Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Astrology of "the hat"

Princess Beatrice and her hat for the royal weddingOK what made her do it? Why did Princess Beatrice don the hideous hat at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?  Her South Node made her do it, of course! Well sort of.  Beatrice was born with her South Node in Virgo in the 7th House. Our South Node is the indicator of our karmic past - our karmic addiction - because we have the memory of living with that signature. In her case, she is coming from many lifetimes as a Virgo who worked on 7th house issues - the house of close personal relationships.

People with a Virgo South Node, regardless of the house, bear the burden of control. They have to control, organize, fix and make perfect even though that is an impossible task. When they "fail" they must affix blame which is why Virgo is known as the most critical of signs.

Beatrice's S. Node in the 7th calls her to control others - those very close to her. This manifests as someone who dominates other or who plays the victim to keep people under her thumb. See what you did to me? See how you make ME suffer?  So when someone close to her - her mother - was not invited to the royal wedding - she made them know how they were making her suffer. It was even OK that she walked around looking like a deranged Martian she caused a scene at the wedding of the people who hurt her and she made them suffer through her victimization.

Let's hope with age she will progress into her North Node - Pisces in the first house and realize that she can embody something greater - that she doesn't need to look to and blame everyone else. Going from Virgo to Pisces is going from tunnel vision to embodying the view of the universe. Hopefully, from up there she will be able to spot a better hat.

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