Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Politicans did you hear me when I said Pluto was in Capricorn?

OK folks - listen to me - I know we don't have court astrologers anymore but we should!
Months ago, I blogged about the changes coming when Pluto moved in Capricorn. Slow moving Pluto, takes 7 - 20 years to make its way through just one constellation and it always causes deep, fundamental changes in the world in the area influenced by that constellation. Unfortunately, no politican listened to me - apparently.

The baby-boomers, the "Me" generation were born when Pluto was in Leo - a time when people wanted to be the center of attention. Pluto in Virgo brought on the women's movement and when it moved to Scorpio we had the sexual revolution. Fundamentalism and spirituality rose when we saw Pluto enter Sagittarius. Late last year it moved in Capricorn which rules government and the general structure of society.

Pluto came in Capricorn with a bang with the election of our first African American President. However, Pluto isn't going anywhere for a long time -- it is going to stay in Capricorn until has just begun to foment change. The lunatic teabag movement, the general unrest of so many who feel government is working for everyone but them -- these are all manifestations of this transit. Common sense will have little influence on these changes - Pluto always works from the subconscious.

Politicians who ignore this intense desire will do so at their own risk. Democrats who bicker among themselves instead of passing landmark legislation and Republicans who think they can control the teabaggers and other lunatic fringe elements will both be disappointed. The people want to be heard - they want someone to connect. President Obama, with his incredible oratory skills, has the ability to let people know that he "feels their pain". He needs to start doing that and fast.

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