Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wherefore Art Thou Mercury?

"My computer is crashing and I am losing my work!"
"I can't complete a phone call - it keeps cutting out."
"Everything I say is coming out garbled - my thoughts are all loopy."

I have been hearing a lot of that lately and lay the "blame" for these little life events at the quick little feet of Mercury. It happens to be in retrograde right now - meaning that is appears to us Earthlings as we peer out into the universe to be going backwards in the sky. Of course, it isn't going backwards but sometimes - because of how planets are spinning around the Sun - they appear to be retrograding back. It is that motion - that makes the area influenced by that planet to go a bit goofy. Retrogrades make us find a new and different path for our work.

When Mercury, which influences communications and the thought process, spins backwards a bit - we find ourselves not getting our words out the way we want, or misunderstanding others, or losing our written words. Instead of getting aggravated try to find a different way to express yourself --- back up your computer and then take time to go for a walk.

Mercury will right itself on September 29 and move from airy Libra into Virgo. Libra, the sign of the Scales, adds to our mental confusion - "should I shouldn't I, will I won't I" but solid Virgo with its feet on the ground will make it all clear to us again.

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