Monday, December 27, 2010

How Pluto in Capricorn is WikiLeaks?

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Whatever you think of the whole Wikileaks thing whether it is treason or the height of patriotism -- from an astrological stand point it epitomizes the concept of Pluto in Capricorn. When Pluto moves into a new sign, something it does every 15 to 20 years, it brings change to society - to the world -- in the area that sign fuels.For instance, when Pluto was in Virgo in the early 1960's we saw the rise of environmental movement and the "feminization of the workplace." Virgo rules health and healthy eating and day to day work situations. When it later moved into Scorpio we saw the sexual revolution. Then when it went into Sagittarius we saw the rise of the "New Age" and spiritual movement. Each sign also has a shadow aspect - to every yin there is a yang.  The rise of fundamentalism was the shadow of Pluto in Sagittarius, AIDS the tragic shadow of Scorpio.

Pluto brings to the front those things that were hidden. Women came behind the apron with Virgo. People with different sexual persuasions did during Scorpio's reign and those with alternative religious beliefs during the spin in Sagittarius.

Now that it is in Capricorn we will see changes in structures that hold society together. First, we saw the collapse of the financial system, then, thankfully, we saw the election of the first African American President. What must come to the foreground now are those things that governments, banks and other authority figures wanted to keep hidden... ta da... Wikileaks.

Pluto just moved into Capricorn in 2008 and will be there until 2020 so it will be a long interesting ride. The  last time it was in Capricorn was during the American and French Revolutions. See what I mean?

Happy New Year all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


DG Vinyl Clip ArtOk I can't do fictional characters and not examine the classic story of Mr. Scrooge and his merry band of ghosts now can I? Some are a no brainer: Mr. Cratchet, long suffering victim - ding ding - heavy Pisces influence. (As is his little son, Tiny Tim.) Is it me or does he annoy anyone else?) Mr. Fezziwig - strong family man, brings a familial touch to his workplace - strong on the Moon Child. The ghosts are also easy. Christmas Past is also strongly Moon Child, which vibrates to the 4th house, that of roots and home and our past. Christmas Present is a Taurus, of course. Look at all of the food and candles which surround him. Taurus loves luxury and comfort and food! Spooky Christmas Future has to be an Aquarian. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians defy normal time and remember what Marley said, "The third, more mercurial, will come in his own good time." Also, Aquarius is future minded - it is all about what is to come.

What about Scrooge? Well obviously he embodies the shadow on the signs because there isn't too much positive energy there. I see Saturn in his first house because that is always a harbinger of depression. Come on, he has to have depression to live in the house. Added to that Capricorn, the ruler of Saturn is his rising sign. The shadow of Capricorn is being stuck with the nose to the grindstone and all about gathering material wealth. Added to this I think his Sun would be in Aries. Shadow Aries folks are all about themselves and being the boss and letting everyone know they are in control. Remember Scrooge doesn't really have his epiphany until the Christmas Future ghost scares the be-gabbers out of him by showing what his future will be like. That is the way to get to Aries - show him how something will affect him!

So Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug...that is my take on Scrooge. Now I have to figure out George Bailey in time for next year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Sure You Are Awake Tomorrow Morning - December 21

between 3 -4 AM. It will be the best time to see the pink sky caused by the total lunar eclipse. It will be the first lunar eclipse on the winter solstice since 1638! It is also taking place when the Sun is at 28 degrees Sagittarius which is the location of the galactic center -- the spot where astronomers believe is the giant black hole remnant of the big bang.

A lunar eclipse happens when Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another so the Moon will be in Gemini. As I said last week, that is the axis of my North and South Node so this is a time of huge soul evolution for me. Even if this isn't the case for you with the Sun in the Sag. the truth seeker and the Moon in Gemini, the communicator - this would be a good time to evaluate your personal truth and your ability to express it.

Happy viewing, Happy Solstice!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sixth

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No not the sense, the house; today I want to talk about the 6th House of the zodiac, the house of day to day work and health. Now that sounds a little bit goofy at first glance but it does make sense. If you have health issues, either real or imagined it is going to affect your work, right? I know of one chart that, among many other “issues”, has Neptune negatively aspected in the 6th with Pisces on the cusp of the 6th. Neptune deals psychosomatic illness – Neptune is all about vagaries – so perceived illness, illness driven from the mental arena, these are all Neptunian in nature. This person hasn’t worked a full six months in twenty years because of a wide variety of health issues which always crop up when work gets too difficult.

My current interest in the sixth house is sparked by two occurrences. First, I have had those two very slowly moving planets Uranus and Jupiter transiting my sixth for about 5 months now and they will be there for a few more. During this time I have gotten more colds than I normally get in a year. One came upon me so fast (Uranus lightening) and just when I thought it was gone it came roaring back (Jupiter’s ability to be expansive. Thanks a lot.) I have also started acupuncture during this time – a very Uranian activity. Although acupuncture is an ancient science it is for Westerners new and unique. Acupuncture also deals with grids and the electricity which runs throughout the human body and all electrical matters fall under Uranus.

I have a friend who is having another recurring bout of coughing which is believed to be link to allergies and may be a mild allergy driven asthma. It appears as an annoying tickle in her throat. As always, when I hear of someone’s illness I run to look at their chart. Hmmm, remember that Mars/Mercury/Pluto mishmash I spoke of last week? Well guess where it is intersecting in her chart? Right, in the 6th. These planets are also now in conjunction with her solar progressed* Venus and to make it more interesting she has Pallas Athena also in her 6th right now.

Mars’ male energy, Pallas Athena coupled with, androgynous female energy with Venus – that planet which rules the throat all churning together. Can you see how the allergy has come back? What has me more concerned is that Pluto is in this mix. Pluto is the harbinger change and transformative. Some astrologers look at Pluto, with its rulership of the 8th house the traditional house of death and change, as a harbinger of death and rebirth. I don’t want to go there, but I do see a change in her health that she will have to take good care of.

*Solar progression is charts the movement of planets from the time of a person’s birth.

P.S. Does anyone else see the Wikileak attacks on websites as the secret “violence” I mentioned in my last blog entry?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mars and Pluto and Mercury - yikes

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Hold onto your hats kids and not just because the wind is going insane out there.

For the next week or so we will have a conjunction that is fraught with issues. Pluto which has been in Capricorn for a few years now, is conjuncting the North Node. OK that is pretty good. Pluto brings slow change – the North Node is one’s evolutionary goalpost. That should help people make moves into their right path. So far not bad.

However, today Mars will also join this conjunction as will Mercury on December 10th and it will also be retrograding. Mars and Pluto together can always spell trouble. You have the clash of pure, raw male aggressive warrior energy (Mars) and cold but formidable Pluto. When hot and cold mix we get thunder, right? When Mars and Pluto mix we can misunderstandings, arguments and even war. Remember the sign this is all happening in is Capricorn – that which rules authority structures, government and keeps society in place. This next week to ten days is a time we all need to be on our toes. With Uranus and Jupiter hid Pisces which likes to be hidden, these could be secret attacks or attacks we learn of later.

Add to this the mental confusion and miscommunications that are the signature of Mercury retrograde and you can see where the spark for the tinderbox can come. This retrograde will remain until December 30 so all of those cautions about thinking before you speak, reading before you sign, watching your electrical equipment should be in place.

Once we ride this wave, we have right on the winter solstice, December 21, a total lunar eclipse in at 29 degrees Sagittarius. Guess what else is 29 degrees Sag? The Galactic Center. That is the center of the Milky Way basically where it is believed that there is a giant black hole. Now for someone on a spiritual path this can be a fantastic time. Remember we still have Uranus and Jupiter conjunct for a few more weeks. The forward thinking Uranus and the expanding and spiritual Jupiter make good partners in the spiritual realm. (Be careful where the conjunction is triggering your natal planets however, as they can bring accidents and overspending in everyday life.)

A lunar eclipse, therefore one that moves our emotions, right at the Galactic Center can be a fantastic spiritual ride for someone who can capture the power. My concern is that the less spiritually aware a person is the more this tremendous power, coming on top of the Mars/Pluto storm, can cause havoc in their lives. People (including leaders of governments or splinter groups) can be reacting in dramatic ways that they really don’t understand. When you have the potential for great spiritual awakening for some you also have the flip side of great upheaval for those prone to be at the mercy of Mars.

Personally the solstice eclipse should be interesting since it will awaken my nodal Gemini/Sagittarius axis (Gemini being the opposing sign to Sagittarius.) My South Node is in Gemini in 8th house so my North has to be in Sagittarius in the 2nd. I am evolutionarily moving from existences of gathering and dispensing lots of information to hold onto whatever power I had (often not my own but the words of others – that comes from the heavey Libra influence in my chart) to thinking deeply and seeking my own truth for my own self value. (How is that for soul intention in a nut shell?) This will be a time of great spiritual growth for me if I play my cards right. It will be a time to see what I am still holding on from the past and how I need to still shed my own skin. Remember, the ruler of Gemini is in still retrograding at this time so a lot of “junk” from my past will be hitting me in the face. Retrogrades are karmic pauses. With Pluto and the North Node together I can really make some huge evolutionary moves.

I point this out only to show how personal planetary movements can become. With all of this energy roaming around I urge you to pull out your chart and see if any of these will directly affect you this month. The more aware you are the more you can make these changes work for you in a positive fashion.

Let’s hope that so called world leaders and those who can agitate world events don’t get too over wrought during this Mars/Pluto/Mercury conjunction and we don’t pay for the spiritual awareness with earthly terror.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The White House -

As I walked past the White House last night and saw it decorated for the Holidays, I renewed my oft-repeated but never followed up on pledge to do some research on the House and the people responsible for it. Well, no time like the present.

The Cornerstone for the White House was laid on October 13, 1792 after a parade from Georgetown. By the way, I have read so many conspiracy Mason theories on their "take over" of our early government which state that this was a Friday. Oh, Friday the 13th well see how that links it to the Cathar's and the original evil connotations of Friday the 13th...... Wrong, it was a Saturday!

Anyway, the first thing that struck me was that Capricorn was "rising" - on the Eastern horizon at that time. That is a great time to dedicate a structure that you hope will endure. Capricorn is the sign that gives form and structure - it keeps things in place. What a great start for a grand house. Capricorn's ruler, Saturn is in the 4th house - the house of home and home-life. However, it is in Aries, a fiery warrior sign and in retrograde, a pause for karma. This is a harbinger of the burning at the hands of the British during the war of 1812.

Now look at the 10th house, the house of government and leadership in society. The Sun, Vesta, Neptune and Mercury are all there in Libra. Sun and Vesta together is a very powerful placement. It combines our internal energy drive with the devotion of Vesta - the burning heart's desire. This was intended to be a house that would dominate the world scene. Mercury indicates our thought process - how we learn and communicate. And Neptune is a symbol of our dreamy idealism. All of these are in Libra, the sign that while it may go to extremes from time to time - seeks balance This tiny country that just defeated the worlds’ largest military power, was holding itself out to a new experiment of freedom for all (well some anyway - but at least we continued to extend those benefits albeit slowly). Yes, it has gone to the over-board at time but we still have that candle of belief that we are dedicated to freedom and pursuit of happiness.

In the future I will look at the men who made the house a reality from Washington, who never lived there, to Adams, who was the first, to Hoban, the architect behind it all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Mountains and Taurus


Hello from Vermont - up here for Thanksgiving with some family and friends. We are spending the week cooking at an inn here. Should be very "New Englandy".  Of course, I had to take a minute to look up the chart of Vermont. You know I love Maine because as a Scorpio Sun/Pisces Moon I need the water but the politics of Vermont is much closer to my heart than lovely Maine!

Made a state on March 4, 1791 Vermont is by Sun Sign a Pisces. Figures - it is full of touchy feely people dedicated to live and let live and go connect with the Universe in the Green Mountains. What is really interesting is the stellium (more than 5 planets) in the 9th house. Remember, the 9th vibrates to Sagittarius - the archer seeking truth - his personal truth. Vermont has Venus, Pallas Athena, Mars the Sun and Moon all there in Pisces. Can you see the desire to balance male and female - Venus and Mars with the androgynous queen Pallas in between them? There is also the union of male Sun energy and female Moon energy. Vermont, the only state to have Socialist Member of Congress is one of our most  progressive, most forward thinking States.  It was the first to pass a host of anti discrimination laws and is the leader of environmental legislation.

In the 10th house, the house of our social status - how we are perceived by the world. On the cusp of Vermont's tenth is Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the Bull who sits calmly in the beautiful pasture. Well guess what the nickname is for Vermont? Right - the Green Mountain State. I love this stuff! Vesta, the burning hearts desire, Ceres, the symbol of Mother Earth and Saturn, the planet that gives form and structure, are all in Aries, the leader, in the 10th. They take their preservation of Vermont's beauty very seriously here.

The influence of the Universe is all around us. To be able to connect to it - in every setting at every season is a wonderful gift. It is one I will be thankful for this Thanksgiving among other things.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mark Your Calendars - Astrology Class

Hi, I have just been tapped by the Institute for Spiritual Development in D.C. to teach a 5 week beginning course on astrology. The dates are February 1 - March 1, 2011 at 7:30 PM.

If you are interested in attending please let me know.

More info to follow!

Why Am I In Such An Awful Mood?

I need a little peace!
 I consider myself a pretty even-keeled person. I credit this to four cardinal signs on my "anchor houses" (1,4,7,10.) (Ah ha, me thinks me sees another blog entry about those houses on the horizon.)

Anyway, for the past week I have been grumpy and irritable and just plain not happy. This is not a state I would recommend to others or particularly enjoy myself.  There had to be a reason for my general grumpiness so I went to my charts. What? You are surprised?

Low and behold there it was. The transiting Moon in Aries was exactly opposite my natal Mars. Think of it Aries, god of war, rules Mars - it is opposing my emotional barometer, the Moon. Hello. Fortunately, that Moon is a quick little sucker and that has gone away. However, when I checked my chart it was the three day high of my grump ride so I could see the Moon-Mars opposition doing it's thing.

More importantly, and much more longer lasting. Saturn is now transiting my 12th house where my natal Mars lives. When Saturn conjuncts anything it always puts a blanket on it. Saturn holds things together - gives form and structure So big cold Saturn is pressing on my Mars warrior energy -churning. Because they are in the 12th house - the house of connection to the universe but also to things hidden, things not of the world, it shows my irritability when "the world" interrupts my solitude. I want to sit and read and let the cares of the world go by.

Saturn is poky so this will last well into winter.  When the Moon comes around again I am sure to feel really crabby but at least I know why!

This is why it is good to get your yearly charts read to see what is coming on the horizon.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Could be worse - I could be a turkey. Oh, and the full Moon is Monday November 22. I will be on train to Vermont with two of my sisters.  What a time to be crabby!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

You Either Got It Or You Don't - The Astrology of Charisma.

The air suddenly seems to stop and the room crackles a bit. We have all been in that situation. Someone has walked into the room who literally has sucked the air out. That person has IT - charisma. Is there an astrological signature that would indicate a person born with that little something extra? You have to ask??
Of course, there is!

Take a peek at Mercury and how close it resides next to the Sun in a chart. I mean really close. They must be in  a conjunction for a person to even have a hope of charisma. A conjunction is when two planets appear to us here on Earth to be sitting next to one another in the sky. On the chart, a conjunction is when they are within 6 degrees of one another. 

Take a look at Frank Sinatra's chart. The Sun (the little circle with the dot in the center) and Mercury the sign for the female with a funny little hat on top) are in Sagittarius.

Another person noted for her ability to wake up a room was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis whose conjunction was in the fire sign of Leo. She had the energy of Sun adding further fuel to her charisma fire. Her husband,
President Kennedy had an interesting Mercury/Sun combination - they are not that close really. BUT right between them he had Jupiter - the planet of expansion and reaching out to people - especially those beyond our borders and hope - How could he not have had people flocking to him?

The charts of Princess Diana and Madonna bear this out as well. However, you don't have to be a president or superstar to have charisma. I remember doing a chart of a man I didn't know and he had that conjunction. When I spoke to his wife about the chart, I asked her what he did and how would the charisma play out. She then told me he was a chaplain on an Army base and everyone is always flocking to his door. "He can't get away from them. The minute he walks on base they are following him."  Yup, he's got it!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Second House- Survival!

I know I have spent a ton of time of the 1st house or ascendant. It is a really important house, OK? However, there are other houses in the sky as they say. The second house is one easy to misinterpret. The traditional assignment given it is that it is the house of resources and money. Oh, have a strong second house and you will put Bill Gates in the poor house. Wrong! As is typical for much of Western Astrology that explanation is too pat, too compact, too trite.

The second house resonates to survival. More specifically it resonates to that which we need to ensure our survival...material goods upon which we rely to keep going. Yes, there is an aspect of money especially in a capitalistic society such as ours. Someone with a strong, well aspected second house is going to want more, as George Carlin would say, "stuff." A person whose second house is badly aspected may fall into squandering money or even hoarding things. However, it is not all about money.

What resides in the second house is the question, "what do I need to keep me satisfied and comfortable?"

A heavily Aquarian second house is going to make a person really not concerned at all with wall paintings and McMansions. A car will have four wheels and an engine, of sorts. Work will be done for the pleasure of work or for the social good it will do and there will be little worries about building a pension. Top off the house with a strong Capricorn influence and that person will be toiling day and night perhaps in a job they hate to have the ability to buy what they want and to save up for old age. If Taurus alights there then hours will be spent a Neiman Marcus and Dolce and Gabana.

Each one of the latter two people will argue until death that all of things around them are totally necessary for them to survive. They don't do it for the "stuff". They do it for that inner feeling of peace of survival those goods bring them. That is the key to the second house.

With my Saturn in the second house I hated being a consultant because the paychecks were sporadic and the contract could be canceled at any time. (Saturn is ruled by Capricorn.) I had to build a business - steady and reliable. Now friends tell me to give up all other sources of income and rely solely on astrology. The picture is romantic - living in a small house with few financial responsibilities surrounded by my charts. But Saturn keeps screaming at me - are you nuts, you need money coming in regularly, you need security, and you need to save for your even older age? The idea threatens me at the level of basic survival and I shudder at that thought.

That is what the second house does to us. Pretty important little guy, No?

Order Your Holiday Chart Gift Today

I just got this from a woman whose chart I have just completed.  Yes, glad we have stopped the witch burnings! Get your Winter Holiday Gift today! Order a chart for a loved one. Order right here on the blog!Don't wait until the last minute -- order your gift chart now!

I am reminded of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" when the crowd of peasants screams, "She's a witch! Burn her!" Good thing we don't go in for witch burnings nowadays!

So much of what you had to say resonated SO clearly and loudly it was downright spooky.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The March Girls

After my last blog entry about the astrological signs of the fictional characters of “A Streetcar Named Desire” someone asked me about the main characters of Louisa May Alcott's classic "Little Women." So here we go. I hope I don’t need to remind anyone that the book is a coming of age novel about four sisters growing up during the Civil War in the progressive but somewhat impoverished New England March family.

NOTE: Remember our public persona is mostly dictated by our ascendant, or rising sign. Our inner energy drive is driven by the Sun Sign – it is who we are underneath the public masks.

The leader of the pack, although not the oldest, is Jo March. She speaks and then thinks, has trouble controlling her temper, wants more than anything to travel the world and write and hates the boundaries inflicted upon 19th century females. She suffers fools not at all but is deeply devoted to her family and hates the idea that they are actually growing up and going out on their own. The idea of her little nuclear family being torn apart is very painful to her. I see Jo as a person born with a Moon Child Sun because at her core she is devoted to her family and she mothered sickly Beth until her death. At heart she is the little mother hen of the group. However, her public persona (her ascendant), the boldness, the honesty, the temper, the wanderlust is all Sagittarius.

Meg, who is the oldest and prettiest of the girls, often takes a back seat to Jo. She is allowed to tip-toe on the outskirts of genteel society because of her role as governess to the children of a wealthy family. However, she rejects marriage for money and becomes the wife of a tutor with whom she has three children. Astrologically, I find her one of the most interesting characters because she is a one of those unfortunate people born with a sun sign and ascendant which are at odds with one another. Pretty Meg is Taurus rising. She is pretty – Taurus is ruled by Venus – and she really wants to have worldly goods and comfortable things. However, she suffers two traumatic romances and only then learns that her inner drive – which is Aquarian – is the one which will bring her happiness. The last thing an Aquarius at heart cares about is money and status. They want friendship and unity and peace. However, an Aquarian can be quite stubborn and after she gives birth to twins she almost ruins her marriage by neglecting her husband. They come to the brink of separation when she finally listens to him and starts to discipline them and include him into the family again.

Beth is the sweet tragic character and she will eventually die of complications from scarlet fever. Beth is a musician; seamstress and a healer (remember her “hospital” for her six kittens?) She is the perfect example of someone on the Pisces/Virgo – victim- martyr axis. Pisces and Virgo are opposing one another in the zodiac thus forming an axial line between them. Pisces are often martyrs’ to a cause or they martyr themselves to a person. You often see Pisces people suffering “in silence” when they are being hurt by someone. Beth was the sacrificial lamb of the March family – the other sisters went boldly into the new post Civil War era and she was the symbol of the older, “weaker” traditional woman of the pre-bellum days. Her dedication to healing, and of the more domestic duties all point to a rising sign of Virgo.

Then there is spoiled, vain, temperamental Amy. She and Jo fought tooth and nail and Amy even tossed some of Jo’s early writing into the fire in fit of anger. Of course, they clashed. They were both fire. Jo’s Sagittarius fire often ignited Amy’s Leo Sun. Oh yes, Amy was a Leo. She had to have the best clothes, the finest carriage and she made sure she married rich Laurie. Leo has to have the top of the line in everything. However, that is not the end of fire for I believe Amy is Aries rising. What does she do when she doesn’t get her – way? She pitches a holy fit, of course! How Aries-like! They are the babies of the zodiac – and make quite the fuss when the world fails to comply with their demands.

I always knew she would wind up with meek Laurie, a sweet, handsome but confused Pisces/Taurus combo. He was initially and wrongly drawn to Jo’s watery Moon Child Sun. Pisces and Moon Child are both water signs and find comfort with one another. Jo knew better. She knew she would be bored with him. It was in the double fire sign sister, Amy that he found he could satisfy his Piscean need to be in service to someone by showering her with worldly Taurean goods!

Monday, October 25, 2010


OK so I am wasting time on a Sunday afternoon, flip on the tube and find "A Streetcar Named Desire", the original 1951 version. (Is there any other?) I am hooked instantly. At one point Blanche asks Stanley about his astrological sign. (She may have been a little nutty but the girl was enlightened, no?) She says, correctly in my humble opinion, that he was to be Aries the Ram because of the way he bounds around the house so. However, his wife responds that he was born 2 days after Christmas which would make him a Capricorn. Capricorn? Stanley? Mr. Williams you were a magnificent writer but rotten astrologer.

I will give you that he might have been a Capricorn Sun but he had to have Aries rising. The rising sign or ascendant is our projected personality. Aries rising people are prone to rages, they want what they want when they want it and being the "enfant terrible" of the zodiac they find a way of making everyone uncomfortable until they get it. Now, I am talking about the shadow aspect of Aries of course but didn't Stanly exhibit the shadow aspects of life?

So if Stanley was Aries rising, what was Blanche? Let's see, she lived in a dream world, couldn't stand the harshness of the Earth, escaped into the bottle and lived in her childhood fantasies. Can you say Pisces? Again, we are talking shadow here so don't start getting your scales in a tizzy you Fish!

Stella was strongly Virgo. She gave up the trappings of her ancestral home and became the long suffering wife of Stanley. Virgo's in shadow have a thing for being victims. In the movie they made her leave Stanley because of the ethics of the day in the play she stayed with him even though she was fairly certain he did rape her sister. That is a total Virgo action. However, and some people may disagree with me on this, I am going to give her a Scorpio Sun. Yes, Scorpio is known to be dynamic and strong but what drew her to Stanley? His passion - these two were great in the sack. He was forbidden, the other side of the tracks kind of guy with great passion, all things that spark Scorpio interest.

I take that back Mr. Williams perhaps you were a great astrologer and understood that rising signs are much more powerful indicators of who we are then Sun signs. The Sun signs give us our inner energy but the persona is all ascendant.

Ironically, in her other great incarnation the great Vivien Leigh embodied the ultimate depiction of an Aries woman. I am speaking of Scarlett O’Hara. Fiery, impulsive, courageous yet very childlike in some of her thinking, Scarlett was all Ram.

What makes these great characters is that they embody the extremes of each sign.

Why did Rhett and Scarlett hit it off? He was the perfect Leo man - fire attracts fire. Brash, arrogant, hot tempered and seeking the spot light always, Rhett was the archetypal Leo rising although I am sure his Sun was Aquarius. He was detached for such a handsome man and slapped society in the face with his war views and his taking up with "painted women."

Melanie Wilkes, Scarlett's demure but intelligent, sweet, nurturing but tough as nails sister-in-law was Cancerian through and through with a touch of Scorpio. Her first reaction was to forgive and mother and she called on her Cancerian sense of patriotism to get through the years she was separated from Ashley. (Who by the way was all Pisces.)

Most great fictional characters are archetypes for the various signs. Hmmm what sign do you think was Miss Havisham?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I just finished reading Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker by Stacy A. Cordery - a very interesting take on a woman who led a fascinating life. I was going to say a fascinating woman who led and amazing life but Alice was a hard person to like. She was terribly cruel to her cousins Eleanor and Franklin, was spiteful and capricious. This is what makes the book more interesting - it has a protagonist with major faults and yet kept my interest.

Well you just know I ran to my computer and whipped up her birth chart as soon as I finished the book!

February 12, 1884, 8:30 PM in New York City. The first thing that grabbed my eye was her Aries South Node. Remember that is our karmic identity - the memory of who we were in our past lives. Aries is the ruler, the sign that demands everyone to follow. Aries, ruled by Mars the god of war, wants its way NOW and if you don't listen to me I will let you know about it. Let's flesh this out more. Her South Node is in conjunction with Pallas Athena, the androgynous warrior goddess and in the 10th house - the house of government and societal structures. Do you think that before she came into life as the rambunctious daughter of the President of the United States, Alice lived lives as the leader of society - a woman but one who led her society with force with power and with an iron fist? She was used to being the undisputed power source and wouldn't allow anyone to usurp her power.

Now let's look at the ruler of her South Node. The planet that rules our South Nodes indicate where our strongest karmic identity exists - where it is hardest for us shake our karmic past. Alice's Mars (the ruler of Aries) is in her first house in the fire sign of Leo, in retrograde for goodness sakes! Our first house is the ascendant, where we project ourselves to the world. She carried that Aries ruler identity into her current personality. It is no wonder she had a love hate relationship with her father. She wanted to be the President!

With her Mars in retrograde - a pause for karma - this is an indication that she overstepped her bounds in the past and has to learn a new way to express her power. So she was born female in a society that wouldn't allow them to advance. She was born next to power - married power but never found satisfaction because the males in her life held all the cards. (Her husband was a known womanizer and alcoholic.)

With her Leo ascendant giving her a regal, domineering bearing - she was fire personified.

The "trick" to her life would have been to move from the Aries dominance to a Libran existence - one in which she became more involved with "the other." Did she do it? Well, that is something each person can only know for themselves. Judging from the book I would kind of doubt it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The confusion of Libra

It is no wonder why my astrology teacher pounded into my head that I should try to forget at least 70 percent of what I learned of "boxy Western astrology."  Keep the basics but leave the silly interpretations behind, he would say. It took me a while to figure out what he was saying but it became very clear when we dealt with a sign near and dear to my heart.....Libra. And happy birthday Libra Sun people!

I have Libra rising. Remember, your rising sign or ascendant is the sign on the Eastern horizon at birth and it really dictates our outward persona - how we express ourselves to the world. Every analysis I read when I started out insisted that a Libra rising person likes to bring order and balance and is a born diplomat and is all about being the epitome of balance and harmony. Huh? Me? It drove me loopy until the universe sent me into the wonderful world of evolutionary astrology.

Libra is about trying to FIND balance not being balance. Libra rising and to a lesser extent Libra Sun people go to extremes in their quest to seek balance. We often have co-dependence issues because we are so attuned to "the other." Many Libra risings spend a good chunk of time running around saying in essence, do you like me now, well, if I do that will you like me then?   Yes, the answer to your question is yes. Sally Field is a Libra rising person. ("You like me. You really like me.)

Venus Libra people use their romantic entanglements to search for self as well. They literally learn who they are through the other person. Well, so and so liked it better when I responded this -so that must be right. However, I got a negative reaction from so and so, therefore, maybe I need to work on it more. It is all through the eyes of other with Libra. We have a really hard time coming from a point of ME.

Libra rules the 7th house - the house of close personal relationships with other people.

The shadow comes into play when we continue to seek approval -- and never feel satisfied with our own views and beliefs. Be careful Libras! At some point we have to stop with worrying about everyone else. It is one thing to learn from others it is another to spend life without any self awareness.

Monday, October 4, 2010

the 2010 Elections

OK I admit it freely I am a coward. Several people have asked me to look at the 2010 Midterm elections and I have just not wanted to go there. In truth, the only accurate way to do this is to look at each candidate in every single race and compare their charts. In lieu of doing that I decided to look at President Obama's chart to see what will be cooking for him on election night.

The President was born with Ceres and Vesta and the Moon all conjunct in the 7th house. Ceres is the mini planet that vibrates to the energy of a Mother Earth, Vesta is the burning heart’s desire and the Moon is our emotional barometer. This not only makes him a devoted family man it is what makes him connect emotionally to people. He thrives on nurturing and serving others. On election night his combination will be opposite transiting Mars and Pallas Athena, the warrior goddess. Both of these will be in the fire sign of Sagittarius. In short, what all this means is he is going to be a fighting mood. He will be able to see the big picture and will come out swinging. His masculine energy will far outweigh his feminine.

Will he be fighting mad because he lost the House or Senate and will now bring back the fire of his own campaign or will he be rejuvenated and vindicated and come out renewed and energized to fight for his goals? Yup, the million dollar question!

He will have transiting Juno, our loyalty marker, in Virgo transiting his Pluto in the 10th house. Juno in the 10th is a wedding to career and with Pluto playing there it gives a deep transformative urge. Juno in Virgo brings a desire to get down to the nitty gritty and plan action.

Transiting Sun and Vesta will be in his 12th house and conjunct his natal Neptune. The 12th house is always an indicator of pulling in. This is actually a sign of a spiritual rejuvenation - of going inside self and finding a spiritual calling.

Because I am an optimist I see a night that will not be as bad as the talking heads predict for the President and that he will find a new energy and a new fight. Of course he could also get his political butt kicked and go inside himself and come out fighting to regain control. It won't be pretty and we might lose one of the two houses of Congress but I just don't see the tidal wave they are babbling about.

There is one astrological source for my optimism other than my hope that Americans can't fall for GOP crap again can they???? is that his Part of Fortune - that little karmic blessing is on the cusp of his 10th house. The 10th deals with society and government structures... Hey every little bit helps.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh No Not You Again! How You Can Find The Karma That Binds

Do you have a family member who just drives you around the bend…someone who pushes every button, who manipulates and uses you and your emotions? Yeah, well join the club. Maybe now is the time to try to figure out the deep, karmic reasons for this person being in your life this go around. It may not stop the person from being a pain but understanding where they are coming from goes a long way in keeping your headache away. Knowing where you are destined to travel with this person during this incarnation can also help mitigate any negative karmic influences for the future.

Some of the best tools an astrologer has are the synastry chart and the Davison combined chart. A synastry chart is a grid that matches one chart against the other. If your Venus is squared the other person’s Venus any romantic relationship is going to be bumpy. If your Venus is square their Uranus – well you may have a quick love that ends suddenly. If we see Mars and Saturn together especially in romantic relationships or child/parent combinations we have to warn about potential violence. By examining each planetary aspect we can get a pretty good picture how you and the other person will interact.

We can take this one step further with a Davison Relationship Chart. This combines both charts into a single chart. So we take your chart and Pain in the Neck Relative’s chart and make a new chart that combines the two. Then the real fun begins. By coming up with a new chart just for your relationship, we can read it like a birth chart and look into your past lives together. For instance, I put the chart of a rather heinous member of my family together with mine. The placement of Pluto in Leo in the 8th house shows that in our past lives we were involved in a power game. 8th house is power and Leo is the Lion who wants the center of attention. Our combined Pluto is in conjunction with Ceres – the mini planet that was the ancient symbol of Mother Nature – as well as Mars and Venus. All of these planets are in Virgo. This is a male-female power struggle over who can organize and structure (Virgo) issues surrounding goods and money.

Our current soul desire is to – what we should be getting out of this to evolve – is indicated by Pisces in the 2nd house (the opposite of past Pluto). This means that we should be teaching each other how to connect with self and accept who they are. Well, I know that through the pain of this relationship I took a huge step in learning who I am. I hope my family member has done the same but I am not sure. It was a torturous lesson but they taught it to me that is for sure!

Our South Node in Cancer in the 7th shows that we were linked in a very personal close relationship. Ironically, our combined South Node is conjunct both Uranus – the quick change artist and the rebel and Juno, the consort asteroid which indicates where our loyalty lies. The first image I see flash before me is two people married to each other who fought and separated and played tricks and fought and separated but never left each other. It was a horrible death struggle of constant battle and tricks. Sadly, that was symbolic of our current relationship. Although not married this time – we are linked as immediate family and until I walked away and said you can’t be part of my life if you can’t treat me as a human – this was the exact relationship we had.

With our combined North Node in Capricorn in the 1st we are both destined to learn how to embody ourselves. The first house is the house of personality and Capricorn is all about putting form and structure around something. I know that I have fulfilled this North Node command. Through the Hell this relationship put me through I had to say no more. I had to go inside and learn about myself and define myself and be true to that self. Again, did the other person learn this? Only they can know. I can only hope but from what I hear I doubt it.

Through this analysis I can look back and actually be thankful for this person. It was a horrible lesson but once learned it propelled me much further on my evolutionary track. I not only defined who I am more clearly (a first house issue), I realized I had more self worth than I had thought before (a second house issue.) Even if I lost every other member of my family I had to be true to myself and stop the attacks and secret tricks. I stopped the negative karmic identity we held as the two battling cats in a sack as indicated by our South Node, I learned the lessons and moved on in my life.

If we meet again in future lives I won’t fall back into that old South Node pattern – I stopped that karma. If this person comes to me with negative energy again I will have the subconscious memory of what I did in this lifetime and will be able to walk away. If they too have learned the lessons then hopefully we can come back together in a positive fashion and help either other in a much less painful way. Here is hoping!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rally for Sanity!

OK, you know I had to do this. Last week I talked about the electric religious fervor being wrought by the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. My last line mentioned perhaps something coming along to tamp down the zeal and low and behold here comes Jon Stewart with his Rally for Sanity scheduled in Washington on October 30. (And Colbert's March to Keep the Fear Alive - you gotta love them.) You know I ran to the computer to gin up a chart for this one right away!

Mars will be in retrograde in Sagittarius in the 11th house. The 11th is the house of group humanitarian activities. Sagittarius is the sign of searching for truth. This is a perfect setting for a large gathering of people tired of the yelling and name calling and the stupid signs who want to come together and show that America can indeed spawn normal people looking for a different way to express themselves. With Mars in retrograde the anger will be turned down. This is good.

The 10th house - the house of government - will be inundated with touchy-feely planets and asteroids on that day. We have Venus, the goddess of love, and Vesta, the asteroid that signifies where our burning heart’s desire - where we are dedicated to something - both in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury! All are in Scorpio. This may have started off as something that appeals to the Comedy Central college frat boys who are a big part of Stewart's audience. However, this is going to become something very different - very deep. Scorpio in Venus and Vesta - especially when conjunct - will not only feminize this but will bring a devotion, a dedication that is going to surprise both the organizers and the people who attend. Mercury in the mix will make sure the message gets out no matter how Fox and the Main Stream Media try subduing it. This is all happening in the 10th house, remember - this is going to make an impact. I hope it is held in time to get this people to the polls for the midterm elections.

Capricorn, which vibrates to the 10th house, will be on the ascendant during the time of the rally. It is conjunct Ceres, the Earth Mother mini-planet. This is a day for those who want to restore caring and concern to government.

I understand the Fox Noise Machine is already decrying this rally - and they have reason to be nervous. It will show their noisy minority is just that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces? How cool is that?

Yes kids, Jupiter and Uranus are now spinning around the universe in 29 and 28 degrees of Pisces respectively - hugging quite close to one another. What does it mean to have the broad, expansive seeker of truth (Jupiter) conjunct with Uranus, the quick change artist, in that nebulous sign of Pisces? Keep in mind - and this is something people often forget -- you will only feel the effects of transits if they trigger something in your birth chart. For instance, if you were born with Mars in Pisces, when it comes around to Pisces again you are going to feel it. Someone born with Mars in Aries isn't going to feel a Mars in Pisces transit. Uranus and Jupiter don't come back around to the signs in which we were born in our lifetimes (unless we live well into our 90s) so you will feel the impact of these two if they are in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus (the personal planets.)

For the most part, two outer planets making a strong conjunction throw more of an influence over society as a whole than to individuals.

Ok that over with; let's see what is cooking with Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter in Pisces is a time when mystical tendencies and religious fervor are at a peak. Uranus in Pisces heightens intuition and heightens spiritual awareness. Hmmm....none of that going on in the world right now!

Ok you want another twist? Of course you do. Both planets are in retrograde right now. That means they look as though they are going in reverse in the sky. Astrologically it indicates a time when those energies of that planet have to find a new way of expressing themselves. It is as though the normal channel is clogged and the energy has to make a new pathway.

I can't help but feel that the current Tea Party craziness and Fox media stars attempting to portray themselves as preachers bringing religion to American government are all a part of this sideways Jupiter/Uranus energy. Yeah I know I thought the religious right was gone for good too.

Threats of Koran burning, lies about "Ground Zero Mosques" - these are all expressions of this heightened energy too

Jupiter and Uranus will stay in this conjunction until late April 2011 so hang on kids. Let's just hope cooler heads can keep them hosed down before they do any real damage

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I recently finished reading The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey, by Candice Millard, a fascinating book detailing the ex-President’s harrowing trek through the wilds of South America. I dubbed the book “20 goofballs on a boat.” What would make anyone do something like that is beyond me- then again, I define “roughing it” as staying at a hotel where room service ends at midnight.

As I kid, I was fascinated by TR, as we seem to call him now. He was the first Scorpio President I had come across. (There were actually five Scorpio Presidents – the most of any sign, I might add. Well OK Scorp is tied with Aquarius .) In addition, his birthday on October 27 is one day away from mine on the 26th. I liked TR…then I started to read more about him.

There is much about the President that is admirable. Born a sickly, asthmatic child, he built his strength through sheer stamina and hard work. He also continued with a speech while President with a would-be assassin’s bullet lodged in his chest. His exploration and protection of the wild areas of America led to the National Park System and he wrecked havoc on big corporations that were bleeding workers in the early 20th Century.

However, his sheer love of war, his need to destroy opponents and his inability to compromise make him a hard role model.

At first look his chart stunned me a little. Pisces rising? Pisces rising? (Check my entry on Pisces on the first house to see why I was shocked at that.) Pisces rising is not one to run around charging into battle and yelling “bully” with decisiveness. To make things more interesting, he has the ruler of Pisces, Neptune in the first house – that is double dose of what should be a somewhat dreamy, rather confused – hard to fit into the world persona.

What is going on here?

The asthma, the sickly body – yup, that is Neptunian for sure. The dreams of preserving the wilderness, of charging up San Juan Hill and other great adventures, building the biggest Navy, starting a new political party – yes, that too is Neptunian. However, most Pisces rising can get stuck in their dreams. (I always say Walter Middy was a Pisces just like Scarlett O’Hara was the perfect Aries. Hmm, I see blog posts on fictional characters!)

What fueled his dreams? Look for your answer in the stellium on the top of his chart. A stellium is five or more bodies in conjunction with one another. He has Venus in conjunction with Ceres, Vesta, Juno and the Black Moon, Lilith, all in Sagittarius in his 9th and 10th house – the houses of international affairs and career and government. Hello! Ceres, mother earth, the care giver to the world, Vesta, the burning hearts desire, Juno, the sign of loyalty and devotion to a person or cause and Lilith the rule breaker all in the fire sign of Sagittarius, which itself vibrates to the 9th house. This is fire, this is energy, and this is go out in the world and do.

That stellium literally allowed him to put his dreams into actions.

Now, had he not been born into a wealthy family – had not had a father who told him to go out and heal his body and work to make it strong…could he just as easily have wound up sitting behind a desk dreaming of great exploits his whole life? You bet he could have! There is more the life than an astrological chart! It is the road map – if we have the ability or desire to follow it we do. If not, we go off the highway.

And then there is Mars in Capricorn. Mars, the god of war, is in the sign that rules 10th house – fueled by the Capricorn giving him a structure and way to channel his energy. This energy was particularly fueled by emotional hurts. Roosevelt lost his first wife and mother on the same day. His first reaction was typically water sign (Pisces rising, Scorpio Sun). He went away into the wilderness alone – expressing his grief by conquering the Nature that took away his loved ones. When he returned he would be ready to fire ahead on some great project.

In fact, he took this trip to South America after he lost the Presidency to Woodrow Wilson. This was part of the typical retreat and re-attack pattern. The trip would eventually lead to his early death so there wasn’t much attack left in him upon his return. Returning alive was the miraculous part.

He did live to see the death of a son in World War I. This would be horrible to any parent, of course, but to one who so championed war and adventure it was even worse. Roosevelt carried heavy guilt over that. In addition, several other sons were injured in the War. Take note of Saturn in his 5th house, the house of creativity and children. Where we see Saturn, we see a depression – a restriction in that area. Many Saturn 5th house people can’t have children. Those that do will often have problems with their off spring.

Roosevelt also was the father of fiery Alice Longworth Roosevelt of whom he said, "I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both. Enough said about Saturn in the 5th.

TR was a fascinating mix of introspective water and unbridled fire. That combined with some strong DNA and unlimited opportunities made for one remarkable character who for better or worse will live in the history books of America as long as it does.

If you aren't as organized as Teddy Roosevelt contact Julie Gray at Profound Impact

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ben Franklin Boldly Lived His Chart

Ok I promised I would look at Ben Franklin’s chart and, as usual, Ben does not disappoint. In fact, his chart is so easy it explains itself! Look at his Aries ascendant with Neptune in the first – Aries, the sign of the leader combined with Neptune the dreamer. How many of Ben’s dreams that he used his Aries leadership energy to invent do we still use? The Franklin Stove, the postal service, bifocals and the lightening rod, to name a few.

More fascinating is his second house. He has Saturn, the Part of Fortune and his South Node in Taurus all in the second house, the house of self worth and possessions. (Taurus vibrates to the second house – so this is a double whammy of Taurian power here.) The first thing that jumps out is that Ben had very good karma in that area from his past lives. Taurus South Node – this is someone who dealt with money and goods in his past life- and he did a good, honest job of it because he was able to retire from his printing job at thirty years old and live quite well. The Part of Fortune is where we receive benefit from others. It is clear that he was able to receive a great deal of good will from others from the treatment he gave them in prior lives.

When you add the task master Saturn in Taurus to the second house you see someone who applies the stubbornness of Taurus and the methodical thinking of Saturn to amass a nice fortune for himself and his family.

Ah speaking of family! Look at this 5th house, the house of creativity and the ultimate creative act, having children. We see the trickster Uranus there – the one sudden change and just a deep level of quirkiness. We know that Franklin blamed himself his entire life for the loss of his young daughter from small pox because he didn’t give her the new vaccine. In addition, his son was illegitimate although raised by his wife as her own. His son became governor of the State of New Jersey and remained loyal to the Crown. The kicker here is that Franklin and his son suddenly and irrevocably split at the beginning of the Revolutionary war yet, Franklin would raise his son’s son – who by the way was also illegitimate.

Franklin was estranged from his own father and ran away from the printing shop of his older brother. Did I say Uranus makes things quirky?

I have to smile when I see his Sun in Capricorn in the 10th house – the house of career status and the structures that keep society whole – and his Venus also Capricorn 10 but sitting right on the Mid Heaven. The Mid Heaven is the vibration for our career. Can you see how it was easy for Ben to charm the pants (perhaps literally) off of French society as he tried to get them to side with the Colonies? He imported coon skin hats – something he never wore back home – but which furthered the image of the wild Colonist which the French just loved. He was the toast of France. (Much to the chagrin of the dour John Adams who despised Franklin. Ut oh. I see a synastry chart of these two in my near future.)

Why did he spend so much time overseas? Between London, Paris and Amsterdam, Franklin spent more than thirty years in Europe. Take a look at his 9th house, the house of seeking beyond our borders – of seeking and learning the ways of other cultures and other religions to find our own truth. He has Mars in its ruling sign of Aries, Pallas Athena, the warrior/healing goddess and Vesta, the goddess of the burning heart’s desire also in Aries in the 9th. If this was a chart of someone who didn’t have the Taurus and Pisces influences his does, we could be seeing the chart of an invading military authority. Franklin is more nuanced that that. Yes it was a time of war and he was there doing the bidding of country at war but he used the more placid aspects of his chart to finesse out of these countries what was needed for battle.

He also has Chiron, the sacred wound indicator in the 9th. He was born with a fear of not knowing he could connect to the sacred, or would not find his own truth. He didn’t shirk from this fear however. I believe his alms giving to different religions was really part of his search.

His wife, by the way, never left America and spent most of their marriage managing his affairs here as he charmed his way through Europe. In fact, he didn’t even return when he was told she was sick and then died. Remember the shadow of Aquarius (which is in his 5th) is the inability to get close to people – a very impersonal touch. The 5th vibrates to creativity and also has an influence in finding marriage partners. His marriage was tinged with co-dependence. He has Juno, the goddess consort in Libra in the 7th, the house of partnership. Libra rules his 7th house. Libra is all about the other person. Someone embodying the positive effects of Libra would be very caring toward the partner. With his Jupiter opposite dreamy Neptune – he was off shooting the Moon and having quite the co-dependent relationship with Debra, who remained behind, raising the kids and keeping the house.

See his Moon in Pisces in the 11th house? He was using this very spiritual Moon in the house of group friendship and group activities that help the public good – to work his Venus charm to forge a new nation! His Moon also explains another aspect of his personality. Franklin was a vegetarian who believed in reincarnation who gave money to pretty much every church in the Philadelphia area. While he was not a person who believed in organized religions, he had a strong Piscean belief that we all must find a connection to the universal god-source. At his funeral, representatives from every church marched in the procession.

I don’t think there is much doubt that Franklin embodied and lived his North Node in Scorpio in the 8th house – that is the sign and the house of personal power and transformation. His North Node is conjunct the goddess asteroid Ceres (which is now considered a mini-planet). Ceres was the Roman name for what we call Mother Nature and was the ultimate nurturer. By using his personal power and transforming himself from printer to inventor to diplomat to statesman, Franklin nurtured an imprinted a new nation as no other “Founding Father” did.

Next time, Thomas Jefferson. In this day of hatred, religious intolerance and a total lack of knowledge by some of our Constitution and the ideals of those “Founding Fathers”, it is important to look at this Father who kept a Koran in his home and held an Iftar in the White House.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unity March September 12, 2010

I am so tired of hate and fear mongering in our current dialogue and discrimination against religions some deem lesser than theirs. However, I want to talk about positive events and not dwell on the negative. I will leave that the so called "main stream media" who loves to churn fear into ratings.

On September 12, 2010 at 12:30 PM - there will be an interfaith Unity Walk in Washington DC - promoting peace and understanding among people of all religions and spiritual ideas.

(Hold onto your hats kids. Ramadan ends on September 11 this year.)

You know, Ben Franklin was a vegetarian who believed in reincarnation - (dang I have to do his chart!) but he contributed money to temples and churches of all faiths and denominations because he believed so fiercely in religious freedom. Where are you now BEN? Well, he is in the hearts, minds, souls and soles of those of us who will march together on the 12th.

I am sure the media will pay much more attention to the hate marches that will take place on the 11th, which this year also marks the ends of Ramadan but it is important to be a part of brotherhood, don't you think?

Of course, I had to whip up a chart for the day - and two things struck me. First, there are 4 "planets' in the 12th house - the house the deals with our connection to the cosmic consciousness - the universal source. Mars and Venus are in conjunction with one another - giving marchers the strength of Mars energy behind our ideals of a more beautiful world. Mars is in Libra; the sign of the dealing with other but Venus is already in Scorpio - the sign of passion.

Also in the 12th are the Moon and the asteroid Pallas Athena both in Scorpio. The city of Athens was named after Pallas - she is the goddess of war and healing. (She killed and then she healed.) This conjunction indicates a fruitful environment for sympathetic understanding and a rapport among people on a very deep, visceral and emotional level. A wonderful time for a unity walk.

In the 5th house, the house of creativity, we have a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. OK, here is the fun part, Pisces vibrates to the 12th house- that house of our connection with the universe, higher ideals, the god-source etc. Jupiter is all about expansion, and cultural and religious exchanges and going beyond our village to understand how other people survive and thrive. Uranus, rules Aquarius, is the epitome of brotherhood and understanding. (Yes, let's all sing the song --"This is the dawning....")

Putting those two together is a harbinger for a wonderful day of unity. Right? Well, yes but there is a rub. Both planets are in retrograde - which means they need a new and different way of expressing themselves.

The way I see, the unity walks here in Washington and others in major cities around the country will NOT be headline news. No, we will see all of the hate speech and signs instead. We just have to hope that there are others who have turned away from the main stream media and have found other avenues for peace and understanding.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 28, 2010 - and I don't like it.

I recently posted to my Facebook page a note about there being no hope for American politics if the allegedly unbiased media allows stories of hate and disinformation such as the so called ground zero mosque to distort reality. Progressives have almost no outlet for information dissemination with FOX, the arm of the radical elements of the GOP, spewing distortions on a 24-7 basis and the main stream media lapping up everything they say and pushing it out as viable news. (Remember Shirley Sherrod?) It is one stream of nonsense after another blown up as a major news story and then drummed into our brains over and over.

On August 28th Glenn Beck is planning another hate-a-palooza here in Washington, called the "Restoring Honor Rally."  He claims he had no idea it was the anniversary of the historic Martin Luther King speech on the same Washington Mall. Oh please..and they just happen to be having the rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, right?

Astrologically it will be a busy day over Washington. Mars and Venus will be in conjunction in Libra in the first house. Libra, whose shadow is co-dependence and looking for excuses in the "other" - will have a field day with these whiners who we never heard from when Pres. Bush was running up the huge deficits we have now but squawk when President Obama buys a diet Pepsi.

Mars, the ancient god of war, will do his best to add fire and vitriol to the nonsense that poor Mr. Lincoln will have to sit quietly by and listen to all morning.  To make matters worse, Saturn, the task master,  and Vesta, the asteroid which depicts the spot of our fervent heart's desire - of extreme dedication - will also be in conjunction with the Venus/Mars duo. It will bring out the the hard core haters and we may be very shocked even by this crowd with what we hear.

If that isn't interesting enough, the emotional Moon will be in Mars - again the god of war - and in the 7th house - the house ruled by Libra - vibrating to the energy "other person."  I don't see tell tale signs of violence here - but emotions could get out of hand.

It will be a day of anger squared which will be carried for hours on end by the press. I for one, am tired of it and am very glad that the NAACP will also be on hand to take another stand against hate.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Astrology of Lobsters - the State of Maine

Still in Maine- smelling the ocean air as I write this. Just had the best lobster spring rolls at the Kennebunkport Inn but that is not the purpose of this blog. Maine became a state on March 15, 1820 as a part of the Henry Clay orchestrated Missouri Compromise. This allowed Missouri to come into the Union as a slave state and Maine, a former arm of the Massachusetts Colony, as a free state. Maine also became the first state to provide freedom and voting rights to all men regardless of color...yes, darn it, only men.

I ran a chart for Maine on their Statehood date - and used the city of Portland as "birth place" because it was the capitol of the State until the 1840's. Wow - does it surprise me that everyone here is so friendly and it is State where people come to the aid of their neighbors?  People come up to you on the street if you look the least little bit lost and go out of their way to give your car the right away. Look at that 11th house! A Stellium is when there are five or more planets in one house. Maine has seven planets, asteroids and stars in the 11th. This is the house of social, group interaction.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto in the 11th so the life force of the State undergoes change and transformation - it came in as a tail end of Massachusetts, a northern wasteland many thought a throw away used only to get Missouri into the Nation with as minimal amount of bloodshed as possible. Now it is one of America's premier vacation lands and our chief supplier of lobster and blueberries. 

Interestingly enough Maine's North Node is in Aries in the 11th so as a State it will realize its full potential as a leader in group humanitarian activities. Hmmm, what did I say about Maine being the first state to provide freedom and voting rights to men of all races? I think it got off to a good start and it has been making up to women every since.  Currently, both Maine Senators are female and Margaret Chase Smith served as Senator from 1949 - 1973 and was the first woman to have her name entered as a presidential candidate by a major political party in 1964.

With the Moon and Mercury also in Aries in 11th it is easy to see how the image of the no-nonsense, straight shooting New Englander came about. They say what they mean and they don't ramble on about it.

Maine always suffers from the "red headed step sister" image to its sexier New England states. While it did have the Bush's of Kennebunkport (too bad it is such a pretty little town), it couldn't compete with the Kennedy's of Cape Cod. Think of New England sports and skiing in Vermont and New Hampshire come to mind. It takes a few minutes to think of the summer sports on the miles of beaches and the skiing in winter of Maine. The cause for this? I believe it is in the 8th house -the house of personal power. Maine has Neptune there - the planet that deals with spirituality - and Uranus - the quirky quick change artist in conjunction with one another in the 8th. Neptune is great in the spiritual realm and there believe me if you can't meditate and zone out while looking out from the craggy beaches into the blue clear ocean you will never be able to do so anywhere else. On the physical plain, however, Neptune causes illusion and confusion. People don't have a clear image of Maine except for lobsters.

Neptune and Uranus together "dooms" Maine to a fuzzy existence without a clear and easy definition. However, I think they wouldn't want it any other way. It is as though Mainers are saying if you are lucky enough to find us we will be your friends forever.  I am so glad I found you Maine - and hope to be your friend for a long time.

Sorry, have to go - I see a long walk on the beach in my near future. Did I say this place is amazingly spiritual?

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Astrology of Lobsters

Today I am writing to you from the shore of the Kennebunk River which feeds into the Atlantic Ocean up here in Maine. Maine - where you can sleep on the second floor with your windows open in August...where you fall asleep to the distant mournful call of the ever alert fog horns and wake up to the clanking of the ship bells. Maine - where you can start growing claws from eating fresh lobster but get all your antioxidants from the blueberries which are everywhere. Ah.....

It is here on the banks of the river that you can also see astrology in action. Every morning and every evening the tides rush to an recede from the shores - every 12 hours and 24 minutes without fail. When the tide is out the river basin is so exposed that you can actually walk across the rocky floor. When the tide comes in the water is so high it rises the boats that had been asleep on the rocks and you are lucky to get an inch or two into the river bed without falling to your hips in water. Cold water I might add - the water never heats up here even in August. 

That my dear friends is astrology in action. It is taken for granted even in the least spiritual circles (although I can't account for birthers or non-evolutionists because who knows what goes on in their heads) that the Moon controls the tides. Let me repeat that - the Moon controls the tides.

We also get the word lunatic from the Latin for Moon -Luna- because people act oddly during the full Moon.  When I worked as a lobbyist for an engineering association many  button down collar, conservative  engineer types admitted that many nuclear power plants put extra security on during the full Moon because of the increased threats.

OK so the Moon controls the tides and our emotions. Why then is it so odd to think that the Sun influences our inner life force and Mercury our thought patterns and Mars our masculine warrior energy? Is it OK for the Moon to do things because we can't help but prove it's power over our lives so we have to accept it?
So many people who accept the concept of full Moon madness scoff at astrology without realizing how incongruous their argument.

Think about it - I know I will but first it is time for another lobster roll.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Barack Obama will turn 49 years old on August 4th. Sorry - I am going to do a little political rant - so if you aren't into politics skip this paragraph. Yes, to all who say he is aloof he does have the lion energy of Leo the King at his core. Deal with it. I am sorry, I like the man and I think he has passed a heck of a lot of legislation while trying to clear 8 years of errors in a very short time period. Is he perfect? Has he done everything 100 percent correctly? No. He does have the problem of being human. However, he is smart and doing his best to get us back on the right track.

My diatribe over let's look at his chart on the eve of his birthday. What I constructed above is a tri wheel. In the middle is his birth chart - his natal chart. The center is his progressed chart. A progressed chart is simply a marking of how the planets have moved in his chart only since his birth. A progressed chart is unique to each person. The largest outer chart marks the transits of the planets on any particular day - these are the same for everyone living in Washington, DC in this case.

Anyone can get a tri-wheel of progression at any time to see what influence the planets are having on your life at that moment.

The first thing that I notice is that his progressed Mercury and Mars are in Libra in the 12th house. Typically the 12th house is one of withdrawal. Planets in the 12th house are often muted and turned inward. Ironically, I was born with Mars and Mercury in the 12th house in Libra - writing is easier than speaking for me and it has taken me years to express my Mars anger and drive overtly and not look for vengeance and to just seethe inwardly.

With his progressed Mercury and Mars in the 12th and in the co-dependent sign of Libra it is no wonder that his orations have been missing the mark of late. It also accounts for his extreme concern with the "other side". Libra is all about caring way too much about helping other - being co-dependent. This progression will remain in place until early next those of like who like his speeches and want a little more fire will be disappointed for a bit longer.

Even Pallas Athena - the asteroid of androgynous female healing power is transiting his 12th house. So he has a lot of power bottled up in 12.

I am glad he is going on "The View" tomorrow - because transiting Mercury (unlike progressed) is in the 10th house - the house of social status and in conjunction with his natal Uranus and natal Lilith. Lilith is the asteroid who shows where we want to defy society. So he should have a good time with some of the wackier members of the panel.

So wait until next year you fire and brimstone Progressives - our Barack will be back.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Clash of Mars and Saturn

Last week I was speaking about astrology to a group when I mentioned that there is precious little difference between Hitler's and JFK's charts... except Hitler had that bad Mars- Saturn combination going on which made him a little - shall we say. scum sucking evil. They both had the bull eye's for charisma and the ability to sway people with speech - it is just Hitler had a bad combination of Mars and Saturn which, when badly aspected is often an indication for violence. The only time when I am doing a synastry chart of two people that I really lay things on the line and say, hey be careful here, is when I see the Mars of one person badly aspected the Saturn of another. That often indicates a propensity for violence in the relationship.

Because the universe just loves synchronicity, I then was asked to do a chart for a person who then tells me he has not a clue when he was born because he was adopted twice and the state in which he was born did not put the time on birth certificates. Hmm. No time. That is an astrologers nightmare because time tells us the rising sign - the indicator of how we express ourselves in the world. It also places all the planets and asteroids in the proper houses.

Through the process of rectification we can try to find the birth time or get close to it so I asked him a few questions. Of course, he had a disrupted home life - 4th house - but I wanted to know if it was just odd or truly burdensome. The tale he told would put Dickens to shame. He was adopted at birth because his parents couldn't afford another child but his adoptive mother died when he was still a child. Then he was then adopted by an abusive family which he escaped from at 18 and never looked back. Yes, I would say that was burdensome.

When someone is suffering from limitations or burdens I often look to Saturn. Now I know you Capricorns will get all over me but I am sorry - Saturn is an indicator of restriction and boxing in - where you see Saturn in a birth chart it shows the area where people carry worry and concern or are restricted in. When doing a transit chart, Saturn shows us where we are feeling pain and burden at that time.

Had he told me a story of generally happy but changeable home life, adopted here and then suddenly moved to another house I would have looked to the quick change artist Uranus. His story was all very Saturnine, however.

When I computed the chart I noticed something else interesting. On that day, Mars and Saturn were almost in conjunction (sitting right next to) one another. Ah ha - Mars and Saturn - violence - I placed this Mars and Saturn combo toward the middle of his 4th house because the violence began when he was seven and ran the chart from there. I told him to see if the interpretation I did for him resonated in other areas to see if we had hit the hit the right timing and indeed it did. Bingo!

I am so glad he got out of that situation and has not let it shade his adulthood. He is amazingly well adjusted for having gone through that Hell. Saturn and Mars dealt him a bad hand but he overrode it....well Dickens always liked a happy ending.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The House - the angles

As promised I am going to explore each of the houses of the Zodiac. Of course, I won't go in order - what fun is order? (The darned rising air sign always acts up on me.) However, I am starting with the first house because it is the first of the angular houses - 1, 4, 7 and 10. These are houses of high importance and actually act as anchors of the chart. For instance, yours truly here has NO Earth signs in her char. Not one planet was in an Earth sign when I was born. I am all air and water with a dash of fire thrown in. Now imagine a chart with no Earth to hold it down. I should always "out there" - never focusing - either in the depths of water's mysteries or just flipping around the atmosphere. (Another reason I hate to go in order.) However, if you look at the angles - the sign on the cusps of those angular houses you see that I have pretty good anchors. Thank the universe for small favors.

My rising sign - is in Libra an air sign, yes but a cardinal sign - a sign of leadership. The cusp* of the 4th house anchor is Capricorn - a cardinal Earth sign which vibrates to Saturn, the task master. My 7th house anchor is Aries - a fire sign but again it is cardinal. Finally my 10th house cusp is Moon Child - another cardinal sign this one in water. I have all 4 cardinal signs on my anchor (angular) houses. These keep me focused - give me a goal and give me the drive to succeed.

Fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - are signs of strength and stubbornness and they vibrate to the second, fifth, either and eleventh houses. Mutable, more adaptable, less focused signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces vibrate to the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses.

That is why it is important to look at the entire chart. Without strong angular houses my chart interpretation would be vastly different. Next time, I will look at one of the angular houses...maybe the first; maybe the tenth....depends on how I feel. :)

*The cusps are the signs that sit at the door of each house. Look at the small outter wheel on the chart to find them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy Birthday America. What? You thought a country can't have a birth chart? Well, I have to admit some of them are hard to find. Some countries that have been around since before dust was invented have no real known birth time. I mean, when did Egypt become Egypt for goodness sakes? However, our chart - that of the USA - is easy because we had a defined time when people signed a document saying - we are now a nation. Those founding fathers were so organized.

The ascendant, rising sign, of America - our outward personality feature - is Sagittarius. Makes sense - Sag. is the explorer and expansionist sign. It is the sign that keeps reaching and growing. The downside of Sagittarius is not knowing when to stop speculating or taking risks that are too large and cannot be sustained. We have seen this in economics as well as warfare.

Sagittarius is the sign of spirituality - and we are often called a religious nation. It also makes us prone to the shadow element and that is the dances we do periodically with religious fundamentalists. Does it surprise anyone that when Pluto was in Sagittarius for the last 15 years we saw the rise of the religious right and the president who was wedded to them?

The ruler of our Ascendant, Jupiter, is the 7th house - the house of "the other" and is in conjunction with the Sun and Venus. So we expand to the other and make ourselves known in the world. Venus helps us spread our art and music....our greatest export are movies. Mars is also in the 7th house - and so our warrior strength is also spread around - remember the 7th house deals with other people on rather intimate levels.

Uranus, the quirky changeable guy, is also in our 7th house. We are the nation that comes to the aid of others, yet dropped the atomic bomb - twice. We are based on the great ideas of the Constitution but do things like Iraq and Vietnam. Get the picture?

It always cracks me up that we have Virgo on the Midheaven (career and social status) and Vesta, the burning heart’s desire and ruler of Virgo in Virgo's 6th house - the house of work and health. Think of it - Virgo vibrates to the 6th house, and is ruled by Vesta. We have Virgo in the house of career - Virgo is all about precise work - being the worker bee - getting the job done. Vesta is in the 6th house - so our burning heart’s desire is to work! Gee, have we been the country of the worker? Are we known to be workaholics-italics? Did we invent the phrase "work ethic"? Too bad this astrology stuff is all hokum.

Neptune is also on the Mid Heaven. Neptune gives a person their spirituality but when it comes to the physical side of things Neptune creates illusion and delusion. So again, we have that very prominent spiritual aspect that we present to the world. However, how many times do we perceive ourselves in a totally different way than others do? To many Americans we are always the good guys with the white hats. We are shocked when we realize that in many parts of the world we are considered aggressors. We just can't see it. Growing up in North Jersey, the NY Yankees were gods to me. When I go back there I always laugh at the level of Yankee mania. It was stunned when I left the area to learn that the Yankees are hated by the other teams. Remember the play, "Damn Yankees?" Well it is a bit like that - we can't believe others see is in a different light than we perceive ourselves.

Now I am not really sure if a country can have a "past life" but take a look at our South Node. It is in Aquarius in the 2nd house - the house of self worth. Our North Node is in Leo the nightly lion in the house of power in the 8th house. I am not sure the purists would like this but I think a case could be made that this shows the change in the land that became America from a more Aquarian Native American society to the world dominating Lion American Nation. I am not one to buy into the idyllic concept that Native American society was utopia but you have to admit that they existed in a more laid back - less driven society than the white men who destroyed them. Their idea of what made a person worthy and ours is vastly different and while there were many inter-tribal wars, the concept of being a world military leader was not in their modes of operation.

Our Moon is in Aquarius - ruled by Uranus - the quirky guy. So we are rather touchy people. With the Moon conjunct Athena, the goddess of war AND healing (versatile lass) so again we are emotionally attached to this warrior and good guy image. Our Moon is also attached to Ceres, the ancient symbol of Mother Earth. Mother Earth - abundance - the breadbasket of the world -- get it? These images are at our emotional core.

It is funny, our Chronic wound issue, is in Aries in the 5th house - the house of creativity. We are known for work and growth and movement. Do we give a lot of credence to creativity? Not so much - we fear we are not powerfully creative people - we are the worker bees. :)

Of course, my buddy Pluto was in Capricorn at the time of our birth - and because it is so slow moving it is just NOW returning to Capricorn again. Reread my entry on Pluto being the changer and Capricorn being the ruler of authority figures. Sadly, we also saw the French Revolution at this time and it was an example of changing authority run amuck.

So there you go America - this is who we are - one big confusing mass of work, growth, meddlesomeness and change that you just have to love. I know I do. Happy Birthday to us all!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What in the universe is a "house"?

You know sometimes the simplest questions never get asked or answered. We astrologers forget that words and phrases we so often toss around without thinking are not ones that everyone else uses in their every day lexicon! Nothing is more annoying that someone addresses me in "shop talk" so I want to take a few minutes today to get back to fundamentals.

For instance, what is a house? The famous song talks about the Moon being in the 7th house. Where is that house, 7 Moon Lane? A house is nothing more than a 30 degree swath of the sky. Because we live on a relatively circular planet that travels in a relatively circular path around the Sun, we perceive the sky above us as a circle and a circle has 360 degrees. Because there are twelve houses, each house is 30 degrees of the circle. But why twelve houses?

The ancient Sumerians and Babylonians are credited with devising the astrological system we now use in the West although it is entirely possible that some other civilization came up with the whole thing and these guys get the credit because they had a written language. So the Sumerians and Babs could have cribbed the whole system from someone else and just wrote it down. Regardless of the oddities lost in the mists of history, twelve is a very powerful number. It is a number that vibrates to the wisdom of a powerful circle. There were twelve tribes in Israel, twelve disciples followed Jesus, there are twelve months in the year, and our modern clock is divided into two groups of twelve hours. It is considered to be the ancient number of completion as it signals the end of childhood and the beginning stages of adulthood. Additionally, the ancient numbering and measuring systems are based on this number, as evidenced by terms such as a dozen (12), a gross (12 times 12), a shilling (12 pence) and a foot (12 inches). So 12 was a number of power, wisdom and a power circle - makes sense they would use it for the zodiac as well. Therefore, the zodiac pie is divided into 12 equal 30 degree pieces.

We anchor that pie in the sky, if you will, with the Eastern and Western horizons. The Eastern horizon is the point where the 1st house begins and then the circle moves in a counter clockwise direction down to the second house and up and around again so that the 12th house borders the first.

Each house influences a part of our life but more on that later. I will spend some time on each house in the next few months.

Happy 4th all -- of July not house…although the 4th house vibrates to home, hearth and patriotism!

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