Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you Lord - we have Michelle Bachmann's Chart!!!!!

Michelle Bachmann was SO intent on proving to everyone that she was a "real" American unlike you know who in the White House that she proudly told the "Des Moines Register" that she was born "at 12:08 on July 6." We have a time - but like so much of Mickey Girl - it is half-baked. Is it AM or PM? Well-armed with at least some kind of time, we hand maidens of Satan, astrologers, cracked open our computers to see if we can figure out which is more plausible. After reading several analyses and studying the possibilities, I concur with a majority of political astrologers that it was noon. Besides, if you are born at midnight most people would say midnight or 12:08 in the morning. By just saying 12:08 it sort of implies noon to me.

Also, the noon time chart places Jupiter in the 5th house - a perfect place for someone to manifest many children. (Mia Farrow has the same placement although I think her style of raising children (I refuse to say parenting) might be a tad different than Mickey Girl's.
Most importantly, the noon chart places her rising sign - how she projects in the world - as Aries - the archetype of aggressive, militant dominant energy. Uh Duh? The ruler of Aries, Mars, is in Pisces in the 12th house in her chart. The 12th house is how we connect to the universe, the god-source. Mars in Pisces is one of those funny oxymoronic placements - it makes one feel like a warrior for God. Because Pisces vibrates to the 12th house she has a double dose of this spiritual warrior stuff that flows right out into the world. (I could say that craps all over the world but I am really, really trying to be nice here.)
Even spookier - she has a retrograded Neptune (ruler of Pisces) conjunct her Vesta in the 7th house. In English, that means that she is dedicated (Vesta) to bringing her somewhat deluded spiritual views to people on a very personal level (7th House.) In other words, she is frustrated proselytizer. She really believes this stuff. It is a part of her big time.

The bad news for liberals is her Venus (albeit it retrograded), Mercury conjunction in Gemini in the 3rd house - the natural house of Gemini. Retrogrades remember are pauses for karma and they cause the person to have issues in these areas that they should reflect upon and work out.). Venus, the goddess of beauty along with the communicator Mercury in Mercury and in Mercury's house means she is not to be underestimated when it comes to her ability to communicate. She has some talents in that area.

The good news is that with these retrogrades and with the arrogant Aries rising she will say things that will shock anyone comfortable with living in a world that has progressed past the year 1510. It won't be because she is a goofball a la Palin; it will be because she believes them and is arrogant enough to think everyone should believe her word too. With her South Node also in Gemini, she has lots of life times of communicating to people and sadly she doesn't think she is done with that yet.


Karen R said...

Great stuff! And I think it's important to know of those points where she shouldn't be underestimated and also understanding that she fully believes what she preaches.

CRL said...

I so don't agree with her, but the fact that she believes herself makes her much more dangerous to the world.

Okay, okay, and now you gotta do Rick Perry.

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