Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jupiter Moves into Cancer For a Thirteen Month Run

on June 26. What does it mean for the largest planet to be in the most motherly and nurturing sign of Cancer?
At its best this transit will help with intuition, imagination, and our sense of compassion. It is a great time to find where you need to work on your compassion - you know normally the person you want to smash over the head - take a breath and think about how you can find something good about them!

This is also a great time to save your money - in other words - nurture your assets. Check your home as well - what improvements do you need to make?

If you know where your natal Jupiter is in your chart you will see when this transit will really resonate with you. For example, mine is in the 11th house in Leo. When the Jupiter in Cancer activates that I should be making time to find out how my friends do or do not nurture me - and how I care for them. (The 11th house is the house of social contacts.) It will also be a good time to do some heavy networking.

Jupiter will move into Cancer while in the 9th house. So start making your plans for that international trip you have always thought about. Too expensive? OK then go to all of the foreign restaurants and movies you always promised yourself. Remember, Cancer is nurturing and Jupiter is expansion!

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