Monday, January 28, 2013

Jupiter About to Go Direct

Jupiter has been in retrograde for a while but fear not - she will go direct again on January 30 in Gemini. Jupiter in Gemini brings about a spewing of words! Think about Jupiter is the expansionist planet - the big one that makes everything it touches large. Now combine that with Gemini the communicator and this is generally a good time to discuss issues, solutions  etc. However, when Jupiter turns retrograde it is like those words are not connecting, we are all talking beyond ourselves.

Jupiter will remain direct until June 25 so this is a good time for consensus building and coming to agreements with our words and not just talking to look smarter or better or to confuse with our words. I hope Congress uses this time to build consensus- they have no excuse to be flapping their gums just to spew discord now.

She will stay close to Vesta, the asteroid of dedication and Lilith, the rebel all in the 12th. All of this "girl energy" in the house of secrets and working behind the scenes makes this a good time for women to work together to further their causes.

This weekend I participated in the March for Gun Control here in Washington and there was a lot of talk about making gun control the next big woman's issue. YES - this is the time for that! Maybe the time is finally here for the woman to band together and force Congress to get assault weapons and body piercing armor off of our streets! Come on Jupiter - we need you.

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