Friday, April 13, 2012

Mercury is no longer retrograded but watch Mars

Yes, Mercury has gone direct again and did so on April 4th - so sign those contracts, write those letters - Mercury won't bother you anymore. Not until she goes retrograde again but that is a while off yet. Mars, however, is now retrograded and in the rather docile sign of Virgo. Mars only goes retrograde about once every 2 years and 2 months so it is a pretty rare occurrence. Mars is stereotypical masculine energy and drive. When in retrograde our energy is diffuse, confused. Remember the old commercial about "our get up and go has gone up and went?" That is Mars retrograde! Virgo Mars makes us feel a bit hypercritical - picky and perfectionistic! We can also feel a bit hypochondriacal and worry about health and nutrition. It is a time of saying "I should start to diet more or walk more or..." Virgo vibrates to the sixth house which is also the house of day to day work so expect some increased nitpicking between co-workers at this. Because of the retrograde the energy will be inward and not clearly defined. It is the best time to watch your back! Mars will be going direct again in a few days - so pay attention to the energy shift. All of those inner annoyances will either dissipate or come to head!

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