Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mars Venus Opposition.

Feeling cranky, out of sorts? Energy low? Having even more trouble with money as usual? Blame it on Venus - or Mars or both. Right now Mars and Venus are in opposition to one another in the sky. (They will remain at odds until March 11.) Venus is in Aquarius - the sign of freedom and independence and unconventionality - and Mars is in solid and self-focused Leo. Can you see the fireworks?

To make matters more fun, for the rest of this week, the Sun and Venus are in conjunction with one another. So we have the solar power and energy of the Sun fueling the Aquarian desire to break the bonds we feel around us.

How this energy plays out with each of us, of course, depends on our personal charts. If you have Mars and Venus in a disharmonious placement natally, you are going to be really feeling the desire for independence, the demand to put yourself first. This could make for some unpleasant times with loved ones. Happy Valentine's Day All!

Because Venus deals with resources, there is a desire to break lose - spend a little more than you should - be a little more carefree - spend on yourself. Aquarius freedom and Leo self centeredness can convince us this is the perfect time to buy the latest really expensive gadget even though we know it will be cheaper six months down the road.

Even if you aren't feeling the negative effects of this placement, this is an excellent time to work on balancing your male and female energy - meditate on the two planets the feminine Venus and masculine Mars and how to align those forces. Check out the SoulSign website - for Adam's Mars/Venus attunement meditations.


Anonymous said...


I just finished listening. It all felt right on. I definitely resonated with everything you said.

Certainly the issues you raised - including about saying what I think unedited and it causing issues, the creativity, the focus on spirituality, the intuitive or psychic ability, the emotional inexperience, and the change-maker from inside structure - all of it felt right.

I need to listen to it again, but just wanted to let you know right away.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this. Wow. You are amazing at this work. What a gift.


Joan Porte said...

THANKS -- I appreciate the kind words.


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