Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nodes on the Loose

 I had lunch with a friend today who has been feeling a little out of sorts. You know the feeling;  pulled one way and then another -  wanting to do something as opposed to having to do something - knowing you should be working on your business when you want to be hibernating. So being the dutiful astrologer I checked her chart before I met up with her. Sure enough her nodes were transiting one another, sort of.

Follow me here - right now the North Node is at 23 degrees Sagittarius and the South Node is 23 degrees Gemini. My friend was born with just the opposite - S Node Sag and North in Gemini - and they happen to be passing each other now. So transiting South Node is sitting on her natal North and vice versa. (Sit with it - trust me it works.)  If the South Node is our karmic identity - what we are programmed from the past - and the North is where we are going to - or should be going to, we can see the root cause of her agitation.

As the opposite Node activates her natal nodes she feels the urge to try new things (North Node) but she is hanging onto the things from the past and the fear of what would happen or could happen if she lets go of her old identity (South Node.) She feels like a push-me-pull-you llama in some ways.
It is a clash of stepping out of the old and into the new fearlessly. No small fete.
So if there are feelings of being stuck and confused it doesn't have to be but it could be a nodal transition happening.

And I promise - next week will be easier...


Functional Form said...

I have a question about my 23 degree north node in Gemini. Recently there was an eclipse (total lunar at 18 degrees Gemini). I am feeling out of sorts like your friend. Can you share with me any significance?

Joan Porte said...

Without looking at your whole chart it is hard to tell but yes - an eclipse by your North Node could activate your chart. North in Gemini is someone who should be looking for ways to get into their local community their own mind.It is moving from big wordly issues down to the nitty gritty.
Depending on the house and aspects of the node, the universe is telling you to work on these areas.
What are you avoiding in these areas? Again, a full chart look would be necessary to pin it down.

Functional Form said...

Thank you. I think that is what I needed to hear because I didn't really like it LOL. The node is in the third house. Scorpio sun 8th house, aries rising and taurus moon in the second. What can I look for on my chart? Natal oppositions, etc. Again thank you for responding. I've been looking all over the Internet for info. Happy New Year!

Joan Porte said...

Ok so this is a quick and dirty based on limited information but with S Node Sag 3rd house you were ALL about the knowledge - they either come into this world thinking they know EVERYTHING or feel totally opposite and follow guru's their whole life - or pretend they know it all. Again, I would have to see aspects etc to know. I have a feeling that eclipse awakened the deep feeling that hey I don't know it all and I have to really work hard...

If you want an analysis can be ordered right here!

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