Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Venus Retrograde at the Eclipse

I got an anonymous comment regarding my post last week in which the person said I should have spoken more about Venus being in retrograde during the lunar eclipse. OK so here we go. A retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. Astronomically, Venus is passing between the Sun and Moon. Venus is the epitome of feminine energy and deals with beauty, art, sex and, oh yes, money. The Moon is our emotional barometer and the Sun is our inner drive - our internal energy engine. Venus is in Gemini, the sign that controls contracts, communications and the flow of money - the system of money. So we have sex, money and emotions all in a backwards motion. Venus retrograde is a time where you might find some karmic romantic relationships popping up or find issues that you have buried coming home to roost. Don't be surprised to have karmic issues surrounding money and love. When the eclipse happened all sorts of emotional baggage came up surrounding money and contracts because of the Gemini influence - hello Facebook IPO! Venus will stay in retrograde until June 5 so watch for this energy to persist until then. Watch your money, watch your love life and look out for karma until then!


Anonymous said...

I have been talking to a guy and its almost as if I have known him for ages.I knew him before venus retrograde but we actually started talking a lot during the retrograde period; it does feel like a past connection.I am worried if its going to last?

Joan Porte said...

It isn't a matter of it will last - it is all about unfinished business from the past and being your authentic self this time around! Good luck

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