Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romeny - Uranus and Gemini In The First

I assume I will be talking a lot about Mitt in 2012. Although my progressive heart would love to see Newt as the GOP nominee I do think they will eventually nominate a beaten and bruised Romney.

One knock on Mitt is his shall we say flexibility. He has the amazing talent to be all things to all people - liberal governor of Massachusetts and author or "Romneycare" or conservative businessman. He adapts for the occasion.

Well no wonder! He has as an ascendant or rising sign - Gemini, the sign of duality and the twins. The ascendant is how we present ourselves to the world. Remember, in the ancient days the Sun Sign was a triviality. Who you were was determined mostly by the first house - the ascendant. This is a much better way of doing Astrology than the modern fascination with the Sun.

Also, in his first is wild and crazy Uranus, the electric, quick change artist! How can he not be a chameleon! His first house is all about change and duality...perfect for a politician but not in the days of instant replay when the many opinions can be played against one another.

Stay tuned...

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