Monday, July 16, 2012

Presidential Election - President Obama - part 2

Last week I spoke about the "girls" Venus and Lilith  in the President's 7th house and the strong influence women will play in this election.

Today we will look at the one of the boys - the strongest boy really Mars and his placement in the President's tenth house conjunct Juno. Mars, the epitome of male unbridled energy, in the 10th house - the house of career and politics, is not a bad placement for election day. Coupled with Juno, the goddess of loyalty it makes my liberal little heart happy.

What makes me a bit nervous is that this Mars Juno conjuction is running in opposition to the Venus Lilith. Oppositions are difficult energies but they are not "bad" in themselves because we can over come these obstacles and reach great heights.  To me this is a classic male/female battle with men going one way and women the other.

However, if the two stop fighting against one another they can deliver a great victory for the President. I think at the last minute the men will get on board and do just that.

I do believe the President will win and win a bit bigger than predicted. There is one more thing to look in the next blog entry and that is the interception of the 2 and 8th houses - money and power.

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