Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Uranus and Juno - sitting in a tree............

No they aren't k-i-s-s-i-n-g but they could be. For a good portion of this year and well into the next, the planet Uranus and the asteroid Juno have been in conjunction with one another - 22 degrees Pisces. A conjunction is an aspect planets make as they flip around the ecliptic (the path we take around the Sun). These two characters have been hugging one another, both 22 degrees into the constellation of Pisces.

Ok Joan what does that all mean? Well Uranus is the planet that likes to change things up. Remember, it is the only planet that spins on it's side. Uranus is all about sudden change, fast change - quick movement into the future. Juno is the ancient Roman goddess of marriage. She works on issues of loyality and commitment. Sounds contradicotry doesn't it? Well, no. It just means that this is time to find new ways to commit ourselves to people and issues. More specifially, where we commit to our way of connecting to the cosmic consciousness (that is where the Psices comes in. Pisces is our portal to the Universe.)

Remember you have to look at where these two are in your particular chart to see how you will feel their effect. In my chart, they are transiting the 6th house - the house of health and day to day work. Not surprisingly I have undertaken a plan to rid myself of my allergies to nuts - and my auto immune problems. I am committing myself to change the way my body works. I am not doing this with a traditional doctor but through meditation and energy work.

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