Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Do You Find Your Joy?

In this season of joy I ask the question, where on your chart do you show the capacity for fun and joy?

Take a peak at the cusp of your fifth house, that will tell you alot.  The fifth house is where we see our creativity, sexuality - fun things! A cusp is what opens each house. Look at the small outer wheel to see what sign is sitting on the line between the 4th and 5th houses. For me Aquarius is there - so I like to do things like read astrology charts for fun - (yeah I know), and read in general and do things that take me far away from where I am physically. I have a friend who has Scorpio sitting there sort of challenging her to find some fun - so she has the perpetual serious-ess!

Of course, the planets in the 5th play a roll in fun too - but take a quick peek at the 5th house cusp of friends and family - before you go Holiday shopping! It will get the right present!

On the chart below - the 5th house cusp sign is Moon Child, so expect this person to like cuddling up with a book and a hot cup of tea and doing other homey activities - as well as visiting historic sites!

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