Monday, November 15, 2010

You Either Got It Or You Don't - The Astrology of Charisma.

The air suddenly seems to stop and the room crackles a bit. We have all been in that situation. Someone has walked into the room who literally has sucked the air out. That person has IT - charisma. Is there an astrological signature that would indicate a person born with that little something extra? You have to ask??
Of course, there is!

Take a peek at Mercury and how close it resides next to the Sun in a chart. I mean really close. They must be in  a conjunction for a person to even have a hope of charisma. A conjunction is when two planets appear to us here on Earth to be sitting next to one another in the sky. On the chart, a conjunction is when they are within 6 degrees of one another. 

Take a look at Frank Sinatra's chart. The Sun (the little circle with the dot in the center) and Mercury the sign for the female with a funny little hat on top) are in Sagittarius.

Another person noted for her ability to wake up a room was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis whose conjunction was in the fire sign of Leo. She had the energy of Sun adding further fuel to her charisma fire. Her husband,
President Kennedy had an interesting Mercury/Sun combination - they are not that close really. BUT right between them he had Jupiter - the planet of expansion and reaching out to people - especially those beyond our borders and hope - How could he not have had people flocking to him?

The charts of Princess Diana and Madonna bear this out as well. However, you don't have to be a president or superstar to have charisma. I remember doing a chart of a man I didn't know and he had that conjunction. When I spoke to his wife about the chart, I asked her what he did and how would the charisma play out. She then told me he was a chaplain on an Army base and everyone is always flocking to his door. "He can't get away from them. The minute he walks on base they are following him."  Yup, he's got it!

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