Monday, March 7, 2011

A Pisces Stellium - Let's Take Advantage of it!

A Pisces Stellium is upon us - Did you feel like doing some more yoga this morning - maybe a bit more meditation? If you did then you have Pisces on one of your "personal planets" - Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant, Venus or Mercury.

Right now Chiron, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Uranus and Lilith are all in Pisces and for those of us in the D.C. are they are concentrated in the 11th house - the house of group social activities. Dare I be hopeful to think that Congress will use Pisces influence and its connection to the Cosmic Consciousness to work together and come up with legislation that will help all? Nah, more than likely Democrats will fall into the shadow of Pisces which is being a martyr and give in even more to the GOP.... oh well, I can hope.

This morning my Pisces Moon pulled me to actually do my morning yoga instead of thinking of about really seriously for a few minutes. I then lit a candle for my Pisces Mom who would have been 95 today and did some meditation.

Think of where Pisces is in your chart and reach for the high of Pisces - the brother/sister hood of Pisces - the unity with God side of Pisces. All of these planets are heading to Aries soon and all that unity will be replaced with unbridled ME energy.

Breathe now.

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