke about the "girls" Venus and Lilith  in the President's 7th house and the strong influence women will play in this election.

Today we will look at the one of the boys - the strongest boy really Mars and his placement in the President's tenth house conjunct Juno. Mars, the epitome of male unbridled energy, in the 10th house - the house of career and politics, is not a bad placement for election day. Coupled with Juno, the goddess of loyalty it makes my liberal little heart happy.

What makes me a bit nervous is that this Mars Juno conjuction is running in opposition to the Venus Lilith. Oppositions are difficult energies but they are not "bad" in themselves because we can over come these obstacles and reach great heights.  To me this is a classic male/female battle with men going one way and women the other.

However, if the two stop fighting against one another they can deliver a great victory for the President. I think at the last minute the men will get on board and do just that.

I do believe the President will win and win a bit bigger than predicted. There is one more thing to look in the next blog entry and that is the interception of the 2 and 8th houses - money and power.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Election Day 2012 - continued "The Girls Rule"

As I mentioned last week, with Mercury going retrograde on Election Day - there can be any number of tricks going on - voting machines breaking down, funny "contracts" being made, deceptions galore. Remember the last time and only other time Mercury turned retro on Election Day - 2000? Need I say more?

That said there are several good things in President Obama's chart on that day. On this triwheel of his birth chart, progressed chart and then transit chart of the day, I am first drawn to progressed Venus conjuncting his Black Moon Lilith in the 7th house - the house of close contacts. Venus, of course, is the ultimate woman, Lilith is the ultimate "bad girl." She is the rebel who said I do it my way not his way. Those two combined in the fiery sign of Leo leads me to think alot of peeved women are going to come together and give the President a boost on that day!

However, this is squaring a very strong Mars in the 10th - the house of career and public.  Now Mars (conjunct Juno) in the 10th is a good placement for the President - but when it squares his progressed Venus it makes me think that there will be a male -female battle that the women are going to have to win.

More on Mars next time.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mercury Goes Retrograde on Election Day - Remember 2000?


I am starting to look at the 2012 election – turns out Mercury goes retrograde on election day. Now we have had elections during a Mercury retrograde but the only other time that Mercury turned retro right on election day was in 2000! You remember 2000 don't you??

Personally, I don't see history repeating itself exactly but I would keep a very close eye on election machines and missing ballots and all sorts of things that can go bump in the Universe.

I am still comparing the candidates. Both have strengths and weaknesses that day. Romney has a few more weaknesses but one really good placement that has me a bit hinky. I need to look more closely but I just have to share the "good news."

Monday, June 25, 2012

Making Friends With Saturn

Ok I know I have a hard time with Saturn. I have mentioned that before. He is often depicted as the old task master - the uber authoritarian figure. He is always well - just too darned Republican for me.
However, now that Saturn is in my first house - the house of personality and how I am perceived by the world I am going to have to face him - and even make friends with him.

Saturn may be a task master but he makes us pay attention to where he is - he makes us work on these issues to make them better. He points out where we are off the right track and urges us to get back on target.

Look at your chart. Where was Saturn when you were born? That house is where you are going to face issues that make you feel unsafe, insecure - where you are going to have to overcome feelings of inadequacy. I have never seen a chart with Saturn in the first house, for instance, where the person didn't face some level of depression in their lifetime.

I was born with Saturn in the second - so I always need to feel financially safe. (Second house is how we stabilize our selves in the world - how we feel secure.) I hated being a consultant because my checks were not regular. I need to know what I have in the bank.

If it appears in the third house then there are issues of communications and education,. And so on....

Saturn like all of the other planets are always moving in the universe. Right now Saturn is transiting my first house. Were I prone to depression it might be a rough time. As it is, I feel the need to move inward. I am paying more attention to my body and how I put "myself out there."

Yes Saturn is a pain but if we didn't have someone pointing out where we need to improve where would we be.

Saturn will be in my first house for at least another 15 months. One thing I know if I don't lose those last ten pounds now I will have no one to blame but myself and certainly not Saturn!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Podcast on the current Venus cycle!

I would like to invite you to a wonderful podcast from Adam Gainsburg, an amazing astrology.

Learn and explore the meanings of the extraordinary alignments in the current Venus Cycle!

Live, video podcast between astrologers Gary Caton andAdam Gainsburg exploring in-depth the meanings and portents underneath the June-July alignments of Venus, Ceres, Vesta, the star Aldebaran, the Pleiades and Jupiter. This is Real Sky astrology at its collective consciousness and spiritual best

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