Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Gettysburg Address - Another Lincoln Mystic Cord

“The Address” a Ken Burns special on the Gettysburg Address will air tonight, April 15 on PBS. Why they are presenting this in April when the Lincoln delivered the address in mid-November is an answer only the television gods can answer. Regardless, it made me think about that wonderful piece of American literature the astrological happenings at the time of delivery.

How wild that Pluto was sitting right on President Lincoln’s South Node when he wrote and delivered the address! He had his South Node, or past life indicator in Taurus in the fifth house. I wrote a blog entry on Lincoln and his magnificent ability to write despite his lack of education. This came from past lives spent in Taurus, ruled by Venus, the creative goddess of love and beauty, in his house of creativity and self-expression.

On the day of the Gettysburg Address, Pluto which was in Taurus then, was sitting on his Node. It was screaming at him to leave some transformational, beautiful work to history. We have not had a more mystical President than Lincoln and he was heading his instincts to create this masterpiece.
It like he belongs to the ages. 

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