Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am still amazed at this election.

Now that I am somewhat caught up on my sleep I am even more amazed how much we owe Pluto. You can see in my last pre-election post how nervous I was about Mercury going retrograde on Election Day. I knew we wouldn't have an exact repeat of 2000 but I knew suppression of voters would screw up the election.

Now look at Florida - again!  Had Pluto in Capricorn not brought out the women, the African Americans, the Latinos furious at these creepy old white men trying to stop the vote and turn back the clock we would all be sitting here AGAIN waiting for Florida not because of "hanging chads" but because they loaded up the ballot with so much crap and cut the number of voting booths.

It gives me the chills... and again I say - thanks Pluto!

A Final Word on Retrograded Mercury on Election Day

OK yes, Mercury is going to go retrograde (it will appear to go backwards in the sky) around 6 P Eastern on election night. AND the last time Mercury went retrograde - in fact the only time it went retrograde on a US election day was in 2000. (The one other time it was already in retrograde was in 1960.)

We all have nightmares of a repeat of 2000 but really circumstances don't repeat exactly.In addition, this year  Mercury will be in "mutual reception" with Jupiter. That means that Jupiter is in Mercury's ruler Gemini and Mercury is Sagittarius, Jupiter's ruler.

What all this means to me is that we are going to have to watch things very carefully when the votes are being counted. Mercury retrograde is very good a screwing up computers and telephones and all things that carry information electronically. With the Jupiter influence things will be in inflated and bigger.

Jupiter is also the sign of religious zealotry so I would watch for the hard religious right to be up to some tricks

Note to all Democratic poll workers - if something looks odd trust your gut and investigate!

I personally feel the only way Romney can "win" is to steal this but hey, it isn't like it hasn't happened before. He has a lot of zealots on his side.

The good news is that his Mercury is more debilitated than the President's. Also, I am counting on Pluto which is in Capricorn and has been doing it's work shaking up authority figures who are hiding secrets (Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong etc.) I am counting on Pluto to bring any organized vote stealing to public view.

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