Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The astrology of multiples

I have been asked to do a birth chart for triplets, recently, and it made me think about the increased number of multiples coming to Earth right now. In vitro fertilization, when successful, lends itself to multiple births. (We have it to thank for Jon and Kate and Octomom….argh.) What does the growth of multiple births mean astrologically? The question had me confused so I turned to my teacher and astro genius Adam Gainsburg, the founder of SoulSign. As usual, he had some amazing insights.

Multiples are usually born via Cesareans; therefore, their births coincide with times that are amenable to the schedules of doctors and hospitals. Some are emergency births because something goes wrong but the average multiple birth is a scheduled C-section. Therefore, these births usually take place between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Where is the Sun at those hours? Well, it is creeping up from the Ascendant, the Eastern horizon and making its way up to the center of the sky- high noon. On the astrological chart that places it in the 4th quadrant, the span between the 10th and 12th houses.

This quadrant deals with the individual’s assimilation into society. Essentially, it is learning to blend our life force into society. This isn’t always easy because we are trying to meld and blend into the norms dictated by another group of people. If a chart is such that a person is in step with society then they will have an easy time but if a person is at all quirky or somehow out of synch with society, their life is going to have conflicts, adjustments and perhaps disappointments. So on a personal level a person forced into this birth situation will have to confront issues of fitting in, self awareness and making concessions.

What are the karmic implications of being born a twin, triplet or quad? Well, because the universe hates simple answers, there can be several. The one I find most intriguing is that they could be one soul coming in to life as several people to experience various life experiences with self. Think about it. Who says that a soul can’t incarnate as more than one person….it is the soul for goodness sakes! (Yeah, you thought I was going to say for Heaven’s sake didn’t you?) If the soul wishes to speed up Earth class, why not incarnate as a twin? It will experience itself in another – perhaps adversarial – perhaps totally loving – body. It is the ultimate in seeing ourselves as others see us.*

Multiples usually band together, some even develop their own language. An increase of multiple births can show the beginning of a return to a more tribal society. Isn’t it amazing how everything comes full circle – from tribal society to individualistic and back to tribal? No, we aren’t going to be dancing around campfires again (unless we totally blow up existing society which we are totally capable of doing.) So if we have increased groups of people linked by this common birth trying to assimilate themselves into society as a whole, those who find it difficult will retreat back to the comfort of their birth tribe. If multiples are more apt to marry multiples, which they are, you can see how these little communities will spring up in society.

I can’t help but chuckle to think it is the most modern of scientific techniques that will make us more tribal. At this time of transformation, it will be interesting to see how this new tribalism will play out.

*I know the term “soul-mates” has been tossed around like an old Frisbee these days, but you don’t have to be born of the same parents to be true soul-mates. The soul can incarnate as male and female in the same life to experience life as a married couple. In the case of multiple births, however, it is a more intimate soul experience because you are actually seeing yourself react to self. It is a much deeper learning experience.


Karen R said...

And even another level of complexity is when the multiples are via invitro, which means they're of separate eggs; they didn't "split" off of one egg.

Joan Porte said...

Yes Karen, but they can still be one soul wanting to see various facets of self. In the case of the triplets you are talking about I don't think that is the case. I think they were united for "the cause" and need to give each other courage to move on.

It is all so fascinating!

Anonymous said...

very cool blog...


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