Saturday, November 2, 2013

Scorpio Eclipse November 3 –See it or FEEL it?

OK ready or not here comes the eclipse! What does this mean astrologically? All eclipses give as a great possibility to initiate change in our lives. Solar eclipses are a new beginning – because we are seeing the coming together of the opposite forces – the yin and yang – Sun –fire and Moon – emotion. It is a great time to make plans, commitments, and decisions and say I am going to do this. It is like one big New Year’s resolution but with cosmic energy instead of ten martini’s to back it up. What I find funny is so many people want to “see” the eclipse (NOTE: watch your eyes – there are correct ways of doing that) but how many people want to feel it – to live it – to embody the energy of it? This eclipse is in Scorpio – a very transformative energy. Scorpio demands that we dig deep within ourselves, overcome our secrets, fears, and taboos, and find a new sense of power. The questions that we should be asking are where does this eclipse interact with my chart – where should I be feeling the energy of change?

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