Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's WIth Everyone Eating Everyone?

That is the question I got last week from one of my more original thinking clients. She was reacting to the stories of certain people dining on the bodies - mostly the faces - of some of their fellow man. Now I am of the belief that the media tends to exaggerate the stories that all of suddent seem to crop up from out of no where. All of a sudden it is face eating here, face eating there! Anyway, it was an intriguing question. Saturn is in retrograde and Venus is in a very rare retrograde. Saturn is the ruler of all things that give form and keep things in line - the bones, infastructure, government, the banking system - and any authority figure. When in retrograde we tend to feel a bit iconoclastic, a bit like sticking our finger in the eye of society - doing things of which daddy would never approve! With Venus, the goddess of beauty and love - or all things graceful and lovely - also in a reverse position I guess some people just feel the need to correct what they feel is less than beautiful..even it if it's someone's face. I don't know if this is the reason behind the new dining arrangements that are all the rage - but it makes as much sense as anyone else's guess - and has the power of the stars behind it!

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Michelle said...

I love this post, Joan! LOL! Makes sense.

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