Tuesday, December 21, 2010


DG Vinyl Clip ArtOk I can't do fictional characters and not examine the classic story of Mr. Scrooge and his merry band of ghosts now can I? Some are a no brainer: Mr. Cratchet, long suffering victim - ding ding - heavy Pisces influence. (As is his little son, Tiny Tim.) Is it me or does he annoy anyone else?) Mr. Fezziwig - strong family man, brings a familial touch to his workplace - strong on the Moon Child. The ghosts are also easy. Christmas Past is also strongly Moon Child, which vibrates to the 4th house, that of roots and home and our past. Christmas Present is a Taurus, of course. Look at all of the food and candles which surround him. Taurus loves luxury and comfort and food! Spooky Christmas Future has to be an Aquarian. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians defy normal time and remember what Marley said, "The third, more mercurial, will come in his own good time." Also, Aquarius is future minded - it is all about what is to come.

What about Scrooge? Well obviously he embodies the shadow on the signs because there isn't too much positive energy there. I see Saturn in his first house because that is always a harbinger of depression. Come on, he has to have depression to live in the house. Added to that Capricorn, the ruler of Saturn is his rising sign. The shadow of Capricorn is being stuck with the nose to the grindstone and all about gathering material wealth. Added to this I think his Sun would be in Aries. Shadow Aries folks are all about themselves and being the boss and letting everyone know they are in control. Remember Scrooge doesn't really have his epiphany until the Christmas Future ghost scares the be-gabbers out of him by showing what his future will be like. That is the way to get to Aries - show him how something will affect him!

So Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug...that is my take on Scrooge. Now I have to figure out George Bailey in time for next year!

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This is fantastic! what a great idea - the signs of the christmas characters -
do hope you do george - santa would be fun too
thanks so much for this lovely christmas cheer,
north star hugs

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