Monday, October 19, 2009

What is it with you Earth signs and your "stuff"?

I just had the dubious pleasure of watching my dear Virgo rising Virgo Sun friend move from Virginia to California. The pleasure came from seeing her do something she has been aching to do for years -- the interesting part was watching an Earth sign trying to part with her "stuff"!
Just because you guys are grounded and you have a connection to resources for goodness sakes doesn't mean you have to hang on to every piece of Earth that you have come in contact with since birth!

Oh the machinations she went through - this 30 year old thingie bobbie that I got at the flea market well that has to have a home with so and so -- and this book this book just has to go her.
Just dropping off crap you haven't used in the past 2 years at Goodwill wasn't good enough. She had to find a "home" for everything no matter how old or useless to her. It was like she was giving away her babies. The best moment came when she was agonizing over a set of pom-poms she got from a bike ride and had been sitting in a box for at least four years. With my typical Scorpio Sun sympathy I picked them up and announced, "This is what you do with them!" With that they found themselves in the trash.

It makes sense that Earth signs are attached to things - they need to feel Earth around them as a kind of security blanket. Sadly, when their emotions are out of whack they run to things to find a form of happiness. I had one dearly departed double Taurean who was a certified hoarder. After her husband died, that need for security went haywire and in a few short years her house became impassable. Another double Capricorn (Sun and rising sign) no longer allows anyone in her house because her insecurities are manifesting in a collecting frenzy.

So a note to all Earth signs - stay grounded, stay connected - just don't become so attached to STUFF...When in doubt - pitch it!


Anonymous said...

Great advice. Now I understand what's going on with me and my stuff.

Arlene Weinstock said...

Now I get it. Thanks for helping me understand what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand. thanks for your understanding.

Joan P said...

I have an Earth sgn on my 4th house cusp so I keep things sentimental to my home...Why do you think I had you paint a picture of my childhood home!!! Hard to get rid of that STUFF

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