Friday, August 6, 2010

The Astrology of Lobsters

Today I am writing to you from the shore of the Kennebunk River which feeds into the Atlantic Ocean up here in Maine. Maine - where you can sleep on the second floor with your windows open in August...where you fall asleep to the distant mournful call of the ever alert fog horns and wake up to the clanking of the ship bells. Maine - where you can start growing claws from eating fresh lobster but get all your antioxidants from the blueberries which are everywhere. Ah.....

It is here on the banks of the river that you can also see astrology in action. Every morning and every evening the tides rush to an recede from the shores - every 12 hours and 24 minutes without fail. When the tide is out the river basin is so exposed that you can actually walk across the rocky floor. When the tide comes in the water is so high it rises the boats that had been asleep on the rocks and you are lucky to get an inch or two into the river bed without falling to your hips in water. Cold water I might add - the water never heats up here even in August. 

That my dear friends is astrology in action. It is taken for granted even in the least spiritual circles (although I can't account for birthers or non-evolutionists because who knows what goes on in their heads) that the Moon controls the tides. Let me repeat that - the Moon controls the tides.

We also get the word lunatic from the Latin for Moon -Luna- because people act oddly during the full Moon.  When I worked as a lobbyist for an engineering association many  button down collar, conservative  engineer types admitted that many nuclear power plants put extra security on during the full Moon because of the increased threats.

OK so the Moon controls the tides and our emotions. Why then is it so odd to think that the Sun influences our inner life force and Mercury our thought patterns and Mars our masculine warrior energy? Is it OK for the Moon to do things because we can't help but prove it's power over our lives so we have to accept it?
So many people who accept the concept of full Moon madness scoff at astrology without realizing how incongruous their argument.

Think about it - I know I will but first it is time for another lobster roll.

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