Friday, April 30, 2010

The Dark Moon May 10 - 13

The Dark Moon also called Lilith is astronomically the three days before the New Moon appears. The Moon, of course, cycles around us and appears with different "faces", the full Moon, half Moon, quarter Moons. A new Moon is when it lies directly in the path between Earth and Sun, and appears to us to be in conjunction with the Sun. However, the three days before the Moon goes "new" every month it disappears totally from our view. To the ancients, it was a dark, mysterious time. Unfortunately, over the years as we moved from matriarchal religions to more male dominated religions, the dark and mysterious Moon has become demonized. It became the symbol of the "bad girl" and the baddest of them all is Lilith.

First mentioned in Sumerian mythology about 3000 years ago, Lilith was seen in Hebrew stories as the first wife of Adam. She was not too happy with the plan that she should submit to Adam and be that happy helper stuff that Eve fell for so she said "bye bye Adam" and went off to make her own way in the world. So forevermore, she was called the bad girl - the fallen woman - of the Hebrew Bible. Because the Moon has always been associated with the feminine the dark Moon, the time of mystery and secrecy eventually bore the name of Lilith.

Astrologically, the time of the dark Moon is the time when we should get in touch with the hidden side, with the side we hide from society because it is not acceptable. This is the time we need to assess why we keep the side hidden and why we dance to the rules of society.

Where Lilith is on your astrological chart indicates the area where we will often have a spiritual crises because we are hiding a part of our true self so as not to risk disapproval. Is it in Aries? Well, where is your fear of charting new courses? Gemini? Well, always seeking the unusual in travel is fun but are you running away from something? Scorpio Lilith brings passion and pushes us to be free of sexual inhibitions.

So use those dark days to see what you have kept hidden from yourself for fear of repercussions and assess if that is still working for you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michelle Obama - A Very Piscean First Lady

OK purists don't pounce. Yes, Michelle Obama, born January 17, 1964, has her Sun was Capricorn. I know, I know. (Rats, it is terrible when the first lady is THAT much younger than you. That is a first for me! But I digress.) However, she has a lot of Pisces in her "personal signs" namely the Moon and Venus. Sadly, the time of her birth is not published and astrologers will need to hound her to get it I am sure. Regardless of the exact time, we know that the Moon and Venus were both in Pisces that day and it a very tight conjunction, only about one degree away from one another. Obviously, this will be a very strong influence on her chart.

With Pisces comes compassion and the ability to reach out and solve other people’s problems. Pisces remember is what connects us to the cosmic awareness – it is that great cosmic soup from which all spirituality emerges. It brings a deep desire to connect and meld itself with the universe. When she “defies protocol” to reach out to the Queen of England or hugs children of the Haitian hurricane she is honoring this Piscean desire to bring together – to touch a feel the universe around her. Pisces is a deep water sign and water does all it can to penetrate and encompass its surroundings.

With Venus and the Moon connected in Pisces, her emotions, her compassion and her love are all driven by this desire to unite – to help – to encompass.

Carried to the extreme Pisces can martyr itself – give itself totally for another person or another cause. Any Pisces Moon person has to watch not to allow others to pull on their emotional strings to the point that they become emotionally abused by them. Believe me I know – Pisces Moon here has been a real pain in my chart. However, I am a double water person – Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon. Michelle has the steely determination of her Capricorn Sun --- a Cardinal, Earth Sign. Cardinal signs are the rulers – the ones that initiate action. So that will give her the ability to set personal limits.

Still, how much of herself has she given up for love? I am in no way painting her as a victim. However, she did give up her career as a lawyer, which kept the Obama’s afloat during his community activist days, for his political career. That would not have been a decision made with such apparent grace had she been given an Aries or Leo Moon/Venus conjunction. Those fire signs would find the prospect of losing their position of prominence in the partnership a most distasteful proposition.

Also, regardless of her birth time, her North Node (where her soul is evolving toward) is in Cancer, another Water Sign. Cancer (or Moon Child) rules the Moon and is the sign epitomized as the care-giver, the mother. Moon Children want to mother (and can sometimes smother) people in their care – making sure they get all the essentials of life like a mother does for a child. In less than a year into her husband’s administration our Pisces Moon/Venus First Lady has quietly swum her way into the forefront of the childhood obesity debate. She is clearly evolving on a soul level in the direction intended in this lifetime which accounts for the ease in which she has slipped into this role. (When you are following your Node, the universe smiles on you!)

This also leads me to play with her chart a bit. What if she was born around 2:45 PM? What would her chart look like then? Well, first it would put her North Node in Cancer in her first house and would make her ascendant – her rising sign – her life force – also in Cancer. A water rising sign just intensifies her compassion but it also makes her rising sign Cardinal – like her Sun sign. So that compassion and concern is given a double dose of leadership ability. This is a perfect placement of someone destined to be the caring, compassionate but no nonsense mother figure for an entire nation.

This time also places Ceres, the Roman symbol of Mother Earth in the 6th house – the house of health and healing and places Pallas Athena, the warrior healer on the cusp of the 6th house.

I have no idea if this is the time she was born – so the chart below is NOT official in anyway. It is just what I see makes the most sense.

The important thing to remember is that we know she has the compassion of two of the water signs, with the strength of Capricorn abundant in her chart and right now she is using them for the benefit of all of us. No wonder she has said she has the fun job and seems to be thoroughly enjoying her tenure in the White House.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's up with the Earth? Volcanos and Earthquakes and Sinkholes Oh My!

Since I am NOT heading to the airport to catch a flight to Stockholm as I thought I would be doing today thanks to a "friendly neighborhood" Icelandic volcano- I decided to take some time and ponder the question, "What is the deal, Earth?" From earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Mexico (among others) to this volcanic eruption, it seems "terra firma" isn't so much these days. If you listen to Pat Robertson (and, why would you) he would say it is a sign of the "end of times." Why do these guys love the end of the world so much? Could it be it is all the better to control terrified people? But I digress.

If you are a beloved follower of this blog you will know that I have spent some time on the movement of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is a pokey, mini planet that packs a punch because it deals with transformation and change. Because it moves so slowly, Pluto has time to get into the "guts" of the sign it inhabits and really penetrate to the core making changes to long standing beliefs.

Capricorn is the sign dealing with the authority structures that keep society in place....the structure we live within.

In previous blogs I have talked about the changes Pluto in Capricorn is bringing to politics from the sublime - Obama - to the ridiculous - the Tea Party. (NOTE to the Republican Party, while you are trying to harness the power of the Tea Party while keeping them at arm's length, just keep in mind the last time we had Pluto here we had the French Revolution. It was the epitome of gang revolt that went too far and feed off those who brought it to power.) All things have a positive and shadow outcome - it is the yin and yang of life.

Pluto here also changed the monetary system and brought around failures to long standing financial institutions.

However, let's take this another step. What can be more "Capricornian" that Earth - the actual structure of the land on which we stand? Right now, Pluto and Saturn are making a "trine aspect" a flowing aspect of 30 degrees and both are in Earth signs. Saturn is now in Virgo. Because Saturn rules Capricorn - we are now in a period of double dose of change to our structures. What better time for earthquakes and volcanoes? Remember last week I spoke of "aspects"? This is a very powerful one - Saturn, ruler of Capricorn is trine to Pluto in Capricorn - that is whole lot of shaking up going on.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2024, the Earth won't keep rolling the whole time but it will be an active time and when strong aspects like this come around we will be more susceptible to this kind of natural "disaster." I put that in quotes because while these things are devastating to the people in the area, the Earth changes it is the nature of the beast.

When Pluto was in:

Sagittarius 1995 - 2008 - the time of spiritual awareness - the shadow being fundamentalism.

Scorpio 1983 - 1995 - the time of the sexual revolution - the shadow being sexual prevision made more public.

Libra - 1971 - 1983 - the time when relationships and the ideas of romance changed - the shadow being our obsession with youth, beauty and cosmetic alterations.

Virgo 1958 - 1971 - the time of the rise of the women's movement - and environmental movement -
The shadow being the growth of "fast food" and environmental pollutants.

Leo -1939 - 1958 - the time when the "baby boomers - the ME generation was born." It was the time when the individual came into focus - the value of one person was learned but can you find a more self obsessed, ego centric group of people than we boomers?

Friday, April 9, 2010

If you feel a little loopy on April 13......

blame it on aspects....or the lack thereof. On April 13 few planets will be in "aspect" to each other. An aspect is simply the appearance of planet orbits intersecting one another. For instance, have you ever looked up and spied Mars and Jupiter shining brightly in the sky together? Well their orbits are in conjunction with one another at that time. As planets zip around the Sun, their orbits can appear close to one another - a conjunction -- or be in total opposition to one another. There are other aspects such as trine, and square...but the thing to remember is that aspects really impact how those planets play out in our lives. If you are born with Pluto conjunct the Moon, then the influence of Pluto - the need to change and transform - will cause you to feel the need tear down your emotions. You will always question your emotional response to issues and always double guess your reactions.

If you have no aspects to a particular planet that planet will run wild in your chart. For instance, someone born with no aspect to their Sun (our life force) will often not develop a strong sense of self. A famous unaspected (also known as peregrine) Sun person is Hillary Clinton. I always laughed when I saw her thousands of hair style changes while first lady...that is classic unaspected Sun. Who am I? How should I appear to the world?

For years she battled with the concept of am I a "traditional first lady" or do I want more? Then she seemingly settled into a role of Senator she decided to run for President. Remember what happened when her Presidential campaign started to go south? She became a chameleon and in the end was a populist stumper! Who was that masked woman? Unaspected Sun under pressure -manifesting in almost a textbook style.

On April 13, 2010 the planets will be making no exact aspect to one another. If you are born with an unaspected planet you are going to feel it big time that day -- you won't be able to find any grounding. If you have an unaspected Mercury you may find yourself babbling away or unable to concentrate, unaspected Mars people - watch your temper. It will be a day of free reigned energy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Martha Washington -First of the First.

After looking at Dolley Madison's chart a few weeks ago, I decided to take a look at the charts of other first ladies. So why not start with the first of the first....Martha Washington? This first lady, born June 2, 1731 at Chestnut Grove, Virginia at 10:29 AM, is known mostly for her quiet, regal reserve, her generosity especially to the Revolutionary war soldiers and her devotion to her husband.

First glance at her chart shows a domination of planets and asteroids in her 10th house, the house of society and government and the 9th house, the house of "searching" - reaching beyond ourselves and our borders. (I know that is a nutshell description but hang on.) She has the Sun in Gemini in conjunction with Mars and Neptune in the 10th. So her life force energy, her Sun, was in the house that generally rules social structure and government - gee, think that would account for an attraction to a outrageously ambitious man involved in government building? To that, she has Mars -raw energetic power - but that is influenced by the spirituality and compassion of Neptune. It was that Neptune, with its influence from Pisces compassion and caring for others, that lead her spend many a frigid winter and boiling summer caring for her husband's soldiers. Mars gave her the fortitude, Neptune the desire.

Martha Washington was a very wealthy woman - mostly from her first marriage. Ah yes, first marriage - look at Pisces on the cusp of her 7th house. That usually portends karmic marriages - people we have gone around with before. (One of these days I will get around to doing a synastry chart on George and Martha. Ah so many charts so little time!) Pisces on the 7th also shows the possibility of more than one marriage in a lifetime. Martha's first husband died leaving her very wealthy and socially positioned.

With her Moon in Taurus it was a good thing she was left wealthy. Taureans love possessions - they love comfort - just think of the Bull in the pasture lying in the sweet grass. They are very happy when they have "things" around them. Taurus resonates to the 2nd house - the house of self worth and possessions - so they have a natural affinity toward that connection - comfort and goods. (Of course, it didn't hurt that she had Jupiter, the planet of expansion in her first house - the house of personality.)

Uranus in the 4th house indicates a unique home life that will change suddenly. With her husband off fighting wars and then retiring only to come out again to be President - I guess you can say her home life was unique. Sadly, Martha Washington buried several children -and that ability for Uranus to pull the rug out from you suddenly can manifest with this kind of loss as well.

While she deplored the hardships, all of those planets in the 9th house, the house of expansion, of learning other religions and cultures. She reveled in the opportunity to meet other people and explore their cultures. Stories of the stream of visitors at Mount Vernon are legendary. Had there been a White House in her day, she would have imprinted a legend of gracious hospitality.

Shortly before her death, Mrs. Washington burned the private letters between her and her husband much to the chagrin of historians. We will never know the Washington’s as we do the Adams. Well, blame that on Leo. Her Leo ascendancy gave her the regal gentility for which she was famous but it also gives a sense that there is a piece that the "king and queen" can't share with the populace. Leo is the Lion - the king of the jungle remember. While the shadow of Leo can be haughtiness and snobbery - even the most elevated of Leo's have that sense of class difference, if you will. So while she was able to share her husband, share her home and share a great deal of herself there was still that sense that you can't have it all.

As a freak for history I can lament her decision, as an astrology I totally see where she was coming from.

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