Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once a goat - always a goat?

Not necessarily. I thought I would go back to my South Node shadow discussion again with my old friend Capricorn! Yes, my tongue sort of is in my cheek. I have always had issues with Capricorn - he goes against my born inconoclasism. On the upside, Capricorn gives us form and structure - he controls time and bones and everything that holds us together. Capricorn make us meet obligations and color within the lines. The steady, stubborn goat keeps us moving up the mountain.

However, when people get too into their Capricornian ways - when they get into the shadow - particularly if they have a South Node in Capricorn - they can become too involved in carrying that heavy load up the hill. This can manifest as someone who feels they must always work, must always provide for everyone. They can become joyless and the epitome of a work-aholic.

Capricorn South Node people had to keep family and community together through shear hard work in past lives. They were the go-to people and while they need now to learn to go to toward Cancer in this life - using their heart instead of head - they can get stuck in that work, work attitude.

We also have to watch for the upsdie down Capricorn who tries so hard to recreate that life of order and structure that he so longs to go back there but the universe wants him to move on and - you know you can't ever go home agian. Instead of organization this Capricorn becomes too tossed up inside and losses all track of time - always arriving late - and order- sometimes becoming a horder.

My prescription for those overly-charged Capricorns - think with your heart this time - open your heart. It is about feelings not things this time.


Sue said...

I'm supposed to be Capricorn, but I don't work very hard :D

Joan P said...

Ah be careful about what one of my teachers called "boxy Western astrology." Your Sun sign is really not that important to the whole chart. Remember, when the ancient Sumarians came up with this they didn't want to look into the Sun-- it blocked all the other planets. In recent history we have become crazy over the sun sign. That is too bad.

You have to look at a person's rising sign, moon sign, aspets to get a full picture of who a person is.

When I refer to Capricors I mean Sun Capricorns, Rising Capricorns, Moon sign Capricorns - it is a full spectrum.

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