Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romeny - Uranus and Gemini In The First

I assume I will be talking a lot about Mitt in 2012. Although my progressive heart would love to see Newt as the GOP nominee I do think they will eventually nominate a beaten and bruised Romney.

One knock on Mitt is his shall we say flexibility. He has the amazing talent to be all things to all people - liberal governor of Massachusetts and author or "Romneycare" or conservative businessman. He adapts for the occasion.

Well no wonder! He has as an ascendant or rising sign - Gemini, the sign of duality and the twins. The ascendant is how we present ourselves to the world. Remember, in the ancient days the Sun Sign was a triviality. Who you were was determined mostly by the first house - the ascendant. This is a much better way of doing Astrology than the modern fascination with the Sun.

Also, in his first is wild and crazy Uranus, the electric, quick change artist! How can he not be a chameleon! His first house is all about change and duality...perfect for a politician but not in the days of instant replay when the many opinions can be played against one another.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feeling especially spiritual today?

I just had to share today's chart with you! There is a huge conjunction or stellium of planets in the 12th house - the house that connects us with God, the Universere -  Right now, Pallas Athena, Neptune, Chiron, Venus, the Moon, Vesta and Uranus are all transiting the 12th house.  So if you feel like chucking your work and contemplate a flower go with it - there is no better time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Newty - Newty

A few blog entries ago I said that there was going to be a big shift in Washington right after the New Year. While my peaceful Aquarius friend said it could bring in a peaceful time in Washington, I felt my snarky Scorpio interpretation would be more on target. That is, it would be a time when one side would go too far to real blow things out of the water. I do hate to say I told ya so but along came the reborn again - and again - and again - Newt Gingrich and his hate wagon appealing to the worst in all of us- also known as the Tea Party and kaboom!

Of course, I had to look up the Newtsters chart - there had to be some big fixed signs in there I thought. Low and behold fixed it is - a stellium of Leo planets and asteroids that straddle the 6th and 7th houses. Leo, the king of jungle - the Lord who demands that things be done his way.

Ironically, his North Node where he should be going toward is in Leo - however, I feel he is deeply ensconced in his Leo Chironic wound issue - the need to stand out - to be powerful to be heard and to be obeyed because secretly he feels inadequate in all of those areas. Chiron is trumping the North Node.  With his past life indicator, Aquarius South Node in the 12th, I can see him as part of  a wandering boys club – I could even see him as a warring crusader –  a part of an independent band of men who convinced themselves they were doing good by “killing for God” – hence he satisfied the Aquarius need to do good…  Very anti woman ( negative aspects to the "girl asteroids"– very much all about personal freedom and vanquishing the opponent.

Oh and if you are wondering why he has foot in mouth disease and is such a loose cannon, look at the ruler of his South Node, Uranus, sitting right next to Mercury, the communicator. Uranus is the quirky planet, and when it comes up next to Mercury the person will say whatever without much regard for consequences.

So there he is in a nutshell ensconced in his past warrior mode, suffering the slings an d arrows of a Chironic wound that he doesn't seem to want to heal and saying whatever he feels his loyal bands of haters will want to hear so that he can stay in power. As an astrologer it makes me sad, but as a Progressive I say - have it Newt keep talking!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make Friends With Uranus - Because He Is About To Go

Loopy! On January 20th the Sun will enter the constellation Aquarius ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side so you get some idea of what the archetype is for Aquarius --- the rebel, the change agent. The other side of Aquarius is a sense of universal brotherhood, a  love of freedom. It also rules electricity and electronics.
courtesy of Arlenew.com
Uranus itself has just entered Aries - the sign of the take charge warrior. For the next several years we are going to see an explosion of freedom movements around the world - some that will be violent, sadly. We will also have advances in electronics that will make even the last few years like the horse and buggie days.

Also watch for that "quest for freedom" and be my friend but don't get too close to happen in relationships...you might see some folks break up that you will never expect that to happen to!

Just expect the unexpected - in spades!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Teleclass - The Mythological Archetypes of Astrology

The Mythological Archetypes of Astrology Class

What are the roots of Astrology? What are those universal “Forms”, as Plato called them or Jungian archetypes that are the core energy that vibrate in each house of zodiac?

Find out in this six week course that will bring ancient Astrology to life and show you how it affects your chart today. We will explore the gods and goddess of the Babylonians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans and their roles in Astrology. For instance, who was Chronos and what does he have to do with Capricorn and the 10th House?  The Romans called him Aries but how did the Babylonians define his energy and why did he get the 1st House?  Ishtar is Venus energy by another name – how has she changed over the millennia and how do we interpret her today?
By the end of the class you will know the historical roots of Astrological energy and how that energy translates in your chart. (You will get a print out of your birth chart if you do not already have one.)

Each week in this six week course we will explore two Astrological signs. 

Each 90 minute tele-class is $30.  If you sign up for all six the cost is $150. Participants will receive a telephone number and pin for access to the class. For questions or to sign up please email me at Joansastrology@gmail.com.  Credit card payments can be made at Joansastrology.blogspot.com. Checks can be sent to Joan’s Astrology P.O. Box 5121, Arlington, VA 22205.

Classes begin Feb 15, 2012 and will be held every Wednesday night starting at 7:30 PM Eastern time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forget Resolutions - Get Your Yearly Chart Analyzed

This is the time to make resolutions which only serve to make you feel terrible two weeks down the road when they already in tatters on the floor. Why not ask the stars what areas of your life that the will be highlighted in the next twelve months? Think about it - why bother working against the tide? If you are getting help from the universe in a few areas work with it!

Order the chart on the blog - you will get a full eighteen month - two year analysis for only $75.


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