Monday, July 30, 2012

The Mitt-ster on Election Day

I hate to say it but Mitt Romney doesn't have a hideous looking chart on Election Day.  He has Mercury (the communicator) conjuncting his South Node in the 7th house - the house of intimate relationships with people so he could be doing some good reaching out that day. Not a bad thing for a politician on election day.

He does have an interception in the 6th and 12th houses. An interception is when there are two signs on one house cusp and means that there is some karmic balancing that is in need of going on. The signs involved here are Libra and Aries - and now this is the part that cracks me up. Basically what this means is the person  failed to learn the lessons of brotherhood and true sharing in past lives. They failed to be of service, failed to recognize the needs of others. I kid you not! I don't mess with the stars.

So it seems like the thing that will get Mitt is his snooty- corporations are people and I don't need to give you tax returns - attitude.

This election kind of reminds me of 2000 when both Bush and Gore had pretty decent charts on election day but Bush had better karma. Now looks like karma is on the side of the donkey.

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