Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is NOT the Election Day Mercury Retrograde

OK I have been getting questions this weekend about Sandy being the result of Mercury going retrograde on Election Day. In a word, nope. First, Mercury isn't "stormy". Storms from the sea are a Neptune thing - remember his name was Poseidon under the Greeks? Right now Neptune has just slide into Pisces, the sign it rules, and is retrograded, so there is a lot of funky negative power churning there. 

Also, Mercury is so small and fast moving that, unlike the bigger guys, his energy is not felt early so it is not the rumblings of him soon to turn retrograde. Whatever happens on Election Day because of Mercury retrograde will be felt only then. I think the retrograde will show with voter suppression tactics and people "playing" with polling booths. My hope is that Pluto in Capricorn will reveal these tactics as it has been with the nonsense going on in Florida and the courts overturning the attempts to keep people from the polls in Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

FYI, Neptune is transiting President Obama's 1st house so it will affect his ability to express himself (although he can overcome that with a kick ass emergency work.) From Romney it is in his 10th house the house of government and of course I hope it will put a damper (sorry for the pun, sort of) on his career desires.

To that, please take a look at Mitt's belief on the role of Federal emergency response!

After all, Mercury IS the communicator!

Stay safe all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mars and Juno and Deodorant

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The ONE thing that tripped me up in this series of Presidential debates was my thought that the warrior god Mars conjunction to the loyalty goddess Juno would make Mitt Romney come out like big pappa protector at the last debate on foreign affairs. I didn't know then that internal polling was showing that macho act of his was turning off women and they made him tone in way down. (I think all that Mars energy was the cause of this "flop sweat" - it had to come out somehow.)  Instead what happened is that Romney became loyal to something else - well actually someone else - and that was President Obama. All night long he told us how he agreed with everything the President has done.

We don't always have to listen to our stars. I often tell people this is a good time to do something and they say later, I should have listened to you. That is called free will.

Just be sure of one thing if you fail to follow the energy of the universe -- invest in a good antiperspirant.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt - Big Daddy - 3rd Debate

Which Mitt will show up tonight? I believe it will be I am father protector -provider Mitt. Don't worry little women, this President may have pulled us out of two wars and killed Bin Laden but I Super Mitt will protect you!  He has that Mars/Juno conjunction that is going around in his 7th house, the house of personal relationships. He is going to do his darnedest to use that and his transiting Saturn/Sun conjunction in Scorpio in his 6th to be big Daddy protector.

With the Saturn/Sun deal in Scorpio and his Uranus still retrograded in 10 the lies and sneakiness will come fast and furious. You think he had Romnesia before? The President is going to have to be on his toes and he alert every second to keep catching him in the malarkey or his plan will work.

He has a lot of things hidden - he is going to try a surprise tactic on the President.

The other thing I would also tell the President is to jab him - get under his skin and irritate that transiting Moon in Aquarius. Mitt can go too far tonight - be too mean, too snarky, too full of it. Push push him - let him take the extra step - let him slip and let wacky Aquarius make him say what he didn't want to. That is my biggest hope for the night.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Final Debate - Thank Goddess....

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Here it is --- the final debate... between oh you know who, Oct 22, 2012, 9p in Boca Raton.

OK let me get this out front, the President has an odd conjunction on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses, the house of personal power and transformation and international affairs. He has transiting Saturn and transiting Sun straddling that cusp in Scorpio. These two together gives him a self-discipline BUT it can also limit self-expression. He has got to practice, practice, practice. Perhaps by blowing off debate practice for the first one will make him more dedicated this time but he can NOT wing it. He has to be as well prepared or more so than he was for debate two or Romney will get away with fabrications again. 

The good news is that the transiting Sun and progressed Pluto are also conjunct in the 8th giving him incredible drive and energy. This is like an either or situation - gangbusters or tongue-tied there will be no in between.

With Mars and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio in the 9th house his charisma will be at its peak. He is also going to be looking to dig up the information (Scorpio) that will lead to another "gotcha" moment. He knows more about foreign affairs than Romney and he is going to find ways to prove it. This isn't going to be a war of raw emotions and as a war of information, knowledge and statesman ship, "I know this, I can do it, you are an amateur so get out of the way." 

I love the Mars, Mercury, Venus conjunction on the 7th - 8th house cusp - this is a signature for strong, communications in a way that people can understand. Being, in Virgo, the "worker-bee" again shows we are not looking for prose but for nitty gritty details.  He wants to kill with knowledge. 

Permit me to get a bit "Oookey spooky" here. I preface this by saying my theory is based on nothing but my gut instinct - you aren't going to read this theory in any text book and I have no idea if this is at all valid but what the heck..  In his first house the President has the Part of Fortune (karmic reward) conjuncting his Midheaven (career indicator) and his natal South Node, where he is coming from previous life-wise. If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I believe the President is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Will we see something that makes us say that was Lincolnesque or what he just said comes from a different place? When he is talking about war and sacrifice and honoring the war dead will we see some indication that he feels this on a deeper level - like the level or a man who saw bloodshed in his country at an unprecedented level?  I don't know - again this is just a "Joan theory" but I am going to be watching to find out.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mitt Debate 2

Remember I mentioned that President Obama has that Mars Juno conjunct in the 10th house? Well for Mitt Romney it is in the 7th house and conjuncting his progressed Neptune. He is going to do a better job at connecting with individuals then expected at this debate. His Moon is also conjuncting Mercury so he is going to be "feeling your pain" all over the place.

I only hope that people will see the "Malarky" behind it - (Neptune.) Mars and Neptune together can help someone spin a rather mystical yarn but it can also make a person so full of cow pies that they are called out on it. The time is ripe for him to make a really dumb comment...oh please do it - please. Darn that Saturn Sun conjunction - that just might be enough to keep him from going too far.

This is the key to the debate, however - how quickly will Romney be called on his lies and lie he will continue to do. That transiting retrograded Neptune is in his 10th house - the house of career and government is what has been fueling his propensity to lie. We need to hear a lot of "Now wait that is not what you said last month" - from President Obama to call him on his crap.  Romney also has Jupiter conjunct his ascendant in his first house. This is the typical sign of "illusions of grandeur." 

The President needs to counter every lie with a fact one right after another for him to totally prevail in this debate. 

President - Second Debate - Fire This Time

Take heart depressed Democrats President Obama has Mars and Juno conjunct in his 10th house and they are in a fire sign. What? That doesn't excite you? How about Sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th? OK OK. The good news about the President's chart is that with Mars and Juno in the 10th, he is going to be focused on his career and his need to protect it! Unlike last time when he looked like he was on Nyquil, the President is going to be blazing. The Sun and Pluto in the house of transformation and personal power gives him a fighting edge as well.

He will continue to have to deal with that retrograded Neptune in the 1st house - but I am counting and praying on his fierce competitiveness and desire not to lose to a boob like Romney to overcome that disconnectedness that Neptune can cause.

He also has a Moon, Mars, Mercury conjunction in the 9th that will keep his flame ignited.

Don't expect a Joe Biden-esque performance, first that isn't the President's style and also the GOP can't wait to call him the "angry black man" to fire up their base. However, you will see some smiles and then a "But wait a minute", or "You say that now but...."

Monday, October 8, 2012

VP Debate - Joe Biden

You've got to be some kind of ogre not to love Joe Biden. I mean he has to be the most lovable Vice President we have ever had. He is also now considered quite the sex symbol among women of a certain age. 

Part of Joe's appeal is because he is well - Joe, just goofy, sweet Joe. Of course, the downside is that he sometimes falls over his tongue when he is being "cute" and comes out with some hum-dingers. That might happen at the Vice Presidential debate as he does have the retrograded Neptune sitting in his third house, the house of communication. 

However, that is about the only tricky item he has in his chart on debate night. He will be very loyal to President and play the role of healer after the President's less than stellar performance last week. The Vice President has transiting Juno and Mars in conjunction in his first house and they are conjuncting his progressed Neptune. You are going to see much of the same passion you saw in his Convention speech. Juno and Neptune are slow movers so they have been there awhile. Mars adds some fight to his words. Mars is pretty dominant in both men's charts that day so I do expect a fair amount of fireworks.

I expect Biden to take on the persona of the passionate diplomat. He has transiting Venus and Moon in the 9th house, the house of international affairs. They are both in Virgo so he should have his facts in order and be able to respond to anything Ryan may try to toss out. Also his progressed Moon is in the 8th house, the house of power. As long as he keeps that passion tamed so he doesn't blurt out anything goofy we should be OK.

I was teasing about his sex symbol status but he will appeal to women a lot during this debate. He has Jupiter, Ceres, Vesta and the Black Moon Lilith all in the 7th house, the house of personal interactions. He should use their energy to remind people about his and the tickets strong support of women's freedom and safety. Word to the Obama Team - let Joe address the women. Let him contrast the GOP's war on women with the Democrat's support of women... PLEASE. The time is perfect for him to do that.

That Mercury Saturn conjunction in the 11th house is also a good thing. He can try to emulate Bill Clinton's speech at the Convention where he will lay out point by point why his team is better. With the Virgo influence in the 9th and this it should - I say should - hold him in check so that he can make his detailed points. 

This is going to be a verbal battle - nothing polite about this evening!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

VP Debate - Paul Ryan

My liberal heart hates to say this but Paul Ryan does not have a bad chart for the upcoming Vice Presidential debate IF he doesn't get too snarky and hateful. He has Moon and Venus in Virgo in the 10th house - the house of career and social status so be prepared for wonkiness. With Mercury conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house he is going to have a lot of energy behind his words and he will be trying to ferret out secrets and information from Joe Biden. 

His intuition is going to be high and he will make some good gut decisions. He is going to try as hard as he can to appear smart, unique and inspiriting.

He has both transiting and progressed Mars in fire signs, one in the first and one in the 6th house, the houses of personality projection and work respectively, so there will be fire works. He will be powerful, aggressive and go into details, details, details. 

The risk he runs is of being too angry, too aggressive - too off putting. Although his transiting Ascendant is in Taurus in the 7th a very good place for connecting with people. But if Biden can get under his skin (without making a gaffe) he just might show Ryan to be too smug, too much the kid you want to smack around.

That he will recreate a new persona - with retro Uranus in the 4th and be a bit of a -- shall we say obfuscator of the truth.... will be evident because of his Saturn and Sun tucked away in the 12th. Like Romney at the first debate the real Ryan won't show up.

Be careful Democrats, unless he gets too pushy, too snotty Ryan will be a force to be dealt with.

First Presidential Debate Recap

My blogs written in the past two weeks said the stars were ripe for Obama to fall into two bad patterns, one being too professorial and the other looking like he didn’t want to be there. Why or why don’t they listen to me? J Also I said Romney might appear in a different way and would lie through his teeth. ( I will let you judge that last one.)  Those stars – those stars.

 I am looking ahead to the VP debates which are going to be a lot more energetic – in fact these guys should go at it. VP Biden does have a retrograded planet in his house of communication … ah one thing Joe doesn’t need is a debilitated planet in the house of speech!!! ACK.


Monday, October 1, 2012

The Presidential Debate - President Obama - Zing

Before I look at the President's chart for the debate, I heard today that Romney is going to use "zingers" against the President. All I can say from the bottom of my liberal heart is please do...oh please do. Does he really think he should stand there and zing the President of United States? Has he forgotten how well it went over when Senator McCain called then Senator Obama, "that one" in a debate? Zingers will make the hard right fringe, those people who think President Obama is a flame throwing, Muslim, Kenyan, socialist, but the saner 80 percent of the country will find it insulting. So zing away Mitty!

Now onto the chart. The President will Venus on the cusp of the 10th house, the house of career and social status during the debate. Venus in Scorpio is going to give a depth and beauty to his words BUT he needs to be careful he isn't too in-depth. The President has an issue with being too professorial in debates and this could happen again. With Saturn and Mercury in his 9th house, the house that rules higher education  - the tendency for Professor Obama to show up is great.

Uranus is still in retrograde and is transiting the Presidents first house so he might be a bit jumpy, a bit ready to get this over with and he needs to watch another "you are good enough Hilary" moment. He is anxious to get moving but he has to watch this doesn't trip this up.

If he takes a breath and keeps his answers quick and sharp he will be OK.

PS I still don't like his Sun conjuncting Uranus in the 8th house. This could be a dangerous time for him and I pray daily it goes away fast!

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