Monday, May 20, 2013

What Would Marilyn Monroe Eat?

Well I read that she loved steak and I believe that from looking at her chart.

Her 6th house, the house of food and the body is opened by Capricorn, the sign of goat. Normally Capricorns like good, hearty food that is no nonsense and no frills. Good old steak would appeal to that. Frankly, with her retrograded Saturn in the 4th house (Saturn rules Capricorn), I could see where she might have enjoyed the steak even more knowing that she couldn't afford it as a child. The fourth house vibrates to ones home, childhood, roots or mother. Carrying a retrograded Saturn there tells us just how much negative karma she had to carry with her in this life in that area.

Steak too appeals to her Leo rising. It is no wonder she drank only Dom Perignon champagne. That is very Leo because the Lion, the King must have only the best. And while this has nothing to do with food - wow no wonder she had charisma to spare - the ruler of her rising sign, the Sun is up in the 10th house conjuncting with Mercury. Any Sun Mercury conjunction even not holding up the rising sign is charisma - in her case there is a double dose.

The other thing I would have advised her to eat were calming foods - Moon in Aquarius people are high strung and and her ruler of Aquarius is in Pisces - another "jumpy sign." I wonder if anyone cooked for her nerves - I doubt it.

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