Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uranus is now in Aries - Will Progressives Hear It?

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Ok kids all excuses are now mute - Uranus is in Aries and will live there for the next seven years. Think of that balance of energy - Uranus the rebel, the harbinger of the unexpected mixing with Aries the epitome of raw, warrior energy! Wow. It is a cliché but I have to say it, "Expect the unexpected." Remember that Uranus is the only planet that orbits the Sun on its side not up and down. Is that goofy or what? Notice I didn't say it would bring "good" or "bad" things - just new and different. Whatever happens it is best to accept it and grow.

The most exciting part about this for me is that I think people will become more energized to work for the betterment of humanity. I truly believe that the days of a few trying to funnel the money of the middle class to the rich, the days of the left being cowed to stay silent while the radical right destroys our economy and works hard to bring us back to the dark ages socially may finally run their course. Uranus has a heart - it is the humanitarian of planets and the sign it rules, Aquarius, supports group activities on behalf of social betterment.

With Neptune soon moving into Pisces and bringing that sense of the "little guy" standing up against all odds and this crusading energy of Aries fueling Uranus we should see a rejuvenation of the progressive sensibility. If the left doesn't mobilize now they never will because they also have Pluto still in Capricorn - demanding change in authority structures and bringing secrets to light.

The stars are aligned kids; you have to do the rest!

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