Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Awakening Our Solar Feminine"

Please join me and many others in the shared space of our human hearts for a special Live Experiential Meditation: This is being sponsored by my great Astrology teacher Adam Gainsburg.* "Awakening Our Solar Feminine" "The most rare astronomical event visible to the naked eye is the visible procession of Venus across the disc of our Sun. Occurring only every 120 years in pairs of two, this June 5/6 is the second event within the current 8 year window (the first was in 2004). Join sky astrologer Adam Gainsburg and the Panacea Community with the full presence of your heart in this rare, unique event. Adam will explain some of the astronomy and the astrology behind this event, answer questions and lead an experiential meditation to connect to and embrace your inner Solar Feminine archetype. It is She who leads us to our greatest contribution to an improved world from the truth of our bodies and hearts." Freely open to everyone. *Adam is the originator of an elegant breath meditation practice, known as Breath of the Soul®. Consistent with Adam’s style of integrating ancient techniques into our current post-postmodern world, Breath of the Soul evolves classic pranayama into a viable daily practice at any time of day or night. As a leading US astrologer, Adam's books, classes and trainings re-ignite the sentient interface of astrology and astronomy within our body so that his clients gain direct experience of their unique birth chart within the vastness of their human heart experience. He maintains a private consulting practice focused on our deeper evolution, greater intimacy as our own higher consciousness, and supporting the conscious, joyful integration of the two. He’s authored four CDs, numerous mp3′s and videos, as well as four astrology books, the most recent of which presents a full system for empowering our inner feminine (men and women) into our life's dharma.

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