Friday, September 4, 2009

Ted Kennedy - Capricorn Tenacity

When I heard of the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy I did what I always do - I ran to my computer and looked up his chart. While it may seem odd to some, death times in karmic astrology are as important as birth times. (More on that issue later, I promise.)

What struck me so much about Sen. Kennedy's chart was the high concentration of Saturn in his first house (the house which dictates how we present ourselves to the world.) The ancient Sumerians, who are credited with being the first known astrologers, didn't deal much with a Sun sign because when the Sun was up they couldn't see the rest of the stars. It was your first house - your ascendant - that was key to them.

Sen. Kennedy had Capricorn on the cusp of his first house and its ruler, Saturn, in the first house. That is a lot of Capricorn! At first it seemed bizarre. Capricorn is known to giving form and structure and being very much "within the lines" while Senator Kennedy had been known for - how shall I say this - living outside the lines for a long period of his life. I "credit “that to his heavy Piscean influence - the escapist. However, it was that strong Capricorn which gave him the courage to go on when things felt hopeless and which allowed him to prevail even over his fatal illness when he mustered the strength to speak at the 2008 Democratic Convention.

If it weren't for that Capricornian tenacity (symbolized by the sure-footed mountain goat) he never would have been able to face and ultimately triumph over life's traumas and his own self inflicted wounds.

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