Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rally for Sanity!

OK, you know I had to do this. Last week I talked about the electric religious fervor being wrought by the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. My last line mentioned perhaps something coming along to tamp down the zeal and low and behold here comes Jon Stewart with his Rally for Sanity scheduled in Washington on October 30. (And Colbert's March to Keep the Fear Alive - you gotta love them.) You know I ran to the computer to gin up a chart for this one right away!

Mars will be in retrograde in Sagittarius in the 11th house. The 11th is the house of group humanitarian activities. Sagittarius is the sign of searching for truth. This is a perfect setting for a large gathering of people tired of the yelling and name calling and the stupid signs who want to come together and show that America can indeed spawn normal people looking for a different way to express themselves. With Mars in retrograde the anger will be turned down. This is good.

The 10th house - the house of government - will be inundated with touchy-feely planets and asteroids on that day. We have Venus, the goddess of love, and Vesta, the asteroid that signifies where our burning heart’s desire - where we are dedicated to something - both in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury! All are in Scorpio. This may have started off as something that appeals to the Comedy Central college frat boys who are a big part of Stewart's audience. However, this is going to become something very different - very deep. Scorpio in Venus and Vesta - especially when conjunct - will not only feminize this but will bring a devotion, a dedication that is going to surprise both the organizers and the people who attend. Mercury in the mix will make sure the message gets out no matter how Fox and the Main Stream Media try subduing it. This is all happening in the 10th house, remember - this is going to make an impact. I hope it is held in time to get this people to the polls for the midterm elections.

Capricorn, which vibrates to the 10th house, will be on the ascendant during the time of the rally. It is conjunct Ceres, the Earth Mother mini-planet. This is a day for those who want to restore caring and concern to government.

I understand the Fox Noise Machine is already decrying this rally - and they have reason to be nervous. It will show their noisy minority is just that.


Anonymous said...

one would be looking to see what the charts are showing for Nov 2...

Joan Porte said...

Yes I know - election charts are tricky - it is best to look at the individual candidate for that night -- but it can be done - and although I am terrified, I guess I will have to do it!

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