Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Void of Course Moon

Sounds pretty spooky huh? Well it isn't - not really. However, the reason I am writing about this today is because I got a number of comments from people feeling lost and confused on New Year's Day. There can be a hundred different reasons why a person feels out of sorts - and most have to do with what is happening in their charts at that time. When the Moon is Void of Course - it can play havoc with all of our emotions regardless of what else is happening in your chart.

So what does that phrase mean? Very simply it is when the Moon is stepping from one constellation to another and makes no aspects to any other heavenly body. ANY heavenly body that is not aspecting another is running amuck - it has no aspect to hold it in check. So when the Moon is Void of Course, our emotions (because they are controlled by the Moon) are all over the place. It is a bad time to make important decisions, sign contracts or pick that fight with your spouse. It is a time to pull back, meditate and breathe!

Void of course happens often. The Moon goes around the Earth every 28 days... so it visits each astrological constellation once every month. When it is moving from one sign to the other it is Void of Course - and that is when the fun begins. On January 1, 2010 the Moon was moving from Cancer to Leo - it was Void of Course so many people felt out of whack. If your Moon is natally in Cancer or Leo or making an aspect to them, the effect will be amplified. So every few days when you feel like tossing your computer out of the window and the dog after it - breathe... the Moon just might be on its way into another sign. It will get there soon and all will be "normal" again!

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