Friday, September 9, 2011

Perry - a bit more

OK several people have asked me, "Does Rick Perry, like Bachmann, believe what he is saying or is it a political act?" My answer. It doesn't matter to him. Deeply ensconced in his Libra South Node he will do what gets approval. Libra is all about the other person - about getting others to approve and accept you. When Texas was a Democratic state - no really it once was - really ------ he worked for Al Gore. That got him the approval of the political powerful.  Now he embraces the radical right because they have overtaken Texas and the entire Republican Party. The more they approve of the nonsense he spews, the more he will do it.

The trick is that I don't think he is capable of realizing that this stuff doesn't play with thinking independent people. He is getting reinforcement from those closest to him - the circle of radicals. It is hard for him to pivot away from that and realize that he needs to appeal to a broader audience. He is hooked on the acceptance of those in his immediate area.

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