Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 28, 2010 - and I don't like it.

I recently posted to my Facebook page a note about there being no hope for American politics if the allegedly unbiased media allows stories of hate and disinformation such as the so called ground zero mosque to distort reality. Progressives have almost no outlet for information dissemination with FOX, the arm of the radical elements of the GOP, spewing distortions on a 24-7 basis and the main stream media lapping up everything they say and pushing it out as viable news. (Remember Shirley Sherrod?) It is one stream of nonsense after another blown up as a major news story and then drummed into our brains over and over.

On August 28th Glenn Beck is planning another hate-a-palooza here in Washington, called the "Restoring Honor Rally."  He claims he had no idea it was the anniversary of the historic Martin Luther King speech on the same Washington Mall. Oh please..and they just happen to be having the rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, right?

Astrologically it will be a busy day over Washington. Mars and Venus will be in conjunction in Libra in the first house. Libra, whose shadow is co-dependence and looking for excuses in the "other" - will have a field day with these whiners who we never heard from when Pres. Bush was running up the huge deficits we have now but squawk when President Obama buys a diet Pepsi.

Mars, the ancient god of war, will do his best to add fire and vitriol to the nonsense that poor Mr. Lincoln will have to sit quietly by and listen to all morning.  To make matters worse, Saturn, the task master,  and Vesta, the asteroid which depicts the spot of our fervent heart's desire - of extreme dedication - will also be in conjunction with the Venus/Mars duo. It will bring out the the hard core haters and we may be very shocked even by this crowd with what we hear.

If that isn't interesting enough, the emotional Moon will be in Mars - again the god of war - and in the 7th house - the house ruled by Libra - vibrating to the energy "other person."  I don't see tell tale signs of violence here - but emotions could get out of hand.

It will be a day of anger squared which will be carried for hours on end by the press. I for one, am tired of it and am very glad that the NAACP will also be on hand to take another stand against hate.

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