Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bill's Speech

I am laughing because, like with the Republican Convention, I should have looked at other people on the speaker schedule. For the GOP it should have been Clint Eastwood and for the Dems., Bill Clinton.

We, of course, know about his incredible charisma -- look at all of those planets in his natal first house, including Venus and Mars! However, what was "cooking" the night of his incredible speech before the Convention? Look at his progressed chart (the middle chart). A progressed chart is simply showing how the planets have progressed from the natal position in a person's life.

In his third house, the house of communications, he currently has his ascendant, Mars, Neptune, Venus transiting and Jupiter and Juno are closely connected to those planets. His ascendant, how he projects, his energy, Mars, his ability to dream, Neptune and his Venus, the beauty and elegance planet are all there in his house of communication! With Jupiter there - the ability to be expansive - and reach people and Juno his loyalty asteroid there how could he not have been effective in reaching people with his words.

Fortunately, he also has Saturn progressed in his first and transiting his first giving him the ability to concentrate and focus - something he well not always has!

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Steve Tickolo said...

There is something in astrology that effect human life.

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