Monday, June 25, 2012

Making Friends With Saturn

Ok I know I have a hard time with Saturn. I have mentioned that before. He is often depicted as the old task master - the uber authoritarian figure. He is always well - just too darned Republican for me.
However, now that Saturn is in my first house - the house of personality and how I am perceived by the world I am going to have to face him - and even make friends with him.

Saturn may be a task master but he makes us pay attention to where he is - he makes us work on these issues to make them better. He points out where we are off the right track and urges us to get back on target.

Look at your chart. Where was Saturn when you were born? That house is where you are going to face issues that make you feel unsafe, insecure - where you are going to have to overcome feelings of inadequacy. I have never seen a chart with Saturn in the first house, for instance, where the person didn't face some level of depression in their lifetime.

I was born with Saturn in the second - so I always need to feel financially safe. (Second house is how we stabilize our selves in the world - how we feel secure.) I hated being a consultant because my checks were not regular. I need to know what I have in the bank.

If it appears in the third house then there are issues of communications and education,. And so on....

Saturn like all of the other planets are always moving in the universe. Right now Saturn is transiting my first house. Were I prone to depression it might be a rough time. As it is, I feel the need to move inward. I am paying more attention to my body and how I put "myself out there."

Yes Saturn is a pain but if we didn't have someone pointing out where we need to improve where would we be.

Saturn will be in my first house for at least another 15 months. One thing I know if I don't lose those last ten pounds now I will have no one to blame but myself and certainly not Saturn!

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